Positive News Headlines to Lift Your Spirits


It’s no secret that the media is almost entirely composed of COVID-19 related headlines and not many of them are positive. Although this outbreak should be taken seriously and deserves all of the media coverage it has received, I decided that there has to be some positivity in the news somewhere. Just as it’s important to take care of your physical health during this time, taking care of your mental health is equally necessary. Here is a list of some positive headlines related to COVID-19 to hopefully lift your spirits during this time. I would like to disclaim that finding these was more difficult than expected, and really made me realize just how intense the coronavirus coverage actually is. 

  1. Crocs to donate up to 10,000 free shoes a day to healthcare workers
    1. Crocs just announced that they launched a program to donate one free pair of shoes to every health care worker on the front lines during the pandemic in the U.S.
  2. Children Around the World are Putting Rainbow Drawings in Windows to Spread Joy Amid Isolation
    1. Photos of rainbows in windows have become trending on the internet to cheer up people passing by, while entertaining the kids.
  3. Dog Helps Deliver Groceries to Quarantined Neighbor
    1. Since the elderly and at-risk population are encouraged to stay at least 6 feet away from others, one woman from Colorado has used Sunny, her dog (which has been self quarantined for weeks) to deliver groceries to her neighbors so they don’t risk getting infected in public. 
  4. While Aquariums are Closed Amid the Coronavirus, Animals Get to Play 1. Zoos and aquariums nationwide have taken advantage of the absence of visitors to allow animals out of their exhibits to roam for the first time ever. These photos and videos have gone viral, specifically the ones where aquarium penguins interact with fish tanks.
  5. These Families Created a Community Art Museum on the Sidewalks of their California Neighborhood While Sheltering in Place
    1. Parents in a California neighborhood have been entertaining their children by creating colorful artwork on the sidewalks for their neighbors to see as they pass by. This influenced more people to do so, and write colorful positive messages and drawings on sidewalks nationwide. 
  6. More People are Applying for Foster Pets Amid Outbreak
    1. Because people have more free time than ever, pet fostering rates have largely increased, giving many desperate pets a home.