Spider-Man: No Way Home [PREDICTIONS]


Spider-Man: No Way Home comes to theaters on Friday, December 17th. Whether you’re a hardcore MCU fan or you haven’t seen any of the Avengers movies, it’s no question that excitement surrounds an additional movie about the beloved web-slinging superhero. I personally predict that Spider-Man: No Way Home will swamp Avengers: Endgame in the worldwide box office. That’s just what this article is here for: to predict the appearances, scenes, and reveals of Spider-Man: No Way Home! This article will contain leaked information concerning NWH appearances/casting (but no actual plot spoilers), so read no further if you wish to go into the film completely blind (also there are spoilers to the Amazing Spider-Man movies and the original Spider-Man movies, but those came out ages ago and you should have already seen them)

Andrew and Toby:

The growing mention of the multiverse in the MCU, combined with Spider-Man’s comic-book affiliation with a Spider-Verse, has fully opened the possibility of Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire reprising their roles as Spider-Men. The two have both denied their appearance in the film (obviously), but this essentially means nothing due to Marvel’s long history of lying about upcoming titles (see this image of an Infinity War trailer scene that never actually appeared in the movie).



Recently, on Jimmy Fallon’s tonight show, Andrew Garfield was asked about a leaked photo of his Spider-Man on the set of NWH. Andrew denied this and the authenticity of the photo is not confirmed, but there is reason to believe that the leaked photo is completely real. When the photo first leaked online, Sony was extremely quick to personally take down the photos through copyright-claims. If this urgency is not an immediate dead-giveaway, then Andrew’s appearance on the tonight show is. The cheesy awkwardness of tonight shows is there for a reason that is massive in understanding movie press: every interaction, conversation, and topic of discussion is discussed with actors, studios, and show-writers before it appears on live television. That’s right, Jimmy was never actually surprised about which wacky animal the resident wildlife expert would bring out! All of this considered, Andrew Garfield’s appearance on the show, shortly after the NWH trailer dropped, and the fact that the leaked photo was removed all but confirms Andrew’s association with the film. As for the original Spider-Man (Toby Maguire), not much has been revealed. Various sources that claim to have inside information say he will be in the film, but one of the most compelling pieces of evidence is seen in the NWH trailer (below).



Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is wearing the exact same outfit as Toby Maguire’s did. Sure – this might be a tease or a bit of fan-service – but as previously mentioned with the Infinity War trailer, Marvel is no stranger when it comes to editing faces, suits, and appearances into trailers to deceive the fans. If none of this confirms the appearance of Toby’s Spider-Man, then the confirmed appearances of Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin (from Toby’s movies) do. Lastly, if Marvel and SONY decide not to include the web-slingers in the reality-breaking movie, they should be shaking in economic fear at how fans will react to such an atrocity.


The current NWH trailer confirms the returning of Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus and Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin. Additionally, according to a slip-up on Instagram that has since been deleted, we know Jamie Fox’s Electro (from the Andrew Garfield movies) will return. Three villains may already seem like a lot, but in a franchise that is so often associated with a “Sinister Six” it seems like we are only halfway there. However, everything we know about the movie suggests there may be even more than six villains. The next two villains are merely theories according to a few frames of the NWH trailer: Sandman and The Lizard. As seen in the image below, electricity (likely from Jamie Fox’s Electro) and a large explosion of sand (from Sandman) are clashing with one another.



The sand may simply be remnants of an electrical shock, but Sandman’s redemptive qualities from Spider-Man 3 would fit perfectly into an initial battle between he and Electro. This is only speculation, but Sandman is confirmed not to have died in Spider-Man 3 and could certainly be sucked into the MCU through Doctor Strange’s spell-backfire. Also seen in the trailer (below) is a large silhouette that very vaguely resembles The Lizard from Andrew Garfield’s first movie.



This seems like a bit of a stretch at the moment, but some anonymous leaks do suggest he’s in the movie. I personally think it will happen. There is also the possibility that previously seen characters from the MCU will appear, this includes: Vulture, The Shocker, Scorpion (from the end credits scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming), and Mysterio. There are other potential villains, but I will include them in my Farfetched Predictions section.


Assuming the Spider-Verse will come to fruition, we need a live action version of this meme (below). We need it. We absolutely need it and the movie will be worse if it’s not included.



There have also been rumors of a scene in which Andrew and Tom’s Spider-Men (who utilize mechanical web-shooters) are weirded out or surprised by Toby’s organic web-shooters. I personally predict that there will be a scene in which an alternate-universe villain will confuse which Spider-Man is their original villain. Also, it wouldn’t be surprising if Toby, Andrew, and Tom’s Spider-Men ended up switching suits to confuse the villains or surprise the audience. We probably won’t make it through this movie without an internet-breaking audience-shaking scene in which the three Spider-Men swing by simultaneously, looking toward us in heroic fashion. Andrew, Toby, and Tom may have a discussion about their significant others, discussing their various experiences ranging from death to memory-wiping. Perhaps the most anticipated (other than a live action version of the meme), is a scene in which the original Spider-Man, Toby Maguire, tells our new Spider-Man ,Tom Holland, that “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Farfetched Predictions:


The talented and beautiful Emma Stone as Spider-Gwen. I wanna see it. It needs to happen. She has denied working on the film, but everything is fair game at this point. Just gonna throw it out there that this character would add various plot-points to the film and make it generally better (just look at the fan art, it’s gotta happen).


Big Wheel. We need Big Wheel. The world needs Big Wheel. There’s an easter egg of the dynamic villain in the Miles Morales video game, so studios are clearly ready to bring him to the big screen. I believe Danny DeVito fits the character best.


Speaking of Miles Morales, Mile Morales. Into the Spider-Verse saw a version of the character and Spider-Man: Homecoming saw Donald Glover as Aaron Davis (Miles Morales’ uncle and alter ego of The Prowler [another villain that could appear]).


If we’re going to have an absolute Spider-Verse explosion, then we may as well predict that all the variants from the Spider-Verse will appear, alongside the video-game versions, alongside the Spider-Man from the animated Disney XD series, alongside…


Spider Ham. Come on. Spider Ham.



Rhino and Hobgoblin may also appear. Nobody really liked the Rhino from the Amazing Spider-Man films, but he still may slip in. Hobgoblin is a lesser known villain that Ned (Jacob Batalon’s character) may very well end up turning into due to his memory-wiping from Doctor Strange’s spell. Kraven the Hunter is also a classic Spider-Man villain that Sony has expressed their interest in bringing to the big screen some day.




I warned you…look no further.


Tom Hardy’s Venom will very likely be in this movie. It’s unclear if he will be a full on villain, but the recent post-credits scene of Venom: Let There be Carnage showed Eddy Brock and Venom transporting into the MCU and drooling over the thought of eating Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This not only confirms a venom appearance, but tells us that Marvel and Sony are officially in the works with one another. A photo, that has since bene deleted, shows Tom Hardy wearing a NWH production hat, suggesting that he may play a larger role in the movie.