The Class of 2020 as Their Divergent Factions

Which Faction are You in?


The Factions


Members from Abnegation value selflessness to the point of forgetting themselves for the sake of others.


Members of Amity are dedicated to peacefulness, kindness, forgiveness, trust, self-sufficiency, and neutrality.


Members of Candor are known to value honesty, and their symbol is a set of unbalanced scales bound by a circle.


Members of Dauntless are dedicated to courage, bravery, strength, intimidation, and fearlessness.


Members of Erudite are dedicated to knowledge, intelligence, curiosity, and astuteness. 


You fit into more than one faction.


You don’t fit into any of the factions.



Just because I put you as one of these options does not mean that is what you are. It is just how I see you. It isn’t meant to be a negative thing 🙂 You may be kind even though I put you in Erudite. All that means is your intelligence is what stands out most to me.


Mallory Alexander: Candor

Devonte Alston: Erudite

Ashley Anderson: 

Gage Andrews: Amity

Pearl Ayiku: Abnegation

Harrison Babb: Amity

Caelan Bailey: Erudite and Amity (Divergent)

Amanda Beall: Erudite

Jack Catalano: Factionless

Catherine Chopade: 

Kaki Cobb: Amity

Jameson Condon: Candor

Mark Condon: Amity

Jackson Coppola: Erudite

Thomas Crowley: Erudite

Clara Cullum: Erudite and Candor (Divergent)

Zoey Bennett: Abnegation

Lanie Berrigan: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

Cade Bitting: Dauntless

Benjamin Black: Amity

Christian Blackburn: Candor

Charles Blanc: Amity

Rosie Booker: Candor

Lily Borders: Candor

Sage Braziel: Candor

Cassie Brisbin: Amity

Alaina Broomall: Abnegation

Emma Broucqsault: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

Clarke Brunson: Candor

Camila Carrillo: Candor and Dauntless (Divergent)

Sam Carson: Dauntless

Piper Carter: Amity and Candor (Divergent)

Vivian D’Souza: Erudite

Clyde Davis: Amity

Andrew de Arellano: Erudite

Ethan DeMille: Erudite

Molly Dickerson: Abnegation

Jack Dillard: Dauntless

Lucas Dillard: Abnegation

Mia DiPaolo: Erudite and Abnegation (Divergent)

Sophia Discolo: Amity

Josephine Drake: Erudite

Shea Duncan: Dauntless

Lesesne Early: Erudite

Seth Early: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

Caroline Fair: Candor

Sam Ford-Dirks: Dauntless

Hannah Forman: Candor

Emily Furtick: Candor

Gabby Gagnon: Factionless

Emory Gardner: Abnegation

Sully Gholson: Erudite

Carson Goodier: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

Robby Gourdie: Factionless

Megan Gray: Amity

Kasen Groves: Factionless

Julia Guo: Candor

Grace Gurney: Amity

Lucas Haas: Erudite

Riley Haas: Erudite

Luke Haenel: Candor

Charlie Hale: Erudite

Emma Heeke: Candor

Lilli Heinrich: Amity

Lily Herpolsheimer: Amity

Bailey Hillen: Candor

Chap Hodges: Amity

Alex Huang: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

Caroline Hyde: Candor and Erudite (Divergent)

Libby Jaskwhich: Amity

Mary Ashton Jenkins: Amity

Taliyah Jenkins: Amity

Juliet Johnson: Candor

Kathryn Jones: Amity

Lil Cynth: Factionless

Will Jordan: Amity

Simone Kavarana: Abnegation and Amity (Divergent)

Brendan Kelleher: Erudite

Ricky Keys: Dauntless and Erudite (Divergent)

Ameen Khan: Erudite

Will Kronsberg: Candor and Erudite (Divergent)

Angeline Krupa: Abnegation and Erudite (Divergent)

Claire Kunkle: Erudite

Eliza Lankford: Abnegation

Sabrina Lawrence: Erudite

Davis Leath: Factionless

Mason Leath: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

Jonathan Lemon: Erudite

Eli LeRoy: Amity

Ella Lesesne: Amity

Jack Levenson: Factionless

Elan Levine: Factionless

Oliver Lewis: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

Allison Li: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

Angela Li: Abnegation and Erudite (Divergent)

Erin Littlejohn: Amity

Stephanie Lomeli-Garcia: Factionless

Irene Lu: Abnegation and Amity (Divergent)

Caroline Lucas: Erudite

Maria Lutas: Erudite

Ellie Marino: Erudite

Mary Hope Martin: Amity 

Elizabeth Moise: Abnegation

Piper Monk: Abnegation and Amity (Divergent)

Nicolette Monnier: Amity

Lee Muirhead: Amity

Quinna Muthard: Candor

Kyler Nguyen: Erudite

Daniel Nichols: Erudite

Dessie Anne Nietert: Factionless

Jacob Norman: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

David Novo: Factionless

Lauren Osborne: Amity

Brianna Otero: Candor and Erudite (Divergent)

Caelan Paquette: Erudite

Avery Parker: Factionless

Caroline Patterson: Amity

Jack Patterson: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

Reid Perrett: Amity

Lily Peterson: Factionless

Emma Grace Pittard: Abnegation and Amity (Divergent)

Lydia Pless: Candor and Erudite (Divergent)

Katie Radovanovic: Candor

Allison Rauls: Amity

Katherine Ray: Candor

Stella Reimer: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

Jonathan Roberts: Erudite

David Roddey: Amity

Sammy Rosenberg: Abnegation and Erudite (Divergent)

Shreyon Roy: Erudite

Susannah Ryan: Amity

Fernanda Salinas: Amity

Stephen Savage: Erudite

Mina Schaafsma: Amity and Erudite (Divergent)

Jacob Schar: Factionless

Will Schnell: Amity and Dauntless (Divergent)

Michal Segle: Abnegation and Amity (Divergent)

Kory Singleton: Factionless

Toby Sizemore: Factionless

Madison Smalley: Candor

Allyson Smith: Amity

Kyle Smith: Erudite

Julia Spencer: Abnegation

Sloane Stoklosa: Factionless

Michelle Sun: Erudite

Masi Sundara: Erudite

Abby Sutterlin: Factionless

Jamie Terry: Candor

Jake Thayer: Factionless

Jordan Thomas: Candor

Isobel Tingley: Dauntless

Christie Tran: Factionless

Amber Tu: Candor

Godwins Tuyishime: Amity

Simon Vaglienti: Factionless

Ben Vazquez Mora: Factionless

Kedar Veeraswamy: Erudite

Kaitlyn Victoria: Factionless

Dhillon Wegner: Amity

Christian Weichsel: Erudite

Ebonie White: Abnegation

Sam White: Erudite

Emily Williams: Abnegation and Amity (Divergent)

Sophia Wilson: Erudite

Sophia Zhang: Abnegation and Erudite (Divergent)

Gabby Ziegler: Amity