From New Jersey to Charleston – Mr. Cosgrove


Today I will be continuing with my interviews by sitting down with Mr. Cosgrove.

Where were you born? In a land far far away, the great city of Elizabeth, New Jersey. 

How does Charleston compare to New Jersey? For being a 90 minute flight away, it is pretty different. The ecology and environment of course, is very different in Charleston compared to Jersey. It’s very beautiful, whereas Jersey has all of the elements. The beaches, the marsh,  the mountains, farms. Socially, I miss the diversity of food and people in Jersey. Sometimes I miss the seasons, but not the snow. I love Charleston September through May; I like not having to shovel snow. 

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have a cat. He’s an 18 pound American short hair rescue from Morristown New Jersey. I love animals. 

What did you do while working for Bernie Sanders? I was the South Carolina director of scheduling and advance for the 2016 primary. I was hired to specifically run events and scheduling for the senator campaign surrogates and general campaign events.  It was an absolute privilege and an honor to work for the senator whom I respect tremendously. 

What’s your favorite type of music?

I like a variety of music, cliche I know. 80’s, 90’s, rock, hip hop

What do you like most about working at a magnet?

The students. Helping students realize their potential and preparing for college and the real world. And just general conflict resolution.

What’s something you would change about a magnet if you could?

I believe seniors should only have four on-campus days of class work, and on the fifth day students should be interning in prospective fields to make sure they are on track. I think it’s important that students have a good practical understanding of the college major they declare, thus one day a week off campus in an apprenticeship would aid in that effort.  Also this would give teachers time during the week to grade, do one on one tutoring, and just in general do follow-ups with students, pretty much office hours. 

How is the environment at SOA different from Magnet?

Very. The rigor and the expectation of both schools are actually very high; their focuses are just different. SOA, a comprehensive 6-12 education, balances academics with an arts focus. Obviously, Academic Magnet is known for its academic focus, community service, etc. The biggest difference I think is how organized the student leadership is at magnet;  students really step up and take leadership roles in an organized fashion, which is most evident by the three year old mentor and ambassador programs. 

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Dream of Ireland. Coach at the Citadel, love my hurling team. Love running, love going to the beach, huge fan of the outdoors. Visiting my family when possible. I also have been working on a screenplay on the side.

What do you think you’ll do after magnet, if anything?

That’s a suggestive question, I’ll continue to do what I love. Which is my advice to all students. Follow your passion, education remains one of my three passions. 

Do you have any advice for any students reading this?

#1 Try and keep trying on your path to your passion. #2 Carpe Diem – make the most of it; there are no retakes as far as we know. #3 If you’re good, meaning balanced with your work, you’re not anxious or stressed out, help each-other out. Be there for one another, and stay that way. I try to make society better by trying to be a good role model.  We need to do better at listening to each other; listening leads to empathy which is direly needed right now in society. 

Any life regrets?

Mostly no, I’ve learned from my mistakes. The one that comes to mind, not taking the opportunity to take advantage of a full masters that I was accepted for at NYU. The reason being my mother, education was her thing, and it was also a regret of hers. I can still get my masters, it’s never too late in general. I’m presently deciding which school I will attend for my masters program.

What’s something you think is overrated?

The bizarre dances and current generational hand-focused dance moves. 

What’s something you think is underrated?


Any unpopular opinions?

Lessening the percentage of test scores as judging of a student’s preparedness for success. You can have mastery and still not be a good test taker. 

Who inspires you?

You guys do. A lot of our teachers. I’m like a sponge you know, I absorb the good stuff. I focus on the positives. That’s what we do, I’m a lifelong learner. I don’t have all the answers, but I want to bet better tomorrow than I was today. Even if it is just a little bit. 

What’s your spirit animal? 

Wolf and lion, I struggle between the two. For the wolf, I have a big family (pack), I’m very community based.

I hope these questions helped you readers understand a little more about Mr. Cosgrove. Stay tuned for the next chosen interviewee.