Class of 2021 Wall Day through the Years

and how it reflects our changing personality


Freshman year (fall): Jurassic Park

As the freshman year fall walls always are, this was a mess. We were not particularly unified. Our outfits mostly consisted of tourist shirts, jean shorts, and straw hats. And one or two giant blowup dinosaurs.

I will be including no pictures for either wall day Freshman year because they just do not need to be seen by the public. I went scrolling through Instagram to find pictures from each wall day. I saw the Freshman year ones and straight up refused to be believe they were us. It didn’t happen. Nope.

Freshman year (spring): Fairy Tale. I feel like this represents freshmen in general so well. Sweet, innocent, young. Dressing up as little pink princesses and prince Charming certainly fits. Our wall decorations (or what we had of them) consisted of pink streamers



Sophomore year (fall): Apocalypse 

I feel like everyone’s sophomore year sucked. Or maybe that was just mine lol. but anyways a nice step up from Fairy Tale, really shows the growth between the two years. We jumped from princesses to zombies. oops.











Sophomore year (spring): Mardi Gras

This was probably my second favorite theme we have done. We wore mostly sparkly dresses ( I have no idea what the guys worse for this theme oops) And of course we had a ton of beads. NO idea how we got from Apocalypse to Mardi Gras in the same year… I guess our Spring was considerably better than Fall.












Junior year (fall): El Dorado

this one is such a ~golden~ picture. lol.









Junior year (spring): Great Gatsby 

This one may be my very favorite theme we have done. This time period is just so fun to dress up for. We read the book and and watched the movie in our English class, which is how we came up with this theme. Clearly our sophomore and junior year selves were really a fan of the gold.










Senior year (fall): wall was nonexistent but the theme was Haunted Carnival

This wall was a little random but it actually worked together very well. And of course, we got to decorate our crowns.



Senior year (spring): Heaven/Underworld: 

This theme fits our senior year more than anything else could. Well, not the heaven part… It makes sense that we would choose something dark and kinda terrifying for our last and final wall. No pictures yet…you’ll have to wait and see very soon.