John King, the Man Who Made the 2020 Election


This election, while the whole county’s eyes have been glued to the T.V. screen as we watch election results come in, an unlikely star emerged (and it is not Trump or Biden). CNN’s John King is a news anchor, who every four years when election time comes, he returns to his “magic board” where he presents the election results to the country. This board is as unassuming as any other piece of equipment used in a news studio, but King’s bond with it is immeasurable as his instagram page is filled with just photos of it for more than four years.

Sometimes I see it as if his rival is Steve Kornacki from NBC who has virtually the same job as he does. I have been seeing this guy more year-round dealing with poll results, possible election scenarios etc. But, yesterday, he took a twelve hour break! John King would never. We should still recognize Kornacki for the enthusiasm he brings to the job, though, but I just prefer CNN because their graphics for the election are a little better.

It seems as if every time I turn on the T.V., King is there to greet me with news about the election. The LA Times reported that he has only gotten 6.5 hours of sleep since Tuesday, and I believe it. I have been watching the news much more than usual recently and he is somehow always on there with the same energy as he did when he first started reporting on Tuesday night. King said he has fun doing it, though.

He has become the subject of many TikToks and fan edits made by politically intelligent members of Gen-Z. I wonder how he feels about these. Something else to note is his sheer knowledge about the map of the United States. King somehow knows every county and how to pronounce them correctly. I, myself, could probably not even locate most states on the map. Did he study for this? My one criticism is that he always runs us through too many scenarios, and it gets quite confusing. Stick to the facts John King! He often unfortunately reminds many Americans that “this isn’t over yet” as the election drags further on into the weekend.

Well, with you John King, I hope it isn’t over anytime soon. I am going to miss seeing his face when new results come in and watching his true connection with his board when all of this nonsense is over.