Which Are the 5 Best Months of the Year ?

  1. October

I have to list October as the best month of the year because it is the perfect in-between month. It’s not too cold where you no longer want to wear shorts outside, but also not warm enough where if you wear anything besides shorts you’ll sweat like a you-know-what in church. Also, I obviously have to mention Halloween. One of my favorite holidays due to the fact that it’s the only day of the year where it is socially appropriate to wear a colorful bob wig (my favorite) and also the only politically correct time to eat candy corn.

      2. December

This may be controversial. To quote an article I read while trying to decide my rankings, “There are two types of people: those who think December is the best month, and those who think April is the best month”. In my opinion, both are incorrect. As I already mentioned, October is the supreme month. Morally, I cannot include April as the second best month because December has Christmas. Now some will say, “Well April has Easter”, and if I have to explain why Christmas is far superior than Easter, then please do not continue to read this article further. In case you still are an April supporter, I will say nothing more besides this: hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and the song “Drummer Boy” by Justin Bieber.

       3. June

If I’m being completely honest, I will never see the summer months as better than the fall months in the case of weather. However, I will include June as #3 on the list solely due to the fact that the school year is over and summer begins. I can slightly appreciate the summer months heat only for the reason that I can tan at the beach, but besides that I will always prefer hoodie weather over the scorching heat that occurs in summer months. Also besides the fact that it ceases the school year, I find it important to include that June 9th is also National Donald Duck Day. 

        4. November

November is one of those months that’s just nice. It can be a bit of a plain Jane, but it makes up for it with Thanksgiving. Now for me, I don’t necessarily love Thanksgiving due to the awkward political discussions that arise with random cousins you haven’t spoken to in years. However, I can appreciate Thanksgiving because of the normalization of eating way too much food and then doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. Also, let’s not forget you can finally watch A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving, arguably the best film in cinematic history.

        5. September

Ms. Hurt will probably disagree with September’s place at #5, because as much as I also enjoy Earth, Wind, & Fire their catchy song is not enough to move September up the ladder. However I will give September a spot at #5 because it is when we start to see cooler weather and less humidity, and more importantly my dog’s birthday(and Ms. Hurt’s)  falls during the month. Besides the cooler weather and Brook’s birthday, I cannot justify September being better than the previously listed months. September is the Sunday of the year, it has its good moments but mostly it is boring to the point that you have a continuously overwhelming feeling to take a nap.