Why You Should Re-Download Pinterest


I feel like Pinterest has always been an app that most people have tucked away in the unreachable corners of their phone. It has been popular ever since the up-and-coming of (the knockoff version of Pinterest) Tumblr which is a more interactive but less diverse and relatable social networking app. I was not surprised to find out that Pinterest was launched in 2010, which explains the craze of these applications as the first forms of social media for Gen Z. Although Pinterest has been cast aside in favor of many other social forums, it remains one of the most mind-widening, detailed site that really has it all.

Pinterest is a forum for all ages. Despite its creation in a generation that is growing up with technology at our beck and call, Pinterest has something for young and old alike. I have first-hand witnessed adults (in particular, my grandma) using Pinterest as a program for idea generation and as a catalyst for creativity. Going with the grandma example, she has always loved thrifting and hunting at the Dollar General for generic pieces that can be turned into something useful, whether that be a cake stand, a ornate decoration for Thanksgiving, or a table centerpiece when the family gets together, her imagination began to run even more wild with Pinterest at her side. Upon being gifted her first phone, she was able to dive into the DIY world, finding more useful ways to use the items that she had picked up from people just like her. She found new uses for old items and a range of content creators that she could view on other platforms of the internet. Pinterest opened a door for her, not only helping to accelerate her creativity, but also, to enter the world of the internet without fear. I firmly believe that Pinterest can offer something for people who are still hesitant to give into the rise in technology that comes with the future. It is a way for everyone to find something that they like, and can introduce them to a range of new information pertaining to their interests.

The duality of Pinterest (with just one refresh).

I have to be completely honest. I am guilty of spying Pinterest on my home screen, and scrolling past it most days of the week. I will tell myself that it is because I am in search of something else on my phone, but in reality, sometimes I just forget what it has to offer. I usually find myself going back to the app when I am looking for inspiration for a costume, thinking about my future, or just need to do some dreaming. If you are having trouble getting on Pinterest or committing to it, here are some boards I suggest you think about adding to your page. Outfits: Pinterest has everything and I mean everything related to fashion. My fashion board has changed as my style has throughout high school and it is definitely interesting to see how Pinterest has documented that. If you know how to search for something, you can find it in any style out there, and it is not going to be some doctored-up version of the piece or outfit catered to the public eye, I guarantee that you will be able to find what you are looking for. There is also a feature on Pinterest that (on most pins) allows you to shop the item that you have selected through multiple different sellers. Next is future house/room inspo. This is a given. I actually don’t think I know anyone who has Pinterest downloaded who isn’t constantly adding to this board. Of course, I have a million ideas of where I want to live, what I want that property to look like, and how I want to live; and of course, Pinterest can keep up. This board is nothing short of a mess, but between the tiled staircases, living rooms with full trees in the middle, complete insides of castles, and big glass windows with nothing but greenery in sight, I am overflowing with ideas and excitement.

Literally any form of makeup, fashion, or art that you can think of, you can find it on Pinterest.

The next board is simply a board that I feel is necessary for anyone scrolling through this app. I think that a “vibe” board (not called that of course but you get the idea) is so fun to keep up with and is a way for you to decompress while showing your mindset, goals, and current feelings all at the same time. Whether this board contains pieces of art that you like, nature, food, pictures of people sitting around a campfire or swinging off of a rope swing into clear water or people dancing, or animals, or motivational pieces. This board can be miscellaneous just for you. My “vibe” board is constantly being added to with a running 1,041 pins and counting. Of course, I am very particular about what I choose to include in my boards, however, I hope that you will be carefree in creating these boards and have fun with them. If you heed my advice in creating these boards, I urge you not to delete any pins from the past and to only look back on them as improvement and a growing body of knowledge. I know that whenever I open this app and scroll through my saved pins, I get excited about what the future holds and the goals that I am aiming for. The pins give me things to do, ideas on what to wear, and reminds me how different every single person is.

Did I forget to mention that you can literally make friends on this app? Other than being able to text your friends (through use of contacts) and collaborate on boards with them, you can check your Updates tab in the app to see other people who have saved the same pins as you and from this, you have the ability to connect with people who share your same interests and seek the same things on Pinterest. One thing that I have not tackled on this app is the opportunity that it gives you to create your own pins. I honestly think that I just enjoy discovering more than creating in this sense, but if everything is on Pinterest, then anything can be a pin. I think we should all give this a try to add to the ever-growing body of pins.

Of course, I think it is vital that people come up with original ideas and do not rely on anything on the internet to be themselves, but I do think that Pinterest accelerates this process. It is an app that does not simply help you open doors to new ideas, but it has the ability to push you through them. I might have gone far into treating Pinterest as a form of enlightenment, but I think that the app holds true to my flattery and that once you check it out, you will think so too.