Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Vogue: Academic Magnet Addition

Everything you need to create the best outfits in AMHS

As we enter the new school year many wake up and ask themselves the most important question of the day, “What should I wear to school”? Well, I have taken the liberty to create a curated list of top-tier outfits that you can slay in the hallways at Academic Magnet.


Collage #1

Items in outfit:
Left side:
-Hotshot mini dress, Free People Movement, $60
-Scuba oversized full-zip in collar bone, Lululemon, $128
-kawana sneakers, HOKA, $140

Right side:
-Pace rival mid-rise skirt(short), Lululemon, $78
-Swiftly tech racerback tank top 2.0 Race length, Lululemon, $58
-Cloudrunner Wide, OnCloud, $149.99

First up we have the staple of Academic Magnet: Athleisure. As many walk down the hallways a common sight is the average athleisure outfit, or as I and my friends call it “sportycas” or sporty casual. “Sportycas” is the perfect mix of comfortability and style. On the top left is a new staple at Magnet this year, the hot shot mini dress. This bright pop of color (which is almost always sold out) rings in at $60 and can be found on free people movement. While this dress is top-tier in my opinion there is one huge no with this dress…. wearing a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt mixed with this dress causes a very awkward scrunch look, that can only be remedied with a zip-up, similar to the Lululemon suca fullzip. This is also a very common sight at Magnet while it is on the pricier side at $128. There is no complete outfit without a great pair of hokas. Hokas, in my opinion, are great for the shorter person, because they usually give you a 1-2 inch height boost. The shoes above called, the Kawana sneakers in white will take a hit out of your bank account costing $140. While the shoes are perfect for stuttering your stuff down the magnet hallways, they will get dirty in around 15 minutes.

The outfit on the right is what I like to call “looking like you are about to play a tennis match”. This is a full Lululemon set, the super popular top (myself having 4 of these tops) called The Swift Tech Racerback Tank Top 2.0. Along with the skirt called the Pace Rival mini skirt, this outfit costs $136, a little less than the $150 cloud runner wide onclouds. Not only are clouds a great and comfortable tennis shoe, but they have recently taken over magnet hallways, myself alone seeing at least 15 students while walking through the hallways wearing them.


Collage #2

Items in outfit:
Left Side:
-Reebok Club C 85 Vintage Sneakers, free people $110
-501 Original short LEVI’s, Revolve, $70
-Ruffle Cami top, WEWOREWHAT, $49

Right side:
-Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Smash High, Gola, $80
-AE77 Premium Boxy Cropped Crewneck Tee, American Eagle, $58
-We The Free Emmy Skort, Free People, $88

This section of outfits is perfect not only for AMHS hallways but also while you’re roasting outside at your lunch table, ready to fend off underclassmen from taking your table. I can attest, that my twin, Chloe, did wear the outfit on the right to school for the first day (picture inserted below). I believe the Emmy Skort is the best thing to buy right now because it is so comfortable and looks cool. While I have seen the skirt around school recently, I expect many more will be purchased soon. The outfit on the left is in my opinion perfect for not only school, but concerts, dinners, brunches, pretty much anything. I honestly think while I was at the Train concert on the 2nd there were at least 5-10 people wearing this exact outfit. While it is slightly basic it is perfect for those days at school where there is no air conditioning.


Collage #3

Items in outfit:
Left side:
-Studio 54’ baby tee, In Print We Trust, $32
-High Rise Vintage Flare Jean, Abercrombie, $90
-ZV1747 Studded Sneaker, Zadig and Voltaire, $358(ON SALE $179)

Right side:
-Twist-detail Peplum, HandM, $20
-Gola Superslam Blaze Sneakers, Gola, $110
-High Rise Dad Jean, Abercrombie, $99(ON SALE $40)

These two outfits are 100% my favorite two I have created in this article. I would call this collection, Suzanna’s Pinterest board (follow me on Pinterest at @suzannacarlsten) which has recently exploded gaining 10 followers, 18 total. First of all, the shoes are both sick. The shoes on the left from Zadig and Voltaire (thanks Betsy to first discovering this brand) are unique shoes that I have only seen a few own. Also, the shiny Golas add a cool pop of color to the rather monotone outfit on the right. Also, Gola is having a sale right now and most of their shoes are going for $55!!!! As for the tops, I have been dreaming of purchasing both, but have yet to make the purchase. Both are super affordable and great for everyday school wear.


Collage #4

Items in this outfit:
Left side:
-Sinchseamless™ Rib Willow T-Shirt, Aritzia, $35
-We The Free Piper Mid-Rise Crop Wide-Leg Jeans, Free People, $128
-ZV1747 High Flash Studded Sneakers, Zadig, and Voltaire, $448 (ON SALE $224)

Right side:
-We The Free Firecracker Flare Jeans, Free People, $168
-Thea Platform Sneakers, Nordstrom, $100
-Bonnie Top, Brandy Melville, $18

You’re probably wondering, Suzanna, why is this slide purple? Well, I had to make the slide purple to show the magnet outfit of 2023, which is on the left. Very few if any own even one of these clothing items listed, but if you look down the magnet hallways you can spot at least 5 people wearing a white shirt and jeans. I, being a very avid wearer of this outfit, took the liberty to make a more sophisticated version. Many of the people reading this article probably know what Aritzia is (aka best store ever do why they don’t open a store up anywhere in the south), but many do not know how comfortable their clothes are. Anything you buy from that store (minus the leather pants that make you break out into a sweat in their mirrorless fitting rooms in 30-degree weather in Boston, but the fitting rooms are somehow 90 degrees) is probably the most comfortable piece of clothing. This top, in particular, is new, but I own three types of this fabric style, therefore I can attest to saying you need to buy it. Moreover, the jeans on the right from free people are some that I hope to see many more people buy. I love the pop of color and while the price is expensive it is way cheaper than most jeans which are designed similarly to these.


Collage #5

Items in this outfit:
Left side:
-90s straight jeans, Madewell, $138(can get $50 off if you bring in old pair of jeans)
-Last time cami, Free People, $30
-Campo canva sneakers, Veja, $135

Right side:
-Campus 00s, adidas, $91.10
-Levi’s Ribcage straight ankle jeans, Free People, $98
-One padma top, Free people, $78

This final outfit combination I believe is the most common and “basic”. Veja, in my opinion, are at the highest popularity they have been in years. Fun fact you can buy them for $40-$50 off on GILT. My sister and I each have a pair of these shoes, and while they are not the most comfortable they look great. Moreover, the shoes on the right are my personal most wanted item in this article. The campus 00s from Adidas are soon to be seen everywhere in the hallways. From the thousands of colors they come in the Adidas could look amazing on anyone. The Madewell jeans in the outfit on the left are the best school jeans you can get. I do own these along with a few of my friends, and I wear them at least once a week. Also, the jeans come in petite and tall sizing which I love because I am 5 foot two.

I hope you enjoyed reading through my wishlist, and I hope you buy some of these because they are really cute even though they are pretty expensive.


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