Ultimate Ranking of Every One Direction Song

Do you really have good taste in music?




We can all agree that One Direction rocked the Earth beneath us when the band debuted in 2010 as prepubescent teenagers who charmed everyone with their looks and strong vocals. Without any hesitation, I will admit that I too was swooned by those five cuties. I spent a good 7 years in love with One Direction and spent more time learning facts about them and their lyrics than I did learning at school. Back in the day, I knew everything there was to know and accumulated far too much knowledge about this band than a 12-year-old should.  I’m convinced that the wisdom I gained through my experience as a One Direction fan was the foundation for opening my third eye. There is no other way to explain it, but I have a deep-rooted attachment to One Direction and the era that they created in my life and I don’t think I will ever forget that. Talk about iconic! Anyway, being a One Direction superfan requires knowledge of every song lyric, beat drop, and dance performed by the band, and I can assure you that even after years of not listening to their music, I still remember all the details about their music  (is this even a flex?).

I spent a good couple of hours in my room having a solo dance party to One Direction’s discography to cumulate the ultimate ranking of their songs. As I do with other music, I created a mental criteria for what makes a good song and chose to focus on lyrics, danceability, vocals, and swagger. With that taken into account, here’s my ultimate ranking of every One Direction song ever, any other opinions are wrong <3

Because it’s simply too much to include my innermost thoughts about all 92 songs, I elaborated on my top 5 songs to provide a little more insight as to why my brain enjoys those specific One Direction songs the most.


This song comes from my personal favorite album, FOUR, and is easily the most well-crafted and heartwarming piece by the band. I long for the young love described in this song, it’s so pure and tender :'((  (Harry and Zayn transcend in this one)


Every time this comes on shuffle I audibly gasp—the funky guitar and synchronized clapping? Literally amazing. This song never fails to put me in a lively mood.

What a Feeling

Okay, imagine a boyband covering a Fleetwood Mac song because this one has all the witchy elements of a Fleetwood song. It’s pretty obvious Mr. Harry Styles influenced the production of this one considering he’s a huge fan of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. I cannot blame him for that, they really are that good. Anyway, this song always slaps and I pray that it is played at my funeral.

Stockholm Syndrome

I have always wondered why this song is so good and I have yet to understand. Despite the concept being a little out-of-pocket, I will look past that for the reason that this song is so incredibly good. It has smooth vocals and a crazy beat to dance to, so what else could you need?

Over Again

Oddly enough this song gives me Ed Sheeran vibes, and it terrifies me that I have it ranked so high with that consideration. It’s a bit slow and honestly sad, but it is so well crafted I simply could not look past the raw talent in this song. It suits their voices well and literally tears at my heart every time I listen to it. The best part of this entire song is when Harry (kinda) spits bars in the second verse (go white boy go!). The vibes are very similar to Moments from the band’s first album, Up All Night, they love to pull at our heartstrings I guess.


I still remember when this song graced the Earth upon the release of the band’s last album, Made in the A.M. The nuance that this song was able to emulate amazes me to this day, it goes absolutely crazy and switches up on you at least 3 times. There’s even a bit in the bridge of the song that is reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, specifically the scene in which they enter the candy room—it’s dazzling.

  1. 18
  2. Happily
  3. What a Feeling 
  4. Stockholm Syndrome
  5. Over Again
  6. Olivia 
  7. Strong 
  8. Long Way Down 
  9. Moments 
  10. Temporary Fix 
  11. Clouds 
  12. Wolves 
  13. Little White Lies 
  14. No Control 
  15. Where Do Broken Hearts Go 
  16. Alive
  17. Fireproof 
  18. Girl Almighty 
  19. Little Black Dress 
  20. I Would
  21. Just Can’t Let Her Go (unreleased)
  22. Ready to Run 
  23. Right Now 
  24. A.M. 
  25. Walking in the Wind 
  26. Once in a Lifetime 
  27. Spaces 
  28. Change My Mind 
  29. Home 
  30. Through the Dark
  31. If I Could Fly 
  32. Fool’s Gold
  33. Story of My Life 
  34. Why Don’t We Go There
  35. Midnight Memories
  36. Diana
  37. C’mon, C’mon 
  38. One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)
  39. Illusion 
  40. Does He Know? 
  41. Rock Me
  42. Still the One
  43. One Thing
  44. Kiss You 
  45. Drag Me Down
  46. Tell Me a Lie 
  47. I Want
  48. She’s Not Afraid
  49. More Than This
  50. Perfect
  51. History
  52. End of the Day 
  53. Something Great
  54. They Don’t Know About Us 
  55. Night Changes 
  56. Irresistible 
  57. Don’t Forget Where You Belong 
  58. Act My Age 
  59. Half a Heart
  60. I Want to Write You a Song 
  61. Infinity
  62. Better Than Words 
  63. Never Enough 
  64. Love You Goodbye 
  65. Best Song Ever
  66. Live While We’re Young 
  67. Little Things 
  68. You & I 
  69. I Wish
  70. Stand Up 
  71. Truly Madly Deeply
  72. Same Mistakes 
  73. Back For You
  74. Heart Attack
  75. Up All Night
  76. What Makes You Beautiful 
  77. Hey Angel
  78. Another World 
  79. Save You Tonight 
  80. Last First Kiss
  81. Steal My Girl 
  82. Taken 
  83. Nobody Compares
  84. Magic
  85. Stole My Heart
  86. Gotta Be You
  87. Change Your Ticket
  88. Na Na Na
  89. Loved You First 
  90. Summer Love
  91. Everything About You
  92. I Should Have Kissed You 

Through my listening process, I realized that all their better songs belonged to later albums such as FOUR and Midnight Memories, an alleged “prime time” as I would say. The pure vibes created in the albums is unmatched and proves the immense talent of the One Direction boys. Even though I love them dearly, their early music pains me and makes it really obvious they were teenage boys (soz, just facts). Regardless, One Direction is a timeless band that I can see myself listening to even in my thirties. I’ll check in with y’all then and we can see if I still know all the words, until then, it is farewell. XOXO