The Ridiculous Hypocrisy That is Disney

There are so many examples to choose from…


China forcibly detains its Muslim minorities, the largest of which are the Uighurs. Government officials in Xinjiang force them into “re-education” camps where they are subject to human rights abuses and forced labor. Disney could care less.

The House of Mouse is too busy catering to the Chinese government. You see, China is the top movie market in the world. Ticket sales in China are crucial to box office success. To keep its movies in China, Disney creates censored versions of its movies that edit out anything the government may find offensive. The company is also working to create content aimed at retaining Chinese viewers.

One such example is the new live-action version of Mulan. The movie is the latest in Disney’s series of live-action princess movies. Like most Disney movies, it was intended to perform well both at home and abroad. This time, however, Disney was banking on it being especially successful in China.

Mulan: Ming-Na Wen - The Voices Behind Your Favorite Disney Characters - Zimbio
In its defense, the original movie did have an actual Chinese-American, Ming-Na Wen, voice Mulan. However, the joking treatment of Mulan’s ancestors probably didn’t go over too well.

The original Mulan didn’t do very well in China. Most Chinese didn’t appreciate how westernized and watered down the Disney adaption was. To fix this, Disney set off to make the next one more authentic. How did they do this? Well amongst other things, they filmed in China’s Xinjiang province, only miles away from re-education camps.

In order to film in Xinjiang, Disney had to buddy up with Xinjiang officials. These are the same leaders who oversee the internment and abuse of at least a million Uighur Muslims. The movie’s credits thank the Xinjiang government for their help in the film’s production.

After the film’s release, millions of Americans from both sides of the aisle took to social media to express their distaste. How could Disney work with a government attempting to crush an entire culture? If they wanted to film in China, couldn’t they have chosen another province?

Disney's "Peter Pan" Live-Action Film Casts Its Wendy and Peter | Teen Vogue
Peter Pan earned a content warning for its derogatory representation of Native Americans.

What was Disney’s response to all this? Nothing. The same company worried about racial messaging in Peter Pan had no apologies for collaborating with the people committing actual genocide.

The point of all this is that Disney doesn’t care. They don’t care about social media posts. They don’t even care about racism. All they want is money. Think about it: when the woke mob gets mad, Disney has no problem adding content warnings or firing controversial actresses to save their skin. Why? Because they’re scared they’ll lose money. The company would just as easily reverse course if they thought it’d pan out. In the case of Mulan, Disney saw an opportunity and went for it. It didn’t matter who they were supporting, as long their movie made the big bucks .

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can support content warnings and actress firings if you want. Just be consistent with your standards. You should also know that Disney doesn’t really mean it. They only make concessions to cover up the corruption underneath.

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