Candlefish Workshop Review


Do you love crafts? Do you love candles? Do you love Charleston? Do you love bachelorette parties? If you said yes to these questions, I think you would enjoy doing a workshop at Candlefish!


What is Candlefish you may ask? Candlefish is a company that was started by the people who own the Rewined candle company. The gimmick is that they have a library of 100 scents so that everyone can find something that they love. Their candle labels do not include fragrance notes because they want their customers to love the scent as a whole, not just the notes. Their store is located at 270 King Street, giving it an accessible and central location in Downtown Charleston. 


Now let’s get into the point of this article: the workshop. Candlefish offers workshops every single day at a multitude of time slots. The class lasts an hour and a half and can have a total of 12 attendees. The experience is BYOB (for Raptors over 21) and costs $60 per person.


In my experience, I attended a 4:00pm workshop on a Saturday.

Lots of cute cards!

I brought my buddy Andrew Nichols along for this ride, which found itself to be a funny detail as the experience went on.We arrived right at 4:00 and were the first people there, so while we waited for our fellow chandlers we got to shop around the store. There were obviously a lot of candles, but also many cute cards, gift bags, assorted trinkets, and candle accessories. I almost bought a lot of stuff I didn’t need. While I avoided impulsive purchases, those who do a workshop are given 15% off of everything in the store, which made my self-control even harder. 



Once the other people in the class showed up, Andrew realized very quickly that he was the only man in sight. We were joined by two bachelorette parties, who upon realizing that Andrew was the only guy offered him several alcoholic beverages (which he turned down of course). The vibes were very good, and our instructor Dorothy made sure that everyone was introduced to one another with fun icebreakers. 

Once it was time to get our hands dirty, everyone got to test out a selection of scents from 


Candlefish’s library of 100. I selected scent 34, which has notes of mandarin, blackcurrant, and wood, while Andrew selected scent 94, which has notes of grapefruit, lemon balm, and bergamot.

After we gloved up and equipped our glasses we got to measure out our scent oil and wax to very exact measurements. Then, we mixed it all together and poured the creation into jars. Everyone got to make two candles of their selected scent.

When it was time to wrap up, we labeled our jars with our names and scent number and sent them away to solidify. We did not get to take them home right away because they were still liquified when the workshop was over, however this was not a problem because Andrew picked them up when he was downtown later in the week. 

In my humble opinion, this was a very fun experience that I would definitely recommend. Honestly, I would go again even though I already have so many candles in my collection. The workshop was so well organized, pretty easy, and the ambiance

 was amazing. Due to the demographic, I may not bring Mr. Nichols back here but it is definitely a contender for a girls day activity. If you’re interested in doing a Candlefish workshop, they are doing a 20% off sale for a limited time in the spirit of Valentine’s Day! Additionally, they are doing a candle-making/flower arranging workshop on Sunday 2/12 and a “Color Your Candles” candle-making workshop on 2/13 and 2/14. You can check out their instagram page @shopcandlefish to learn more, and go to their website to buy your tickets!