Waze Superiority

So many navigational apps to choose from, but waze is best!

Waze Superiority

Directions have definitely made their way through evolution. It likely began as a word of mouth thing, if you needed to know how to get somewhere you asked a friendly face. Then came maps, giant pieces of paper that were folded over a million times and no one ever really knows if they are looking at it correctly. The came the GPS, short for global positioning system. And Finally we came to the wonderful apps on our phones. This brings me to the topic of this article, the superiority of waze. 

It recently came to my attention that some people do not like waze. I have always known that most people just use google maps or apple maps because it just comes on their phones and they did not want to waste their energy in having to download a navigation app. However, I never thought it was because some people just don’t like waze. This astounded me because waze is just hands down, the best navigation app. From what I have heard from the non-wazers (people who dislike waze), the main issues with the app is the voice and the odd routes it takes you. 

To address the first complaint people have with waze, you can change the voice! Yes, I know this is a mind blowing fact but you can in fact change the voice on waze so if this is your issue with the app you can follow this step by step tutorial on how to change the voice. First you are going to download the app if you don’t already have it. Next you are going to click “my waze” on the bottom left of your screen. After this you will click the settings button at the top left of your screen. You will then proceed to the button “voice and sound”, it should be the third button on the menu presented. Once you have clicked this button you should see at the very top, “Waze voice”. You can then click this button and you will see a whole list of possible voices you can set to guide you. Waze is so advanced that you can even set your own voice as the navigational voice. 

Now I will address the second issue a lot of people dislike about the app: the odd routes it will take you. I will admit waze has taken me to some very interesting places, you will often get to see lots of different neighborhoods and backroads. Waze does this to help you move around the traffic. This is not a bad thing, in fact this is a very good thing. I can not tell you the number of times I have almost been late to school or work, but waze was able to maneuver me around all the traffic and get me where I needed to go at the time I needed to be there at. I understand that some people don’t like to venture off and try new routes, but if you are in a rush somewhere as everyone is at point, you will wish you were driving down an empty backroad instead of stuck on a standstill highway. Also, you have the option to choose which route you want to take. Once you type in a destination, waze will present you with a whole bunch of ways to get there and shows the differing times for each route.

So as you can see, waze simply has all the other navigational apps beat. However, this is just my personal opinion so it is perfectly okay to use the other options, but just so you know, if you want the best, Waze is there!