Reviewing Protein Shakes

The Complete Review of the Most Popular Protein Shakes


I am sure many people are wondering what protein shake they should get when they go to the grocery store. I am here to tell you which brand is the best when it comes to flavor and amount of protein.

Premier Protein


For this flavor I asked Sam Whelan, a frequent gym goer(who can bench 225).

“The first taste is bad. It is a weird new taste. It is tangy. But it taste like a pure, a very pure, vanilla bean ice cream. The only way that I can drink is through a straw because it is so bad. But, i do feel like I am drinking a lot of protein. The aftertaste is strong, and makes your breath smell like throw-up. It is  indigestible without a straw. 6/10”

Cookies and Cream

I am very sad to say that I have had to taste this heinous drink for myself. I  was  forced to buy this after the grocery  store was out  of all other options. When I first took a sip, I was disgusted  at what had just been  put on my  taste buds.  This protein shake is possibly the worst I have ever had. 1/10

Muscle Milk

Many people hate on Muscle Milk, and I can understand why. It has less protein per shake compared to the other top competitors. Muscle Milk was the first protein shake I had, so they will always hold a special place in my heart. In my opinion the chocolate flavor  is below average. It has a chalky consistency at times and I used to have to pinch my nose to get it down. In my opinion, the vanilla flavor is marginally better and was my preferred flavor to drink. I think it does taste a little less chalky than the chocolate, but it is still quite evident that you are drinking a protein shake. If you ever thought about what you were drinking it quickly became much less appealing. 5/10


I think I have only had one of these once, I will never have another one. These remind me of the shakes they give at a nursing home. There just is not nearly enough protein to justify the poor taste. If you are looking fir a protein shake if you are going to the gym I would not recommend this one.2/10







This is the moment you have all been waiting for. My favorite(and many others)  protein shake is………….


I could go on and on about these beautiful drinks. It is almost unbelievable how these even exist. The fact that these  shakes have 30 grams of protein with just 150 calories is unreal. I am not sure how it is possible and am still struggling to comprehend it.


The chocolate flavor taste just like a regular chocolate milk. I actually enjoy drinking these shakes, which cannot be said for the other ones that I have talked about.


I do prefer the vanilla to the chocolate, but both are still great. The vanilla is such a good flavor.It tastes  just like a vanilla  bean milkshake would  taste, but it has 30 grams of protein and is only 150 calories.

Salted Caramel

I was skeptical that these would be good, as I feel that this is a difficult flavor to make into a protein shake. I was pleasantly surprised as it was almost as good as the other two flavors. Unfortunately these are only available to be purchased at Costco(which I do not have a membership for).


Core Power Elite

The taste of these are slightly worse than the other Fairlife shakes, but they have 12 more grams  of protein. I am not completely sure how they are able to put 42 g of  protein into 14 oz drink. These have been incredibly helpful during a trip,  when I have been low on protein intake.