New Quarter, New Talon

Take advantage of our new features…


As some of you may have noticed, the Talon has undergone some changes since its last issue. Here’s how to maximize your use of The Talon:


At the bottom of our website, there is a new tab that says “Give Us Feedback!” and when clicked, it leads to a google form where readers can leave article ideas, constructive criticism, ideas, and pictures. 


Thanks to Mrs. Hurt and Mr. Perlmutter, we have now purchased a fancier package from the SNO sites(the platform The Talon is hosted by) that allows users to leave comments on articles. Fair warning, Mrs. Hurt has said that if this section is used inappropriately, it will be taken away. However, please leave comments because as of now, all of our comments are newspaper staff hyping each other up. We are fantastic and we should be hyped up, but the comments of others are also welcome. 


This issue, Katherine made the first ever Talon Crossword! If you play the New York Times crossword in school when you’re supposed to be paying attention, it’s perfect for you. Lizzie Murray also took advantage of our new fancy SNO package and made a would you rather quiz that brings up some tough magnet dilemmas? Would I rather take biology or Physics again? I don’t know…


In replace of comics, The Talon wants to start intermittently publishing memes. Any memes must be school appropriate, not insult individual teachers, students, or staff, and will be reviewed before being published. Email any and all memes to or submit them to our google form.


If you have any pictures to send in from school events, please send them to or attach them to the Give Us Feedback google form. Our goal is to post periodic galleries showing student life. Pictures can be from any magnet event, sports game, or school-related activity. We really want to get all grades involved and featured! 


Follow us on instagram @amhstalonnewspaper! It is run by our very own magnet influencer, Ella Chapman, who holds the AMHS school instagram page community together.