A Conservative’s Thoughts On the Capitol Hill Riots

A dark day for American democracy


On January 6th, Americans watched in stunned horror as a crowd of pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. What followed was the perhaps the most symbolic (and literal) attack on democracy since the events of 9/11.

As the Republican voice of The Talon, I feel the responsibility to represent my fellow AMHS conservatives in response to this event. I speak for every one of us when I say that what happened last Wednesday was completely unacceptable.

Those who participated in the takeover not only endangered countless Congress members, but disrespected the American people. The Capitol Building is an object of historical heritage, and the damage it incurred is sickening.

I know there are some Republicans on social media defending the so-called protestors. On this, I would like to make a distinction. Not all the attendees of the Capitol march went inside. That being said, those who breached police lines and entered the building were NOT protestors. They were rioters, pure and simple. Their actions were illegal and deserve to be condemned.

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX), picture above, was one of the six Congressmen to defend the House Chamber last Wednesday

As for the Republican Party, it stands in solidarity with the American people. To quote conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, last Wednesday was “a horrible day for the country.” As rioters tried to force their way into the House Chamber, six Republican Congressmen remained behind to barricade the doors. Several narrowly avoided being shot. Meanwhile, one lifetime friend of the Vice President said he’d “never seen Pence” so angry.

As the Party of Law and Order, the actions of the rioters marked a major departure from conservative values. Their wake of destruction contradicts everything Republicans stand for. My prayers go out to every law enforcement officer and first responder affected by last week’s violence. As for those involved in the egregious desecration of the Capitol, they should face the full brunt of the law.

The tragedy at the Capitol is one that transcends party lines. It is my hope that Americans will recognize this and draw together. Should we allow this partisanship to continue, then the rioters win.