Fact-checking Popular Political Ads

What’s true and what’s not


Unless you’ve been living in a hole the last few months, you’ve probably noticed that political ads are everywhere. With the 2020 elections coming up fast, candidates are racing to present themselves to the public and trash their opponents. But which ads are true and which are false? Below, I’ve fact-checked some of the most popular claims so far.

The congressional races: 

Republican Nancy Mace and Democrat Joe Cunningham are competing to represent South Carolina’s 1st District.

Joe Cunningham votes with Pelosi 90% of the time

False. Pelosi and Cunningham’s voting records in the House of Representatives match up 87% of the time. So while it’s not technically true, it’s pretty darn close.

Nancy Mace takes money from offshore drillers

False. Mace actually opposes offshore drilling; she believes it should be legislated by the states and not the federal government. As for taking money, there is no evidence to support those claims.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) faces a considerable challenge from Democrat Jamie Harrison

Jamie Harrison was handpicked by mentors Pelosi and Clinton

False. Though he has been openly endorsed by Pelosi, Schumer, and Clinton, there is no evidence he was handpicked.

Jamie Harrison was a lobbyist

True. Harrison was a Washington lobbyist for the now bankrupt Podesta Group according to POLITICO. The group was founded by John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s former 2016 campaign advisor, though the two did not directly work together.

“Harrison lobbied for a hedge fund that foreclosed on the homes of Katrina victims”

False. The Lindsey Graham campaign has accused Harrison of profiting off Hurricane Katrina victims. While Harrison did work for the company that foreclosed on victims back in 2005, Harrison did not start working for them until 2008.

Lindsey Graham gave himself three pay raises 

False. Lindsey Graham does not have the power to give himself pay raises. Though congressional salaries have been raised three times during Graham’s time in the Senate, the raises were implemented by the majority of Congress with the approval of the President.

The presidential election:

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are up against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Joe Biden supports the Green New Deal

False. Biden has stated multiple times that he does not support the Green New Deal. However, it’s understandable that voters are confused. His running mate, Senator Harris, was an original sponsor of the deal on the Senate floor.

Joe Biden refuses to tell voters if he will pack the courts

True. Biden has refused to state whether he will pack the Supreme Court if elected. He intends to announce his opinion after the Senate makes a decision on installing Amy Coney Barrett.

Trump called U.S. soldiers “losers and suckers”

Unverified. One Biden ad has claimed that Trump insulted the military during a visit to Arlington Cemetery. The attack stems from an article published by The Atlantic, which cited anonymous sources supposedly close to the president. However, the information remains unverified.

Biden called African-Americans “superpredators” 

False. It was actually Hillary Clinton who used the term “superpredators” in support of the 1994 Crime Bill. However, this was not in reference to African-Americans.

Trump only payed $750 in income taxes in 2017

True. Trump (legally) payed 750 dollars in income taxes in 2017.

Just a cursory look at political ads, but it seems that many contain many untruths.