Social Experiment: Do Most Dreams Become A Reality

How will seniors intended college and major compare to the reality?

For this issue I decided to survey as many seniors (89) as I could on two questions. Thanks to those who would answer my questions.

  1. What is your top choice for college?
  2. What is your intended major?

The purpose of this survey is to make a comparison between seniors’ college and major choice at the beginning of the year, before applications, and at the end of the year after final decisions. So without further-ado here are the seniors top choices for college and major:

Rachel Ackerman: Appalachian State University, Business Management

Emma Anderson: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Business

Grace Anderson: Clemson University, Dietetics

Niko Apostolou: University Southern California, Business

Lily Bluestein: Duke University, Psychology

Collin Brientnall: University of Colorado Boulder, Journalism

Kaila Brown: College of Charleston, Biology

Haley Bryan: University of South Carolina, Marine Biology

Conolly Burgess: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering

Mattia Cassell: Wake Forest University, Biology

Maisie Cochran: William and Mary, Neuroscience

Owen Conley: University of Chicago, Economics/Psychology

Anna Cook: Clemson University, Health Science

Kristen Cooper: Florida State University, Meteorology

Lydia Cox: Undecided, Biology

Prudence Criscuolo: College of the Atlantic or Eckerd College, Marine Science

Will Culler: Vanderbilt, Civil Engineering

Evan Daniels: Haverford College, Economics

Isabelle Darce: University of Colorado Boulder, Biology

Cameron Dawson: Georgia Tech, Business

Ansel Dietrich: Kings College London, International Relations

Christina Dolan: Northwestern University, International Business

Brendan Elliot: Duke University, Economics or Political Science

Brad Emenov: Harvard College, Biology

Landon Ethredge: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Biomedical Engineering

Tonisha Forrest: Clark Atlanta University, Psychology

Andrew Forsyth: Ohio State University, Sports Industry

Adam Frye: Vanderbilt University, Mechanical Engineering

Serenity Gainey: Boston University, Mathematics

Keiry Garcia Mora: University of South Carolina, Business

Jeremy Garza: Clemson University, Civil Engineering

Adam Gatch: Harvard University, Neuroscience

Christian Geils: University of South Carolina Honors College, Biology

Gabby Hart: William and Mary, Psychology

Sean Healy: United States Military Academy, Pre-Med

Grace Hill: Georgetown University, Anthropology

Marshall Hodges: University of Georgia, Business

Liana Horner: Northeastern University, Psychology and Linguistics

Hannah Hughes: Tulane University, Biology

Simon Hughes: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Science

Sydney Isaaks: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Nursing

Mohamed Ismail: Tulane University, Biomedical Engineering

Tate Jennings: University of Colorado Boulder, Neuroscience

Tabitha Johnson: Florida Southern University, Animal Sciences

Kyle Johnson: Clemson University, Biology

Charles Jordan: Yale University, Global Affairs

Alyssa Kapinos: Clemson University, Biological Sciences (Pre-med)

MK Kerrigan: Boston College, Biology

Whitney Knotts: University of Pennsylvania, PPE (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics)

Simon Li: Columbia University, ORFE (Financial Engineering)

Ruth Liu: United States Naval Academy, Economics/Chemistry

Mark Maci: Cornell University, Computer Science

Anna Maher: Fordham University, Environmental Studies

Sophia Martuscello: University of Colorado Boulder, Psychology

Josie Massenet: Dartmouth University, Political Science and Linguistics (Double Major)

Katie Massie: Clemson University, Health Science

Casey Matthews: University of South Carolina Honors College, Media Arts

Trinity Mcmanus: College of Charleston, Marine Biology

Brooks Melton: University of North Carolina, Pharmaceutical Science

Carson Moore: University of South Carolina, Business

Maddie Nguyen: Georgetown University, Environmental Biology

Olivia Niesse: University of Georgia/College of Charleston, Exercise Science

Lily O: American University, Political Science or Criminology

Frances O’Shea: Elon University, Communications/Journalism

Rey Ortiz: Stanford University, Pre-Med

Evie Otis: Washington and Lee University, Business Administration

Ethan Ouellette: Duke University, Statistics

Maya Pai: Duke University, Psychology

Janice Park: Clemson University, Psychology

Nick Patterson: Clemson University,

Disha Qanungo: Duke University, Molecular Biology

Mary Routh: Northeastern University, Political Science and Communications

Adam Rubinstein: University of South Carolina, Business

Anyjah Sally: North Carolina Agriculture and Technical/Mercer University, Finance

Brady Siegan: Emory University, Biology

Hayden Southworth: Air Force Academy, Business

George Sterrett: University of Virginia, Engineering

Johanna Stone: Savannah College of Art and Design, Animation

Allie Streck: Duke University, Biology

Karoline Surdyk: Notre Dame University, Psychology

Eliza Taylor: Georgetown University, Political Science

Mccabe Templeton: Washington and Lee University, Political Science

John Thomas: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Business

Molly Tippey: Duke University, Pre-Law

Hank Tschantz: Florida State University, Civil Engineering

Nicole Tufts: Tufts University, Biomedical Engineering

Felix von Asten: Duke University, Economics

Lily Wolf: Clemson University, Architecture

Liam Wood: Trident Technical College, Mechanical Engineering


I created two graphs that I feel are most relevant. The first one “In-State vs. Out-of-State” I believe is most subject to change by the end of the year. I do not believe majors will change very much; however, it will be interesting to see if they will become more specific within certain fields like biology and psychology which were the most popular choices.

Most Popular Top Choice for College: Clemson University, University of South Carolina, Duke University (Tie)

Most Popular Major: (some type of) Biology, 2nd: Psychology or Engineering