Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


What you Should be Listening to …

On the Way to School

Personally, I have always wondered about the music preference variety of the Academic Magnet student class. What playlists and artists do we raptors tend to enjoy, especially on our way to the magnet establishment? Some will say that their magnet days are based solely on their music choice on their way to school. Is this true? What will this mean for the future of magnet? Do podcasts influence productivity? Will sad songs lead to poor and depressive days?

Lauren Faust listening to Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac

Alexa Conlon can attest to the impact of sad songs on her daily life. She explains how her Sad Taylor Swift playlist encapsulates her drive to and from school. After asking how many times she listens to this playlist per week she recounts, 3, and states how this week “has had ups and downs” and that “life is not a straight line”. She says how her mood severely plummeted this morning due to the track, “The Last Time” by Taylor Swift, ft. Gary Lightbody. Taylor Swift is extremely variable when it comes to her music; she can be considered a country, pop, and even rap artist (hence the song “End Game”). However, like Alexa, many continue to shuffle through those specific songs that evoke sadness.

After relentlessly questioning Lauren Faust about what song she enjoyed most on her commute to school, she finally admitted how the song Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac is undeniably relatable. Lauren stated how the song “ignites a fire within her”, but after a quick search, I discovered the song holds a deeper meaning. Fleetwood Mac sings about the ending to a relationship, leading us to wonder… where does this fit in Laurens life? I did eventually give a listen to this song and all I have to say is that it is amazing and does truly bring about strong and angry emotions.

Others spend their morning binging Podcast series…

Wilson Swenson’s podcast of preference.
Cliffie Manuel’s podcast of preference.

In his opinion, the podcast “This American Life”, hosted by Ira Glass, inspires feelings of inquisitiveness. Wilson Swenson shares that after listening to this particular podcast “he feels smart” and we all know this mental state goes a long way in the Academic Magnet classrooms. However, I have uncovered that these feelings solely depend on the podcast listened to. Cliffie Manuel mentions her addictive podcast, “Smartless” featuring Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett. She claims the podcast often “causes her mood to do a 180” and “lifts her spirits almost instantly”. But her personal downside is that it leads her to lack creativity. She mentions how she tends to “copy jokes” in order to make others laugh later. What will happen when she repeats a joke to another “Smartless” listener? Will this damage her witty reputation?

Productivity also takes form in the song “Loaded Baked Potato” off of the album “NudyLand” by Young Nudy. Wyatt Mahoney speaks about how the song “got him through AP Research” and he listens to it on repeat on the way to school.  Personally I was shocked to learn this was the true name of the song; however, I have no doubt that it provided him with viable motivation for the day and I will ask no further questions.

Holly’s daily playlist.

In the mornings, cruising down 526, Addie Hanna indulges in various rap songs as they “wake her up and get her through the frustration of the incessant traffic”. Artists such as 21 Savage and Gunna are her friends on her weekday morning drives.

Unfortunately, we do have some quieter listeners in our Newspaper staff. Jasmine Zheng vulnerably shares her silent car ride. She attests that she was in a rush, but who does not have time to press a button or cue a song? When asking how her car ride this morning influenced her day, she admits her regret and reveals the song she would have listened to is Saturday Sun by Vance Joy. I am at peace with this answer.

Chloe’s daily Taylor Swift playlist.

Holly Manning and Chloe Carlsten reminisce on their shuffled playlists this morning. Chloe mentioned that “the rotation this morning was not that good” and she was distracted due to Suzanna Carlsten bickering with her. Chloe says “we had bigger problems than choosing our music this morning” and that the playlist had “no effect” on the rest of her day. On the other hand Holly claims her shuffled country music playlist gets her through the day as it hypes her up in the AM. Holly is always happy to turn on her country playlist and reaches another level of excitement when a song she loves comes on. Holly says these songs are often the ones she forgets, ones added long ago to her “country 🤠” playlist.

Now I can finally reveal my true and honest daily drive recommendations. In general, my choices differ between Tyler Childers, Lana Del Ray, or Zach Bryan. When mornings are slow and exhausting I flip on my “slow” playlist, consisting strictly of “CAS” and “Taylor Swift”.  Mondays are the ones in dire need of an exciting playlist and this is when my “Best of the Best” playlist makes its appearance. The artists on this playlist range from Drake to Mt.Joy, and extend to Led Zeppelin. These are songs that I guarantee will get you through all four 90 minute classes of the day, some of the best including, “Charleston Girl” (Tyler Childers), “Going to California” (Led Zeppelin), and “Nice for What” (Drake). I would not recommend listening to any songs that have too deep of a meaning before school. I can personally recount moments where I have made the same mistake and ended up crying to these songs before school, my work shift, or even with friends in the car.

I hope now you are feeling inspired to flick on a podcast and gain intellectual motivation, queue a song thats gets you pumped up for the day, or even listen to static and harbor newfound peace. I urge you to to make a playlist with all these characteristics as this playlist may really have an impact on your days at magnet. Why not start the day out great?!

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