Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Couples Spotlight

Take a Peek into the Romance at AMHS

In the light of Valentine’s Day, we step into the world of high school romance, where the air is filled with giggles, secrets, and the sweet scent of budding relationships. Amid the crowded hallways and focused classrooms, lies a place that doesn’t just shine on individuals, but on pairs who are navigating the ups and downs of young love together. Keep reading as we take a peek into the life of some of Magnet’s finest Couples and find out what makes them click. We sought out a few pairs and interviewed them to discover a little inside information for all you hopeless romantics out there.

Some of the questions asked include:

What’s your song?

How did you meet?

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

How would you describe your relationship in one word?

What’s your go-to dinner/breakfast/lunch spot?

How long have you been together? 

What’s your favorite thing about your partner?

Aiden Hanna and Sunny Holstead

For all the beabadoobee fans out there, these two were hiding in plain sight, then appeared! Aiden and Sunny seem to be a match made in heaven. They have always known of each other since they sat at the same cafeteria table freshman year, but they sadly had never interacted. Sunny had been attending the AMHS Spectrum club for a few weeks until Aiden came strolling into the classroom and into his life. Sunny says that “The first words Aiden ever said to me were shouted, and they were ‘I KNEW YOU WERE FRICKING GAY!!’” What a unique bud to a blossoming relationship! Sunny went into this feeling very curious, yet slightly mortified. About a year and a half later, Aiden and Sunny are still an inseparable duo. They describe their relationship as a healthy one– the best kind. Their favorite go-to place to grab food used to be Choice’s in North Charleston, but they unfortunately moved and are currently looking for new spots in the area. When asked their favorite thing about each other, Aiden says, “Probably his endless determination and tenacity, plus his kindness and creativity. We are both writers and artists and it’s wonderful to have someone to bounce off of like that, but the fact that we have such different ways of approaching things (like words and colors, basically) is a bonus in my opinion.” Sunny’s favorite thing about Aiden is his creativity and the fact that he does not fully understand him…mysterious. The pair have had endless amounts of discussions about their experiences and worldviews and how they like to portray them in art. Sunny includes that talking to Aiden never gets boring and after so long, he doesn’t think it ever will get boring! Aiden and Sunny don’t really vibe with the traditional holiday of Valentine’s day being one specific day in the year meant for a grand gesture of love, but they might just bring some candy to school for their friends!

Thomas Martin and Gabby Do

This picture-perfect couple is a staple here at Magnet. If you don’t know of them, I don’t know where you have been for the past year because these two can always be seen walking the halls together. The fantastic duo met partly through school and at the infamous Kellie Branigan’s Halloween soiree. As hinted at before, these two have been attached by the hip for a little over a  year now, if that doesn’t scream love then I don’t know what does. When asked to describe their relationship in one word, the idea of “fun” was the only way to put it. When it comes to a song that screams Thomas and Gabby, they claim that “Only” by Nicki Minaj is the song to play; how sweet. They can be casually spotted at Bagel Nation or Fire Sushi when fine dining or having a romantic dinner together. What some would argue is the most important thing to look for in a partner Gabby has already found, for she says that her favorite thing about Thomas is that he is very nice. As for Valentine’s Day, the two have a simple plan of enjoying a bagel at Bagel Nation. 

Evie Walldorf and James King 

This interclass couple came about through the recommendation of Harrison Crites when he suggested that James ask Evie to Prom last year; after all, it sparked a long-lasting romance. The two have been kicking it back together for about 6 months now and are doing better than ever. When asked one word to describe their relationship, “happy” comes to Evie’s mind. They do not have a specific song for their relationship, but James tends to chillax in the passenger seat while Evie DJs the radio. They have so much in common, especially their love for chicken nuggets and they will dine anywhere that holds that beloved treasure. James’s favorite thing about Evie is her smile (awww) and he loves to watch her yell at people while breaking it down on the basketball court. Evie’s favorite thing about James is when he puts one football game on the TV and one football game on his phone at the same time and answers all of her questions with “mhm.” You two know each other so well! They’re keeping it simple, but sweet with Valentine’s Day plans being getting breakfast together before school and then going to a basketball game and lacrosse practice after school. 

Armando Reyes and Skylar Miller

Next up is arguably one of the longest-lasting couples at Magnet who are projected to get married, Amrando and Skylar. These two met Freshman year in PE playing the wonderful game of pickleball. They have been together for a whopping 2 years and 2 months and are going strong as ever! When asked for one word to describe your relationship, Armando used the word enjoyable while Skylar described it as interesting. When it comes to one song that represents their relationship, both of them had a different response. Armando says “Karma” by Taylor Swift while Skylar claims it to be “Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince” by Taylor Swift because she explains that “he always sings it with me even if he won’t admit it.” They both agree that their go-to restaurant is Chick-fil-A, such an affordable classic that you cannot go wrong with. When asked for their favorite thing about each other Skylar says that she loves how he hard-core jams out to her music (typically songs by Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo) even though he tries to tell all his friends he doesn’t enjoy it. Armando keeps it simple by explaining how he just enjoys how she is shorter than him. Lastly, the couple will be found kicking it back at Senior Tequilas for Valentine’s Day.

Ava Smoak and Wilson Burns

Another classic couple is Ava Smoak and Wilson Burns. The two are a known senior duo and truly complement each other. Although the time frame of their relationship is “complicated” they have been together for a little while now. Ava and Wilson have the classic place of introduction being right here at school. When asked for a word to describe their relationship, complicated was again the only way to put it. Furthermore, they claim the song “Supercut” by Lorde, to be the song for them to be reminded of each other or for when they are in the car together. If you are ever on the lookout to spot Wilson and Ava out on a little date, make sure to check out Karios because that is their go-to restaurant. When asked about their favorite thing about each other, Ava explains her love for Wilson’s wallet. Speaking of wallets, they have quite the Valentine’s Day plan at The Darling Oyster Bar!

Lily Thompson and Kayleigh Ball

To finish off the article strong, we have Lily Thompson and Kayleigh Ball. The story of how these two met may be a little unbelievable for some, but love often finds people in the strangest ways. According to the two, they were on a ski trip when suddenly there was an avalanche that nearly ended both of their lives (so they say). Luckily, a large tree had fallen due to the avalanche and the two were able to latch onto the branches for safety but before Kayleigh could assert safety, Lily attempted to push her off! Not to worry though because Kayleigh began to scream at her, making Lily feel bad for her actions and Kayleigh said that the only way Lily could make it up to her is if she dated her. Anyway, they claim it was “Love at first sight,” how romantic. They have been together for 3 months now and when asked to describe their relationship they chose hateful. When jamming out to music they discovered their mutual love for the song “Right Round” by Flo Rida and ever since it has been their song. Furthermore, this couple rocks some expensive taste in food as their go-to restaurant is Halls Chophouse! When asked to describe their favorite things about each other, Kayleigh explains how Lily sends her amazing reels while Lily enjoys how Kayleigh “sends more Tiktoks to Joey Shady than to her.” Finally, the two do not have any current plans for Valentine’s Day besides celebrating their vibrant relationship.

“Love at first sight.” Kayleigh Ball

For all the other couples out there without any plans for Valentine’s Day, here are some date ideas if you want to get up and move! 

  1. Gone Fishin’

If you have a little money saved up, you and your partner could spend the day downtown. Get dressed up or just throw something comfy on, make your way downtown, and grab some brunch or a little bite to eat. Once you’re done eating, make your way over to the aquarium to observe all the cool sea animals. The fish are beautiful, but not as beautiful as your love for each other. 

  1. Chef it up

If you want to stay on the less expensive side, you and your partner could have a cozy night in. Grab some groceries together from your nearest grocery store, throw on some pj’s, and get to cooking. Cooking together can be super fun and a great way to put away the screens and just enjoy each other’s company. Maybe while you two are enjoying your delicious creation, you could turn on a romcom or horror movie to watch.

  1. Picnic Party

If you’re less of a night owl, you and your partner could cook something to pack for a picnic. Whether it’s a simple charcuterie board or a fancy pasta dish, I’m sure that you and your partner will enjoy a change of scenery while dining. Some good spots for a picnic could be Waterfront Park downtown, by the Pitt Street bridge in Mount Pleasant, or even your backyard or nearest park. 

  1. Namaste 

If you and your partner are more active people and love to exercise, who says you can’t on Valentine’s Day? You could sign up for a kickboxing class together, a hot yoga class, or just hit up the gym together. Sweating out all the toxins in your body and moving around will boost your mood, making your Valentine’s Day a happy one. Couples that sweat together stay together!

  1. Pottery for my love 

Whether you’re a skilled artist or a complete amateur, pottery can be fun for everyone. You and your partner could sign up to take a pottery class together. It will be exciting to learn a new skill with your partner and you could even make pots or vases for each other. (bonus points if you buy flowers to put in the vase you sculpted for your partner!)

Now if you’re feeling a little down around this time of year because you don’t have a boo, do not fret. Fries before guys and pals before gals! Having good friends and family is all you need to have a loving Valentine’s Day.

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