How to Get Out of a Ticket

You Know What to Do

Most of us have been there although some have been lucky. I’m speaking of getting pulled over by a cop. It’s the worst, especially as a kid because not only do you have to deal with the ticket but you get to deal with your parents who are almost guaranteed to give you a hard time , if not punish you. This article is to help you get out of a ticket. Of course, the easy answer is to drive safe and go the speed limit but …. So if you really want to get out of a ticket keep reading for some helpful tips. 



  • Try to Get a Warning: Depending on the cop there’s a decent chance that you can get away with a warning. The best thing to do is to try to be extremely polite and kind and pull over in a safe place. Maybe even start a conversation with the cop about something completely different. However, this all depends on what exactly you get pulled over for. 
  • Don’t Have a Bad Driving Record: It may be too late for you, but if you can keep a good driving record then you have a very good chance of not getting a ticket, and worst case it may be dismissed. 
  • Don’t Admit Guilt: Although I have seen some contrasting views on this, generally speaking, you should not admit guilt. But don’t immediately tell the officer that you didn’t do anything. Most of the time the officer will ask “do you know why I pulled you over?”. This is your time to shine. Either respond politely by saying no sir or try to make a question. But remember to be polite and not aggressive or defensive. 
  • Tell the Officer You Have to Use the Restroom: This may not work all the time but it has proven to work. When you get pulled over for speeding and the cop asks you why, tell him that your sorry but you have to use the restroom really badly. 
  •  Be Polite, Considerate, and Friendly: No matter what you do please just be polite to the police. If you give them respect then they will too unless for some reason they’re having a terrible day. It’s as simple as the golden rule; treat others as you want to be treated. 
  • Blame Your Car: There could be a number of issues you can blame depending on your ticket. For example, if you’re speeding then say your speedometer must be off but don’t say you know by how much. Or if you roll a stop sign then try and blame your breaks. There are many different things you can blame so try to be creative. 
  • You Need to Be at A Event: This excuse is hard to use unless you are actually going to an important event. For example, if your going to a funeral most cops will be sympathetic and let you off. Or if you’re going to a family member’s wedding then they might let you off. But don’t be that guy who says your going to a funeral even though your not. 
  • Get a Motorcycle: If you’re in certain counties including Charleston County and you own a motorcycle then you’re set. If you’re going over 90 mph on a motorcycle then cops are not allowed to pursue in order to pull you over because of the danger it puts the motorcycle rider in. So if you’re selling a motorcycle please let me know. 
  • Don’t try to Bribe: A good rule of thumb is to not offer a officer money. Not only are you admitting guilt but you’re insulting a cop. Maybe if you have $1000 then you could give it a try but at that point just pay the ticket unless you’re running low on points. 
  • Fight it in Court: When all else fails and you end up with a ticket go to court. Depending on the ticket you may or may not need a lawyer. Most times the tickets will either be reduced, dismissed, or deferred depending on your record. 



In conclusion, all these are viable options but some are better in different circumstances. Although I have never been pulled over while driving (knock on wood), I have been in the car while my friends got pulled over. In my first experience of this, the cop asked if anything was in the car and I offered pizza which through him off. The second time I was in the car and got pulled over, I started a conversation about the College Football Playoffs with the officer. Both times my friend was given a warning.