Has Ms. Pinckney Ever Mud Wrestled?


Today I will be revealing the inner-workings of Magnet’s most mysterious: Ms. Pinckney. We love her; we appreciate her, but do we really know her?

Where were you born? Charleston, South Carolina.
Do you have any pets? I do not. Why should I? So now everybody has pets? I’m working all the time.
What do you see yourself doing after magnet? Good Question. Working for another organization that is kid oriented.
Do you consider some magnet students as your children? What does that mean? Some of you, I am very interested to see the young men/women become parents. I would love to see some of them in a decade, where are they now? You know where I’ll be. I wanna see some awesomeness, like oh look at what that kid is doing.
Have you ever mud wrestled? No. Mud wrestle? Ugh. I mean, what kind of questions are these?
Would you ever consider mud wrestling? I think a long time ago I thought it was interesting. This was probably 2 decades ago in my 20’s. On Saturdays we used to watch wrestling, and sometimes they would show mud wrestling. I would think, oh this is kind of cool. But now, my body, no. No.

No. Mud wrestle? Ugh. I mean, what kind of questions are these?”

— Ms. Pinckney

Where do you want to travel to most? I want to see the great things in America. Like all the great nature stuff, like the Grand Canyon. Also, Mount Rushmore. Not particularly some great city, I want to see nature in it’s neighborhood. Where are the nice green places here?
Anywhere outside of the U.S.? I haven’t thought about it.

What would your final meal be? My final meal, now you know that could change. As you get older, the internal organs operate differently. I would say, salmon, some type of potato, and maybe asparagus. With key lime pie on the side.
What are some of your hobbies? I don’t have any hobbies right now. I work. That’s something I’ll think about when I move on to the next adventure in my life.
Do you keep up with any sports teams? Not really, I do occasionally on Sundays, flip through and watch football. Other than that, I’m not watching it like I watched it in years past. I don’t wanna dedicate a couple of hours to one activity, that’s dead time to me. It’s not productive. Your interests as you get older will wain because you find other things that are more important.
What does your saying “don’t drink the koolaid” mean? Don’t drink the koolaid? Who said that? Oh gosh, did I say that? Hm. Wow, I said that. If I said that, it probably meant that I saw something mischievous, maybe good and evil. If I saw something mischievous in someone, and the other one, you know, seemed innocent – I don’t know if you know that about people, sometimes you’re not exposed until you become friends with someone who is total opposite from your personality. It’s like opening pandoras box, they have been exposed to the world – all of its vices, and its an underworld. They are exposed and you are not. They are about to pull you into their world.
Do you keep up with any social media.? I do not. No. I don’t know how you guys find time for something like that. I’m trying to change in my life, grow in my life. That stuff saturates your mind with stuff that is not clean, I’m trying to protect my mind.
Do you find yourself mysterious? Mysterious? Uh no. There’s certain things that people want from you, but they don’t give it to the world themselves. Karma. (What does this mean???)
What’s your spirit animal? Ridiculous question. Where do you guys get things like this from? You really feel as though you’re attached to an animal? Who really believes that. Well, if this makes your day, I would be a lion. I just like the way that they observe, and just because of the way they walk. Everyone knows they’re there; their presence is always known.

What’s your life motto? I guess, do onto others as you would have them do onto you. I attempt to treat people the way I desire to be treated, and I look at myself as someone who will give as much as they can to enhance the life of someone else. The more I do that, not that I will get that in return, but there will be fulfillment for me because I have done everything I could to elevate someone in the moment.
Do you have any regrets in your life? I think I do have some, but you can’t turn back the hands of time. You just have to continue to go forward.
What is something you’re passionate about? I’m passionate about providing kids with every opportunity they need to become whatever they choose. In the positive sense of course.
Who inspires you/has inspired you in the past? My parents in the past. Currently, I can’t even answer that. It would be nice if I could. I will say though, the kids and students inspire me. If you’re looking for some iconic person, no. I’m not trying to become anyone else because we are all unique. But I would say what drives me everyday….I am serving how many kids? Yeah, that’s my inspiration.
What’s your go to outfit? That’s a secret I can’t tell. I will not elaborate further.
Finally, what is your happy place? That’s a good question. What is my happy place? I have not found it yet. My happy place, it’s not what most people would do, my happy place is somewhere I could be lounging in my house.

I hope these questions provide insight into our beloved Ms. Pinckney.