Coachella Fashion Favorites

The Best of Coachella 2022


The past two weekends, Coachella has taken over social media. With seemingly every influencer attending there were many terrible and many amazing looks. The festival requires little to no sleep, but the pressure to look the very best you can is apparent especially for the big leagues. I honestly was not too impressed with the majority of the looks people brought to Coachella, but I am going to list some of my favorites from the weekends.

  • Emma Chamberlain









I absolutely loved her looks from the first weekend. She had a lot of variety during each day and I loved her use of sunglasses and quirky bags with each outfit. My favorite had to be her look from day two with the monochrome red and pink fashion statement. Her outfit from day one with the futuristic bodysuit with the bulky boots is amazing. The casual sweatpants look on day three was also fun and laid back. I think she is able to pull off anything which makes all of her fashion amazing. I expected her to look gorgeous and wear very different looks and she did. I thought hers were some of my favorites, so she really brought her A game.


  • Doja Cat













Someone else who always has very unique and fun outfits which is perfect for Coachella is Doja Cat. I think she looked so good for all of her performing outfits and her stunning fashion fits for the festival. The first picture on the left is one of my favorite outfits of the festival. It is weird, but it works. I feel like she is the only one who could make it look that good. The shapes and the pants with it with the bold sunglasses somehow works, so this looks absolutely amazing. Her performance looks are always very out there and that proved to be true here as well. She clashes colors and patterns and wears odd shapes that are always so intriguing. I think she killed it, but she always does.


  • Nailea Devora














Nailea was another person I saw online that stunned me with the outfits I saw her wear at Coachella. She looks absolutely gorgeous and the looks are so so good. I am in love with the look from the second day with the orange and blue combo with the boots and the summery feel. The other look is amazing as well, it looks a bit Christmasy, but she pulls it off. I think her jewelry is gorgeous as well. She just killed it during that weekend and is one of my favorites.


  • Wisdom Kaye














Wisdom is the ultimate fashion influencer, so I was extremely excited when he posted his looks from day 1. He always wears the most awesome clothing and he absolutely amazed me with his Coachella outfits. I personally love his colorful look just because I think it matches the energy of Coachella the best, but his black outfit and black and white one are pretty powerful. I think he has broken the boundary of mens fashion wear and I love everything that he continues to wear and put together.

  • Leonie Hanne











She went all out for Coachella and she looks absolutely stunning. I think that the fancy fashion she was going for was very different from everyone else’s outfits. The black chainlink dress is absolutely gorgeous and may be my favorite from the festival. I think that she looks so gorgeous and everything is done to the max. The jewelry and makeup add to the beauty of all of the outfits. She had variety each day and she just shines with sparkle which is very pretty. She looks great and I think the outfits are next level.


  • Harry Styles














Harry looks amazing as always and from the clips I have seen of his performance, it looked amazing both weekends. He always shatters the fashion game and always wears bold colors or sparkles that just work. I am extremely jealous of everyone that was able to see him perform live during Coachella and I am stunned by his special guests he brought out and that he sang some unreleased songs. I loved both of his outfits and I think his tattoos always look so good with the outfits that he wears. They act as an accessory to his outfits and it always amazes me.

All in all, Coachella as a whole did not offer much to see within the fashion realm, but there were definitely some looks that were absolutely amazing. I think that the people listed in this article were the people that really changed the game for the looks of music festivals for the future. Coachella is the time to test the boundaries of looks and these people really used futuristic looks to show the essence of the festival and the energy surrounding it.