Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2022

This year’s commercials weren’t all amazing, but some stood out


While some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, I watch the Super Bowl for the half time show and the commercials. In this article, I will be ranking 25 of the Super Bowl LVI commercials. Personally, I prefer commercials that are funny and creative.


Super Bowl LVI (2022)


Squarespace Sally’s Seashells

Well first off Zendaya is in it, so you know it is going to be good. Second off, I just find this commercial to be really clever. Also, a lot of Super Bowl commercials are overly chaotic, but this one has a much calmer vibe. Finally, Zendaya’s outfits are top-notch.


Avocados from Mexico – Big Game Commercial 2022 – #AlwaysGood

Creative and funny – the two qualities that make this one of the best Super Bowl commercials from this year. Who knew a tailgating party next to the Colosseum in Ancient Italy would make for such a good commercial? The Caesar salad joke was a 10/10.


Zeus & Hera | BMW USA

Best car commercial of the night! This commercial would be a great movie concept and they already have the actors for it, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek!


Amazon’s Big Game Commercial: Mind Reader

This commercial was creative and funny, and gets bonus points for having Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost.


Lay’s | “Golden Memories” Seth Rogan & Paul Rudd Super Bowl LVI Commercial

I like funny commercials, and I actually found this one to be funny. Started of meh but ended with me laughing with the unexpected ending.


Planet Fitness – What’s Gotten into Lindsay?

Most of us know Lindsay from the movie Mean Girls, but now people will know her from this Planet Fitness commercial. I liked the commercial because it included a fair amount of celebrities and it was obvious what Planet Fitness was trying to sell.


Push It | Flamin’ Hot | Super Bowl LVI TV Spot

Compared to past Doritos commercials, this one wasn’t as good, but I still really liked it.


Uber Don’t Eats

Immediate points off for the “No” song. Why did they feel the need to include that annoying song??? Other than that, I liked the use of celebrities and there were definitely parts of the commercial that I found funny.


Don’t Miss Out on Crypto: Larry David FTX Commerical

I liked the “don’t doubt it just because it’s new” message. And since this commercial has many different scenes, it’s quite an entertaining commercial.


The Grand Escape | Taco Bell

The subtle attack on McDonald’s was really funny. The commercial was also visually appealing and the music was good.


Nissan Presents: Thrill Driver

This was probably the most action-packed commercial of the night. I couldn’t decide whether this commercial or the Toyota one was better, but I decided on this one just because it was more entertaining.


2022 Toyota Big Game Commercial Ft. Tommy, Leslie, and Rashida: “The Joneses” | Toyota Tundra

With three Joneses and a Jonas Brother, Toyota did good with this commercial.


Robo Dog | The All-Electric Kia EV6

This commercial was really cute! It would have ranked higher if there were more real dogs in it though.


E*TRADE Commercial – E*TRADE Baby “Off The Grid”

Very nostalgic. I used to love the E*Trade baby commercials.


Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage | Super Bowl LVI | Dream House with Anna Kendrick and Barbie

This commercial is really cheesy, but younger me would have loved it, so it deserves its spot somewhere in the middle. I also like the idea of using a Barbie dream house and a fixer-upper castle for a homes and mortgages commercial.


“Goodbye Cable” Super Bowl | 5G Internet | Verison

I’ve never seen Jim Carrey’s movie The Cable Guy, but my parents thought this commercial was funny so I had to put it somewhere in the middle.


Pringles | Stuck In

This commercial is just absurd enough to be great. Who hasn’t pretended to get their hand stuck in a Pringles can? Imagine it being stuck for the rest of your life.


“A Lot in Common” | AT&T Fiber

I didn’t really understand it at first, but after a little research realized that both Mila Kunis and Demi Moore have both dated Ashton Kutcher.  I liked the commercial and it was kind of funny, but it was one of those where what they are selling is totally unrelated to the plot of the commercial which makes it lower on the list.


Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts – “Feed The Debate”

“Who knew America would tear itself apart over a relatively minor difference of opinion?” This was a very clever commercial. I never really thought about the fact that people eat mixed nuts differently. How do you eat your mixed nuts?


Hellmann’s: Mayo Tackles Food Waste

I love the message of this commercial – to not waste food. It wasn’t the funniest, but maybe it’s just my sense of humor.


Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus | Do it for the Phones | T-Mobile

I love Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus, so any commercial becomes better when they are both in it. But I disliked that this commercial was not really creative. Like literally anyone could have came up with this idea after 2 minutes of thinking. And whereas most Super Bowl commercials leave you wondering what the heck that company was selling, this one makes it VERY clear, almost too clear, what T-Mobile is advertising. That being said, the “Do it for the Phones” song is kind of catchy…


Sam’s Club VIP with Kevin Hart

I like Kevin Hart, but this commercial was boring.


2022 Big Game Commercial: Welcome to Irish Spring

This commercial was just a little too weird for me to like it.


Old Friends. New Fun. | Meta Quest 2

This commercial was just creepy when it did not need to be.


Ad Meter 2022: Coinbase

It’s a good marketing strategy – I’m sure a lot of people scanned the QR code just to see what it was for. I, for one, did not. I’m just wondering why you would pay so much money just for a whole minute of a QR code on screen?