AMHS Faculty Embodied as Cereals

We’ve all thought about it before…

One of the greatest things about Academic Magnet is the staff. Each member of the staff is incredibly unique and is endearing in one way or another, which perfectly aligns with the endless amounts of cereal in our grocery stores. I took it upon myself to recognize the characteristics of our staff with different kinds of cereal to match them perfectly. With the great recommendation from a fellow staff member, I decided to include the type of milk these staff members used with their cereal, a very telling detail.

This is entirely opinionated and based on my experiences with these teachers, so take these with what you will. Please don’t take offense; it’s all in fun.

Dr. Mary Joy Altman as Special K with Strawberries (w/almond milk)

Mr. Daniel Jent as Frosted Mini Wheats (w/ skim milk)

Ms. Katharine Roop as Apple Jacks (w/almond milk)

Ms. Maria Desebrow as Smorz (w/ whole milk)

Dr. Krista Cassidy as Honey Nut Cheerios (w/ 2% milk)

Mr. John Johnston as Corn Pops (w/ whole milk)

Ms. Carrie Renes as Trix (w/ skim milk)

Ms. Catherine Yackey as Froot Loops (w/ oat milk)

Ms. Carol Hurt as Raisin Bran (w/ 2% milk)

Ms. Hurt is the good ol’ reliable Raisin Bran. She really just reminds me of the sun on the box though. (Only on days when you catch her in a good mood)

Ms. Mary Lankford as Very Berry Cheerios (w/ almond milk)

Ms. Heather Benton as Kashi (w/ almond milk)

Ms. Audrey Smith as Cookie Crisps (w/ 2% milk)

she’s a tough cookie, that’s why

Mr. Andrew Rush as Frosted Flakes (w/ whole milk)

Pretty sure I’ve heard Mr. Rush say, “That’s great!” just like Tony the Tiger on multiple occasions.

Ms. Nairobi Orr as Captain Crunch with berries (w/ almond milk)

Mr. Douglas Murphy as OG Cheerios 

Mr. Jason Stackhouse as Reeses Puff (w/ 2% milk)

This is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve ever had the pleasure of having Mr. Stackhouse as your teacher. His personality best matches the Travis Scott Reese’s Puffs, no cap. His aura just screams, “It’s Lit!”

Ms. Lucy Pinckney as Captain Crunch (w/ oat milk)

It just makes sense, Ms. Pinckney = our captain. She’s also a sophisticated lady with a sophisticated palette, hence the oat milk

Ms. Tonya Dover as Cinnamon Toast Crunch (w/ soy milk)

Mr. David Cosgrove as Lucky Charms (w/ 2% milk)

Did yall know Mr. Cosgrove is Irish? This is the only suitable cereal to describe this guy