Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Car Accidents: Personal Accounts from the Student Body

Catch a Car Crash Story From a Senior


As each year progresses, there are more teen drivers on the road and although many of us get a bad reputation, we are arguably better than some adults. But, of course, from time to time there are some hiccups that lead to a little bump here or scratch there and before you know it, you are nervously taking part in an accident report.











Abigail Poole: Arguably one of the most prone to car accidents is pictured above in her most recent crash. The story of this accident is that Abigail was minding her business on the way to her father’s house to get ready before a Magnet football game when all of a sudden she had to abruptly stop due to 526’s classic stop-and-go procedure, and before she knew it, Boom! The car behind her rear-ended her as they were not so ready for the suddenness of this stop. Luckily, Abigail’s car did not take as much visual damage as the other car but don’t be fooled because it took Abigail’s car, Mona, a whopping 2 months to get fixed. Poor Abigail was far from mobile at this time period. Abigail refuses to comment on her accidents because she claims …

“I have only gotten into one real accident and it wasn’t my fault.” -Abigail Poole a.k.a. #1 gaslighter


Next up is another common wrecker, Ford Martin, with a double feature.  The first picture is a simple story and one that never seems to teach people a lesson on NOT running red lights even when they hear it time and time again; Ford ran a red light and got T-boned. But as for the second picture, the story gets a little more interesting… Ford’s cousin was having a pleasant drive with Ford as the passenger when suddenly a spider appeared on the dash, evoking Ford’s cousin to lean forward in hopes of capturing it. Sadly the capture was not successful and instead, Ford yelled at his cousin when  he accidentally jerked the wheel to the left and then to the right and ultimately spin off the road into a tree. What an unfortunate turn of events.


Brace yourselves for this one because Harrison Crites seemed to have failed in that area of safety leading up to this accident. Long story short, Harrison was driving over the Cosgrove bridge and taking the exit onto I-26 East when he failed to slow down and instead hydroplaned into a barrier on the interstate then proceeded to flip over the curb, roll a few times until he eventually landed. Harrison further explains that he kinda just sat there and let the car take control as he did not know what was going to happen. When the car finally came to a sideways stop, Harrison got out and fell into the marsh. Soon enough, EMS, the police, and firemen came to the rescue but they had to shut down the I-26 exit for a couple of hours due to Harrison’s accident.


Next up is strong but unfortunate, Burton McCulley. For this story, I will be giving a personal account as I was in the car to experience the accident. We were on our way to the Magnet homecoming game and were projected to arrive on time until a tragedy occurred. Burton McCulley was abiding by the law as she made a left turn on a green arrow when another car ran their red light (while speeding) and crashed right into the back side of Burton’s car. We were all startled by the intense shove that sent us almost tipping over. Burton quickly pulled to the side and called the cops then waited for their arrival. As we waited a fellow AMHS student saw Burton’s car parked to the side of the exit with its hazards on and pulled over to make sure all was okay; thank you, Thomas Hamilton. Eventually, a very friendly (and attractive) policeman came to the rescue and we made it to the game to see the second half.


“On a Friday after school, we were thrilled to be headed home to get ready for the Baywatch football game. As we drove down Montegue, sadly Chloe lacked the ability to break. The red car behind us hit us and Jessica (the name of my car) took it like a brick. After an ambulance, fire truck, and two police cars we were saved and only had a few dents in the bumper. However, the other car had a sad outlook as it was totaled.” – Chloe and Suzanna Carlsten


“I was going to the gym and the van kinda stopped out of nowhere and I didn’t have enough time to come to a complete stop and then after that like 2 seconds later the grey car ran into me. ” – Chase Novak.


“Got rear-ended at a red light and slammed into the car in front of me. There were 4 cars involved” – Sacha Skaff


“I was driving behind her and she pulled into the left side of the parking lot where there are like 2 lanes so I sped up and didn’t realize she did that to then turn back into the other side to back in so she cut in front of me and I hit her.” -Harrison Shaw


I swerved and got hit in the middle of two lanes. I did not call the cops but after legal consideration with Jason Daigle, we determined it was not my fault. I am pretty sure I got gaslighted into not calling the cops which is unfortunate.” – Sutton Meyer


A sad story of Aislynn Piihl’s car after a night out in the woods camping and a little bit of fun gone wrong. Long story short, Aislynn decided to drive her car around a cow pasture but did not account for the bumps in the grass. Next thing she knew the car flew up and back down making a loud banging noise. She then found out her car was totaled causing her to be stranded in the woods… As you can see her car’s insides are hanging out.


This is the story of poor Lukey Sutherland. His tragic accident in the parking lot, on the way out of school, led to an eye sore of a dent being left on his car. Lukey explains that he was making his way towards the main exit, coming out of the senior lot, when he came to a stop due to Dr. Zerbst switching to the car rider line. He claims to have come to an easy and slow stop by adding how he “did not slam on the breaks or anything”. But that proved insignificant as he suddenly felt his car rock back and forth from the SOA student’s car behind him which had made an impact on his rear. Thankfully, everyone involved is safe and sound.


Finally, as an honorable mention, I would like to add the time I severely ruined my tire while driving around downtown Raleigh with my mom and friend. I was pulling out of a parking lot when suddenly my car made a loud crash and pop noise, flinging us forward and then backward quickly. It turns out I ran into a fire hydrant and completely blew out my tire; I was unable to see the hydrant because my car (at the time) was lifted causing the hydrant to go out of view. Although I was in distress, I could not stop laughing because nearly 5 different men walking on the street saw us and stopped by to “take a look” and help change my tire (it took all 5 of them to change it). Thankfully less than an hour after the accident we were on our way back to the hotel with my fresh spare tire.

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