Young Dolph Shot and Killed

Beloved Rapper dies this past week


Three independent law enforcement agencies have confirmed that rapper Young Dolph,  Adolph Thornton Jr., was shot and killed on Wednesday.  He was 36 years old. The shooting happened at the bakery, “Makeda’s Butter Cookies”, in south Memphis, Tennessee. Young Dolph went inside and purchased cookies and as he was purchasing them, two men drove up and shot through the window, killing Dolph. The two pulled up in a two door white Mercedes Benz and walked up with a handgun and semi-automatic rifle. As headlines broke around the world, hundreds swarmed the area. Many were crying, many were angry, but most were yearning for change. Gun violence is a great problem in Memphis as well as most other well-populated cities across America. During this chaos, a man, who was apparently shot, drove his car through the crime scene, where he was then taken to the hospital. Young Dolph has visited this establishment many times and spread love and business promotion for the cookie shop. Now, there is a gofundme for Makeda’s as it is boarded up and shut down from the shooting. Hours after the shooting, hundreds of tik toks were uploaded of Young Dolph’s camouflage corvette that was still sitting in the parking lot. The day after his death a beautiful memorial showed up outside Makeda’s and fans, friends, and family have been paying tribute to the beloved rapper. Around 3:30pm on Thursday, a man was shot and killed at the memorial. The man was not critically injured but three were arrested for this incident. It is thought to be connected to the Young Dolph shooting. Gang violence is expected in both shootings.
Dolph leaves behind a great legacy. He is well known for participating in Thanksgiving charities by handing out turkeys, giving food and clothes to those in need., and donating money. Dolph was reportedly going to pass out turkeys directly after he stopped at Makeda’s on Wednesday. He also was scheduled to pass out turkeys this Friday at a church. Many rappers have already voiced their angst at this terrible death, including Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, and Key Glock. Dolph also leaves behind many top-charting records and has been a great influence to this generation of rap. It is a tragedy that he has passed on but hopefully more can be done to reduce crime rates so that we can protect all, including some of our most beloved artists.