Artists to Scratch Your Brain

Artists to Scratch Your Brain




Being an absolute classic Glass Animals hits every time. They have a decent amount of mainstream music as well as a wide discography of psychedelic pop music. Their lyrics and beats will transport you into another dimension. The details in their songs coupled with the moving lyrics keeps you on your toes. All of their albums are absolutely phenomenal as well. My favorite is definitely How To Be a Human Being. This music will make you want to spend the rest  of your life outside daydreaming about how beautiful life is.


Briston Maroney

Recently gaining some traction on Tiktok, Briston Maloney’s popularity is rising. And thank god for it. He is one of the most talented artists I have ever come across. His music varies between soft pop rock and some more up beat stuff, but the moodiness and emotion behind his music will without a doubt give you chills. I saw this man in concert and let me tell you it was absolutely life changing. His music will make you reminisce, get angry, cry, laugh and so much more.


Coast Modern

Another banger with the psychedelic pop, Coast Modern has a slightly smaller discography than most but the music they have produced packs a punch. Their music reminds me of Glass Animals in the way that their beats are very detail oriented, and their tone while singing also sometimes mirror each other. Their songs make you wanna do some yoga, drink some OJ, and have fun with your friends.


Local Natives

All of these bands are my all time faves but Local Natives has a couple of songs that just HIT DIFFERENT. For example, Garden of Elysian, Sun Hands, and Someday Now. These songs aid you to visualize the most beautiful moments in life and their descriptions almost always bring me to tears. It’s like if a beautiful renaissance painting made music. Seriously, I’m not a HUGE fan of all of their stuff but these three songs really really make me feel something. I’m actually begging you to give them a listen.


Oliver Tree

For some truly unique tunes, look no further than Oliver Tree. You kinda have to buy into his character to deeply enjoy all of his music but he’s got a handful of songs that are generally pretty accessible. His music is truly unique and I honestly don’t really know how to describe it. I’d say it’s pretty techy and gritty. It might even be a bit edgy I guess. He seems pretty moody. It reminds me of like a new age alternative punk.


Lil Wayne

I’m so sorry for the vibe switch up but this man literally blows my mind. He paints the clearest pictures with his bars and tells amazingly detailed stories through his music. I must shout out the songs Mona Lisa, Bill Gates, and Mr Carter. Those songs…OH MY GOD. They are absolutely stunning and the lyrics are just *chefs kiss*


Wiz Khalifa

If you wanna giggle and have a fun time, Wiz Khalifa is the way to go. His music varies greatly from some slower stuff to some absolute bangerz. Everything from his personality to his beats are satisfying and have enough range that there’s genuinely something for everyone.


Greta Van Fleet

GTF’s music is very easily classified as rock. The group is young but sounds like they were ripped out of the 80’s. They have some yelling going on as well as killer instrumentals. I feel like the nice thing about this band is that even though a lot of people don’t like the genre this band has a few very easy to listen to songs that are great for introducing people to a genre they were previously hesitant of.


Arctic Monkeys

Now I know we all know who these guys are and who they stand for; moody teens. But please!!! I’m begging you! Listen to more of their stuff. It’s genuinely so satisfying for some reason and I’m sure you’ve at least slightly enjoyed the songs you have heard by them. Sometimes we all need a moody outlet and I promise Arctic Monkeys is up to fill that role.


Peach Pit

This band reminds me of arctic monkeys in a lot of ways but definitely a bit lighter. Their music is very modern and seems like it would fit well on Tik Tok. It’s a lot of slower beats and guitar with pretty airy vocals. I think it’s indie-rock-esque but I’m horrible at determining music genres. May I recommend their album Being So Normal. Seriously go listen.


Conan Gray

Now I will be honest. I don’t frequent this man’s music much anymore. It’s a bit poppy for my taste now. But let me tell you!! If you like slower pop with really powerful and enjoyable lyrics. THIS MAN!! He has a song called Greek God that goes absolutely crazy and another one called Idle Town that makes me want to cry for days.


Anyways thanks for reading. These are just my opinions but I hope you found some good recs in here <3