Ranking School Supplies from Best to Worst

Ranking School Supplies from Best to Worst
  1. Five Star 5 subject notebook

Not to be confused with a regular, flimsy cardboard spiral notebook, you’re gonna need the plastic Five Star 5 subject spiral notebook packed with loose leaf paper. And make it college ruled. This guy has really saved me when it comes to organization and preparation in the knick of time stacked with all the paper and pockets you’ll ever need for a single subject. You can insert papers, take them out, and put in non hole-punched notes in the handy pockets all throughout this beautiful notebook.

  1. Binders

But the Staples ones. These binders are simply superior because of the durable rubber located on the outer sections of the binder that keep it safe from everyday wear and tear. However I do have beef with the newer Staples binders as the small pocket on the inside now has a hook on it that makes it impossible to fit any normal sized sheets of paper in it. Therefore these binders must fall second. Staples if you’re reading this, please bring back the regular binder pockets.

  1. Fun pens/highlighters

Nothing can brighten your spirits at school like taking notes in calligraphy with 10 different color pens. Get you a 20 pack of gel pens and go crazy on your chem notes because why the heck not??? Throw in some highlighter in there to make sure you can actually differentiate some key terms amongst the absolute masterpiece that is your notes.

  1. Folders

Don’t hate them, don’t love them. They’re pretty classic if you ask me, but they are slightly inconvenient. For someone who is lazy, it’s easy to just throw all your loose papers into one universal folder. Sounds great in theory, bad in practice. So go get you a durable 5 subject notebook or binder with pockets so that you can organize accordingly.

  1. Composition books

To be honest, nobody really likes a marble composition book. They’re boring, outdated, . These guys lack personality and kinda just stress me out to even look at. There are SO many other options for a notebook that this is just at the bottom of the totem pole.

  1. Non-mechanical pencils

I know I might get some backlash for this, but there is absolutely nothing worse than a yellow Ticonderoga pencil. With the innovative invention of mechanical pencils, I don’t understand why anyone would bother purchasing these embarrassing writing utensils. They break every 30 minutes, teachers get annoyed when you try and sharpen them in class, and they only last you so long. On the other hand, with a mechanical pencil, you can have 2+ sticks of lead available to you at any time, and even buy extra lead as backup.