Fears You Don’t Have But Should

*Totally Irrational… Right?*



Some people are afraid of snakes. Others, the dark. Some people don’t like small holes. Others, tall ceilings. Whether it can hurt you or it makes you uncomfortable, many people have fears that are totally understandable… but here is a list of fears that are completely irrational that you should probably adopt:


Knives should be way scarier than they are

Dropping Knives – So like, picture being in a kitchen barefoot and you’re using a knife. Now you put it on the counter, but it falls of the edge and… well, yeah you know the rest. *Chills*


What’s in there?

Something in the Toilet – It’s late at night (or very early in the morning) and you go to the bathroom. All is fine and dandy… until you hear some unusual splashing in the toilet. You want to run, but you’re  kind of indisposed at the moment so instead… well honestly, I don’t know how to react because that’s horrifying.



Carpool Tragedy – So your friend, or your friend’s mom or someone, drops you off at your house, and, because they are a good human being, waits for you to walk inside. As you are walking up the steps, however, you fall, smack your face on the ground, break your nose, and twist your ankle… all while your friend, or your friend’s mom or someone, is watching. THEN, you can’t even get up and TBH you’re probably crying too, ‘cuz I know I would be, and they have to help you. I’ve genuinely had this fear for so many years it’s not even funny. I’m literally writing a book about it that’s set to come out between now and never. 


Don’t let it cross your path!

Any Superstition Ever – Like, I’m superstitious, but I’m not saying you have to be… I’m just saying though, like… there’s a reason people say “don’t jinx yourself” and it’s not purely a joke. Like when someone swears on their life or something… I make them un-swear it’s too scary.




So sad… and maybe dangerous?

Eating Alone – Now there are two things to be afraid of here: 1. Eating alone at home or something, choking, and no one helping you and 2. Eating alone at a restaurant–it’s not scary, just depressing. 


Who’s there?!

Closed Shower Curtains – I was actually disappointed to find that this is way more common than I’d expect. If you don’t understand it, just think of the person hiding on the other side, waiting for you to become ~indisposed~ so they can attack. Like what “genius” decided it was more proper to leave the shower curtain closed rather than open? A psychopathic killer, that’s who. Ugh. 


So, I have way more of these, but I need to see if this reads well before making everyone too paranoid. That being said, I leave you with these parting words: using a new phone charger that has more power in it, but it sparks in the middle of the night when you are sleeping and starts a fire and since you are asleep you only wake up when it’s too late. Tragic. Stay vigilant my peeps!