Kim Jong-Un’s Sister to Take Charge?

Looks like his ~Korea~ is over

kimmy baby eating some bread

kimmy baby eating some bread


*disclaimer: I cannot assure you that anything I say is factual. Kim if you’re reading this, I’m

a big fan of your work. kisses*


Amid a whirlwind pandemic that has claimed more than 240,000 lives, speculation about the health of North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un, has taken the media by storm. Rumors that Kim’s health was rapidly declining first surfaced after he was absent from birthday celebrations for his grandfather on April 15. His alleged decline in health has been attributed to health complications due to his weight and substance problems. Kim was later reported to be in a vegetative state after complications from an alleged heart surgery. These rumors were somewhat put to rest recently after Kim made an appearance after 20 days in solitude. These speculations still led to many serious discussions as to who would take over as supreme leader in the case that Kim Jong-Un is unable to perform his duties or passes away. 


Because Kim has no children, there is not an immediate heir to the dictatorship, leaving the line of succession a bit unclear. The most likely candidate to take over is Kim Jong-Un’s younger sister, Kim Yo-Jong. Kim Yo-Jong certainly has the credentials to take over: a degree in computer science, a political position in the Workers Party of Korea, 6 years of experience as the First Deputy Director and as the leader of the Propaganda and Agitation Department, as well as carrying on the Kim Dynasty’s bloodline. In case of her older brother’s death, Kim Yo-Jong will be offered an incredibly important position as one of the first true female dictators. Many people on social media have already begun making fan edits of her and fan art. Twitter seems to really like her, but as one user pointed out, she will be much worse than her brother as she works to command fear and respect as well as prove herself as a leader.

“Kim Yo Jung is NOT a person to be praised for being the first NK woman dictator. She is a complicit of propaganda, suppression & starvation. She is just as evil as her brother, and is feared by North Koreans. She is more articulate, if not more dangerous than he was.””

— @karlavilaaa on Twitter

Mason Leath states that with the transfer of power, “nothing will change”. While many agree with this sentiment, there are still a number of people touting this change as a major feminist moment. “At least we know Korea will be clean” states Bailey Hillen. An anonymous source begs the question, “do we really want a woman to have access to nuclear weapons?”. In my humble opinion, I don’t really want anyone to have access to nuclear weapons. Who knows, maybe Kim Yo-Jong will serve us some fun fashion moments as she threatens to blow us to smithereens. Either way, I’m scared.