Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


AMHS Doppelgangers

Have you ever wondered if you have a secret twin lurking in the halls?

It’s no secret that Academic Magnet is a school abnormally full of twins (the Carlstens, the Garretts, the Benichs, the Martins, etc), but it may be suprising to discover that there are also many nonbiological freakishy-similar-looking pairings roaming the halls. I investigated the urban legend that there are roughly six people in the world with your exact facial features, and found that the chances of even two people looking exactly alike is less than one in 1 trillion, meaning that the chances of a single set of nonbiological twins existing somewhere in the world is less than 1 in 135. Against all odds, many Raptors seem to have found their doppelganger right here at AMHS. Keep reading for a thorough review of our look-alikes, and to see if you may have finally found your identical twin.


Lukey Sutherland and Joey Shady

Joey Schady (junior) and Lukey Sutherland (senior)

First up, we have a dead ringer. From the dirty blond locks to their contoured noses, these brothers from another mother are definitely a match. I mean, look at their haircuts! The resemblance between the two’s facial structure, eyes, lips, and ears is honestly freaking me out. In fact, I might think these two were twins switched at birth if not for the year-long age gap between the junior and senior.

Jaxon Chambers and Wyatt Mahoney

Jaxon Chambers (junior) and Wyatt Mahoney (senior)

While this resemblance may seem like a stretch to the untrained eye (I didn’t see it either), once you ignore the haircuts and focus just on the facial features the pair look eerily alike. Even their mannerisms are alike! I’m totally loving that chill vibe these two are radiating.  Check out that soft twinkle they both have in their eyes.  Down to the smirk, they have definitely found their doppelganger.

Colin George and Sean O’Brien

Sean O’Brien (senior) and Colin George (senior)

Friends AND twins?? People have been talking about the resemblance between these two besties since freshman year, but seeing them side by side really solidifies it. Their blonde locks are made even more identical by the exact same haircut! It’s almost like they are doing it on purpose.

Lucas Browder and Willy Wilson

Lucas Browder (senior) and Willy Wilson (freshman)

Alright, it’s getting a little creepy.  What do you mean they’re not brothers?  The resemblance is impossible not to recognize between these two.  The golden blonde hair shaped into a side-swoop, the freckles, and honestly, everything else.  Lucky Lucas gets a mini me this year!  Don’t get each other mixed up!

James King and Auggie Rivero

James King (senior) and Auggie Rivero (junior)

It took me a second, but I can definitely see this one.  The bouncy, dark curls are a dead giveaway, but look at the eyes!  Their deep blue eyes are such a unique feature and stand out in a crowd, making the connection between these two an obvious one.  While it’s a littler harder to see what we’re seeing just by looking at facial structure, their features definitely tie these two together as twinsies.

Jason Gould and Nicholas Pawlucy

Nicholas Pawlucy (senior) and Jason Gould (senior)

Real life copy and paste?? At first glance it is nearly impossible to tell these two apart, but there are tiny differences in their facial expressions.  Their striking height is definitely what I noticed first, but their hair, eyebrows, and ears are exactly the same.  Great posture, too!

Sacha Staff and Sam Solari

Sacha Skaff (junior) and Sam Solari (junior)

I know what you’re thinking: siblings or dating? The answer, surprisingly enough, is neither. From their peircing dark eyes and bouncy curls to their very similar posture in this photo, they have a lot in common. I’m thinking it might be time to get a DNA test.

Ava Smoak and Evie Walldorf

Ava Smoak (senior) and Evie Walldorf (junior)

Time to switch it up with two blonde volleyball players! While these rare characteristics Ava and Evie have in common may be enough to convince you that these two are supernaturally tied, that is not where the wild similarities end. They’re also both wearing black shirts! I’m convinced they’re cosmically connected.

Adi Katan and Oliver Grisanti

Adi Katan (junior) and Oliver Grisanti (junior)

OMG!! How is this possible?  While this is technically cheating because Oliver is no longer a student at AMHS, the resemblance is just too strong to ignore. Look at their curls! I can not tell for sure what it is specifically, but their faces are giving me twin vibes. Maybe it’s the smile in the eyes.  Looking at their pictures side-by-side, I hope you will agree and let it slide.

Mr. Devenio and Mr. Cosgrove


Mr. Devenio (staff) and Mr. Cosgrove (staff)

I mean, as Cosgrove says, they have “similar craniums”. The resemblance between these friends/coworkers is hard to beat. Cosgrove would also like his quote to be included that “it is an honor just to be associated with Mr. Devenio. He is an icon.” AWWW!!

Charlie Zaifert and Addie Hanna

Addie Hanna (senior) and Charlie Zaifert (senior)

I know they aren’t true doppelgängers because they only look like twins from behind, but this is too crazy to exclude from this article.  I mean, how likely is it for two friends to have the same luscious waves and golden highlights?  They are even wearing the same outfit, like okay twin telepathy.  I honestly always felt a little sorry for the new teachers that had both Addie and Charlie in the same class because it is pretty clear from this photo how difficult it is to learn one blondie from the other at a distance.  This picture was taken when these two were only sophomores, but not to worry, for they have flourished into senior twinsies!

Bonus: Hank and Billy Baer

Hank Baer (senior) and Billy Baer (sophomore)

This one doesn’t count because yes, these two are related. However, they are so identical that an article on doppelgangers would not be complete without them. Please excuse the blurry photos as neither brother has any Instagram posts so we had to stalk their tags for a photo. I still don’t believe they aren’t twins. These genes are so strong that it is not just across a crowded hallway that these two can be mistaken for one another. There have been many times when halfway through a conversation I have realized I am talking to the wrong Baer brother. It doesn’t help that they dress so similarly.

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