Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


What is ClassPass?

Come take a deep dive into this workout app!
What is ClassPass?


Where did it start?

The app first became an idea in 2011, the founder Payal Kadakia wanted to book a ballet class, but couldn’t find any with open reservations. So she decided that it was time to create an app that you could use to book classes, but not have to deal with sticking to just one gym or class. In 2012 the app was fully launched with her co-founder Mary Biggins. Since then the app has grown rapidly and expanded into over 2500 cities, including Charleston! 

The founders of ClassPass


How does it work? 

The best way to describe it is “al la carte”. You choose your monthly subscription that comes with a certain number of credits and these credits can be used to book classes. Class plans range from $19 for 8 credits to $199 for 100 credits.  Now classes do range in credit prices; some can be free, whereas others- like a massage- would take a higher amount of credits to buy. When you want to do a class, the easiest way is to pick a place you want to visit and then a day. When you press on the class you can then choose what time you want to participate in the class. They offer multiple times for classes, but they tend to be a bit stretched out depending on the location you are visiting. Also, certain times can be more expensive than others, as well as certain classes. Some might even be full, which offers a button to send an email or text message to signal if the class has an open spot due to a cancellation.

Now, the cancellation and missed class policy can lead some users getting a bit frustrated. The app has a 12-hour cancellation fee which ranges from $9 to $55 and the missed class fee ranges from $12 to $62. While many argue that these fees are too expensive, I personally think that it is the best type of motivation. When you book an early class and you don’t want to go, you realize that missing or canceling is an extra charge. I’m not sure if this is as motivating for others as it is for me, but those fees manage to make me rise from my bed to get my workout on. Also, those fees would be present with any class you book separate from ClassPass, just due to the nature of these companies. Another great aspect of the app is how easy it is to add more credits. Instead of having to up your membership to the next level or simply wait the rest of the month til your credits refresh, you can add credits on for an extra price. If you want to go to a couple more classes, you can add some more credits at a price that is a bit above the average price for credits in the monthly membership. You can add up to 75 credits, but if you only need a few, you can add 2 credits for $6. This option to have a one-time add-on makes those months where you are a bit more active more feasible. 

What is the point?

ClassPass is an amazing way to afford classes that you would probably otherwise be unable to. With the Works, 20 classes in a month for yoga and cycling would cost you about $300. Now with ClassPass, you would be able to get at least 20 of these classes for $150. You get about 80 credits so you should be able to get even more classes. The affordability offers a great option for people who just don’t want to spend an obnoxious amount of money on just one company. By offering multiple companies to work with and any class you could want, the app makes these workout classes much easier to be a part of. The plans also let you roll over credits into the next cycle, so if you had a month where you didn’t have that much time, then you will have a chance to use those credits up on a month that you want to do more classes than average. The flexibility of the classes is also a great way to get more into the world of workout classes and make it easier to fit into your own schedule. 

What do I think?

I have been using ClassPass since January. Personally, I love it; I love the flexibility of everything, the classes I can take, but most importantly the affordability. Currently, I have little to no free time, so the accessibility to the app makes it easy to just book a workout when I have a bit of time. It also allows me to schedule up to two weeks ahead, which is extremely useful when trying to plan out a schedule. As a high school student, I think it is extremely necessary to have some form of exercise in your schedule, but often gyms and workouts on your own are hard to force yourself to do, so with these scheduled classes, there is that almost necessary feeling to make you go workout. Even if you go to the gym and work out a decent amount, these classes offer a great structured workout that tends to make you sweat more than you could ever imagine. I don’t think there has ever been a class in which I have walked out dry and without a red face. Honestly, every class I have ever participated in has left me with a smile because getting to be a part of this community is so rewarding and offers such a confidence booster due to the kind words of the teachers and the inspirational aspect of each class.

My friends and I at a workout class!

So what?

Overall the app has so many great features, from the accessibility of countless classes wherever and whenever, to the ability for the app to cater to what you need with only a monthly membership. I think it is safe to say that if you are looking for these things in a subscription package, then ClassPass is the right choice.


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