Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Spotify Wrapped and Apple Replay 2023

How did your tastes stack up this year?

Spotify Wrapped: The overall review of your music taste and listening habits throughout the entire year. Composed of the listener’s top songs, artists, genres, and overall listening time, Spotify and Apple Music usually release these statistics towards the end of November or early December. I know some of you are Apple Music users so I decided to include the Apple Replay as well, but let’s be honest… Spotify > Apple Music (sorry not sorry).

Now, let’s see how your music tastes stack up.

Starting with the freshmen… none of y’all responded to my survey. Thanks. ❤️

Now to the sophomores.




First off we have Aayush Bansod with an overall listening time of 45,872 minutes. Aayush’s top 5 artists of the year were Playboi Carti, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Drake, and Baby Keem earning him his top genre of Rap. His top 5 songs were “R.I.P.” by Playboi Carti, “90210” By Travis Scott, “My Eyes” by Travis Scott, “Too Many Nights” by Metro Boomin and Don Toliver, and “Count Me Out” by Kendrick Lamar. When asked if he had anything else to mention, Aayush noted his opinion that Utopia by Travis Scott=Album of the Year.




Next, Whitney Limbert. Whitney’s top 5 artist lineup this year was Taylor Swift, Bon Iver, Lana Del Ray, Ed Sheeran, and Chris Stapleton. With a total of 1,086 minutes for the year, Whitney’s top songs were “exile” (feat. Bon Iver), “cardigan,” “august,” “the 1,” and “peace,” all from the Taylor Swift album, folklore. Whitney mentioned that other than Spotify, she listens to other music on Pandora and listens to podcasts on Apple, so her stats may be a little more spread out than what is shown.



From the juniors, let’s start with Elizabeth Hample. She listened to a total of 30,472 minutes this year and loved genres like Pop, Alternative, Pop Rock, Rock, and Country. Elizabeth’s top 5 artists this year were Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams, Phoebe Bridgers, Lana Del Rey, and boygenius. Her top 5 songs were “21” by Gracie Abrams, “Souvenir” by boygenius, “Style” by Taylor Swift, “The Lucky One” by Taylor Swift, and “Bags” by Clairo. 




Secondly, we have Talia Barsness with a total of 28,586 minutes. Talia’s top artists this year were Taylor Swift, One Direction, SZA, Madonna, and Sabrina Carpenter earning her top genres to be Pop, Hip-Hop, Pop Rock, R&B & Soul, and Teen Pop. But most of all, she listened to “Confident” by Justin Bieber, “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift, “Kill Bill” by SZA, “because I liked a boy” by Sabrina Carpenter, and “I GUESS ITS LOVE?” by LAROI. Talia says to follow her on Spotify and Apple Music @taliabarsness!



Finally from the juniors, we have Alaina Jarrett with the top artists of Taylor Swift, Zach Bryan, Tyler Childers, SZA, and Lady Gaga. I’m beginning to see a theme of Taylor Swift as a top artist this year… Alaina listened to 11,738 minutes this year, mostly consisting of Rap, Pop, Contemporary Country, Modern Country Pop, and Rock. Her top 5 songs were “Oklahoma Smokeshow,” “Heavy Eyes,” “Heading South,” “Picture to Burn,” and “Feathered Indians.” 




Now to the seniors.

This year Elaina Seymour listened to 49,566 minutes of music on Spotify and couldn’t get enough of Taylor Swift, Drake, SZA, 21 Savage, and Kelsea Ballerini. Elaina loved Taylor Swift so much that she was in the top 1% of listeners, spending a total of 6,519 minutes listening to her music. Her top genres were Rap, Pop, and Contemporary Country with songs like “Jimmy Cooks” by Drake and 21 Savage, “Cornelia Street” by Taylor Swift, “Long Live” by Taylor Swift, “Prom” by SZA, and “LOVE IS A COWBOY” by Kelsea Ballerini.



Next up, is Wren Allen who listened to R&B & Soul, Pop, and Alternative this year. After spending 65,593 minutes with Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, Drake, and Playboi Carti this year, her top songs were “drive ME crazy!” By Lil Yachty, “Let The Light In” by Lana Del Rey, “All Your’n” by Tyler Childers, “Real Love Baby” by Father John Misty, and “Dark Red” by Steve Lacy.




This year, Rachel Holden listened to 46,412 minutes of Tyler, The Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Uzi Vert, Steve Lacy, and Playboi Carti. Rachel’s top genres were rap, rock, indie, pop, and soul as she loved “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy, “Silent Hill” by Kendrick Lamar and Kodak Black, “Rich Flex” by Drake and 21 Savage, “ILoveUIHateU” by Playboi Carti, and “Just Wanna Rock” by Lil Uzi Vert.



Ford Martin is up next with a total of 39,889 minutes and a top genre of Rap. Ford couldn’t get enough of Morgan Wallen, Zach Bryan, Lil Baby, Connor Price, and Metro Boomin this year, but wants it to be noted that he thinks that Colter Wall is a very underrated country artist. Ford’s top songs this year were “Gang Sh*t No Lame Sh*t,” “Superhero(Heroes and Villains),” “Pure Coca*ne,” “family ties,” and “Drip Too Hard.” 




Nate Markin swears his music taste is “more diverse,” but locked in 19,082 minutes of Rap, Rock, Alt Hip Hop, POV: indie, and Plugg. Nate’s top 5 artists this year were the Grateful Dead, Playboi Carti, 21 Savage, MF DOOM, and Bob Marley & The Wailers and he loved “STATS” by Baby Keem, “Location” by Playboi Carti, “The Race – Remix” by Tay-K, “Magnolia” by Playboi Carti, and “Eyes of the World” by the Grateful Dead.

I swear my music taste is more diverse

— Nate Markin




Next, Harper Riley spent a solid 43,850 minutes listening to Rap, specifically Uzi, Future, Drake, Key Glock, and Playboi Carti. However, Harper couldn’t get enough of “Baby Keem” by Baby Keem, “Since 6ix” by Key Glock, “The Grinch” by Trippie Redd, “New Patek” by Lil Uzi Vert, and “Shmoney” by Bobby Shmurda, Quavo, and Rowdy Rebel.




Harrison Crites spent his year listening to Lil Baby, Morgan Wallen, Future, Zach Bryan, and Gunna and locked in 61,203 minutes. With the top genres of Hip Hop and rap Harrison loved “17 Again” by Brantley Gilbert, “1017 Loaded” by Roboy, “98 Braves” by Morgan Wallen, “Im dat guy” by Future, and “Lyrical Easy” by Meek and Rick Ross. He says would like to “put y’all on” to the songs “Jupiter and Mars” and “Suburban pt 2” by 22gz, so go give those a listen if you’re interested.



Next, Ava Smoak listened for 19,313 minutes and Taylor Swift, Drake, Rihanna, Zach Bryan, and Sunroom came out on top for her artists this year. Ava’s top genres were Rap, Pop, and Stomp & Holler with her top 5 songs being “august” by Taylor Swift, “Supercut” by Lorde, “Keep Driving” by Harry Styles, “40 Day Dream” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and “Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun.



Lukey Sutherland spent his year with Travis Scott, Drake, Metro Boomin, Young Nudy, and Don Toliver, and after listening for a total of 61,503 minutes, he couldn’t get enough of “Skeletons” by Travis Scott, “Too Many Nights” by Metro Boomin, Don Toliver, and Future, “I Can’t Save You” (Interlude) with Future & feat Don Toliver by Metro Boomin Future and Don Toliver, “No Pole” by Don Toliver, and “Pot Roast” by Young Nudy and Key Glock. Lukey’s top genres were Rap, Pop, Trap, Plugg, and Rock, and noted that his music taste was most similar to those in Tempe, Arizona. 



Colin George loved Noah Kahan this year and spent a total of 41,690 minutes listening to “Stick Season,” “Growing Sideways,” “Halloween,” “Patience,” and “Northern Attitude.” His top genres were  Alternative, Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, and Adult Alternative and Colin mentioned that he “played the album Stick Season 577 times. Listened to Noah Kahan for 4,854 [minutes].”




Next up, Carolina Carrara. She spent her year with NBA Youngboy, Bad Bunny, NLE Choppa, The Weeknd, and LOBG. But most of all she loved NBA Youngboy as her top tongs were “I Came Thru” by NBA Youngboy, “Famous Ho**” by NLE Chopa, “Grave Digga” by NBA Youngboy, “Choppa Doctor” by NBA Youngboy, and “Ampd Up” by NBA Youngboy. Listening to a total of 51,234 minutes and earning the top genre of Rap, Carolina says her Spotify Wrapped was “pretty accurate.”

It’s pretty accurate, but I’m not proud of it.

— Carolina Carrara



Campbell Lesher spent a total of 81,693 minutes listening to music and listened to “1,199 different artists and 4,110 different songs this year.” Campbell’s top genres were Lofi Beats, Rock, pov: indie, Pop, Rap but Allem Iverson, Laffey, Dontcry, Lovejoy, and Dusty Springfield were the artists that came out on top. Campbell’s top songs were “C U in Class!,” “Constellations,” “The Journey,” “Moon,” and “In the Air.”



With a total of 42,689 minutes, Maris Jones spent most of her time with Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Phoebe Bridgers, Gracie Abrams, and boygenius. Her top songs were “Motion Sickness,” “All Of The Girls You Loved Before,” “Thunder,” “Georgia,” and “The Louvre,” and earned her the top genres of Pop and indie pop.



Next, we have Marina Barnes who listened to 30,000 minutes this year of Rap, Pop, Indie, and Reggae. Her top artists were Mt. Joy, Drake, 21 Savage, Kanye, and Doja Cat and her top songs were “She’s Not Yours,” “Julia,” “Nicotein,” “Come a Little Closer,” and “What They Want.” Marina mentioned that she was “categorized as a shapeshifter, meaning [she has] phases within [her] genres of music.”




Xander D’Arcy spent this year listening to “Lovers Rock,” “In My Room,” “ILoveUIHateU,” “Cigarette Daydreams,” “Ribs” and spent a total of 111,126 minutes with Tyler, the Creator, Lana Del Rey,  TV Girl, Kendrick Lamar, and Frank Ocean. Xander’s top genres this year were Rap, POV: indie, Rock, Pop, and Alternative Hip Hop.


Finally, I’ll include my Spotify Wrapped. This year I spent 45,257 minutes listening to Taylor Swift, Drake, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, and Kanye West. My top genre was rap and my top 5 songs were “Pink + White” by Frank Ocean, “Sunshine” by Steve Lacy and Foushee, “Out the way” by Yeat, “Glock in My Lap” by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin, and “On the River” by Young Dolph and Wiz Khalifa.

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