Which Competition TV Show Do You Belong On? (Teacher Edition)

Upon careful analysis of AMHS teachers’ personalities and interests, we determined on which reality competition show they would likely have the most success.


Possible competition shows you may star on.

Teachers, have you ever wondered which reality competition TV show you have the best chance at winning? Well, think no further, as we have already figured it out for you based on your personality. The following are our conclusions:


  • Mr. Johnston, Ms. Langley
  • You are able to keep cool under pressure, lay low while being easy to get along with, and rarely complain about your circumstances. You are able to thrive in rugged environments.

Amazing Race

  • Mr. McCormick, Ms. Snelgrove
  • You are a seasoned traveler and are very quick on your feet. You are friendly when it suits you but cutthroat when it doesn’t, and you’re also very detail-oriented.

Project Runway

  • Dr. Altman, Mr. Jent
  • Your sense of style and spunky personality set you apart from the rest of the crowd. You are widely admired by your peers and have a witty sense of humor, but you can also be quick-tempered at times.

The Voice

  • Mrs. Lankford
  • You’re an extremely outgoing person and a social butterfly (not to mention you have the voice of an angel). Pressure does not faze you; in fact, you tend to put yourself in high-pressure situations to challenge yourself.

Dancing With the Stars

  • Ms. Desbrow, Mrs. Colon
  • You have a spicy personality and an unparalleled flare for the dramatic. You have outstanding rhythm, as well as a deep appreciation for different cultures. You love to be the center of attention, and you are brutally honest at times.

American Ninja Warrior

  • Mrs. Yackey
  • You’re a well-rounded athlete with a perfect balance between flexibility and endurance, and you love to be outdoors. Generally, people tend to gravitate toward you because of your happy, optimistic aura. Despite your bubbly personality, you equally value solidarity as well.


  • Mr. Garris, Ms. Shifflette
  • You’re the person that people come to when they need a random bit of information; in other words, you’re all-knowing. Your intellect is both a blessing and a curse, however. Beware of your friends and enemies alike, as their jealousy may cause them to lash out in unexpected ways.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

  • Ms. Novinger, Mr. Philips
  • You’re one of the popular girls/boys. Throughout your entire life, your peers have constantly competed for your attention and friendship. Maybe this is due to your radiant smile or contagious laugh. Though you may put up a tough or serious front at times, you’re a sucker for romance.

Making It

  • Mrs. Smith, Dr. Lupo
  • Even if you may not be a great artist, you’re crafty and creative. Whenever you begin a project or task, you always see it through to its end. You pay close attention to details and are a perfectionist; if something is not done to your level of satisfaction, it will drive you to the brink of insanity.

Deal or No Deal

  • Ms. Renes, Ms. Adylette
  • You are a master of persuasion and adept at solving problems; luck always seems to be on your side. You never back down from a challenge, and you love the limelight, albeit secretly. You always seem to get what you want, even if you doubt yourself.

The Great British Bake Off

  • Mrs. Grayson, Mr. Grimshaw
  • You have sophisticated taste, an appreciation for the finer things in life, and a passion for cooking. You’re generally a very kind and warm person, but you are ruthless when it comes to competition.


  • Mr. Schmidt, Mrs. Liang
  • You’re a very independent person and generally prefer to be on your own. Despite your more reserved nature, however, you’re never one to turn down a dare. In situations in which some may crack under pressure, you persevere. Your mental toughness is like no other.


  • Mr. Rush, Mrs. Benton
  • You are athletic and enthusiastic. Not only are you great at the physical aspect of the game, but you use your big brain to figure out the most effective way to tackle obstacles. You are ready for anything and everything that life throws at you. You are reliable and quick on your feet.

Shark Tank

  • Ms. Spencer
  • At the end of the day, you know how to make a deal. You always know how to pitch an idea; some say you could even sell water to Poseidon. Your confidence and ability to persuade guarantee great success in your near future.

The Price is Right

  • Ms. Hurt, Dr. Cassidy
  • You are known for your spontaneity and your ability to make new friends easier than anyone else. You always seem to have high energy, perhaps because of your coffee addiction. However, though you love to travel and explore new places, you’re really a homebody at heart.

Man vs. Bear

  • Ms. Orr, Ms. Hooffstetter
  • You’re down for any challenge, no matter how extreme. Blessed with both athleticism and smarts, you are a step ahead of those around you. Your heightened sense of courage, determination, and, at times, stubbornness, however, may land you in a dangerous situation in the future.

Big Brother

  • Ms. Pinckney, Mr. Stackhouse
  • You have mastered all social aspects of life. You are able to effectively stay on everyone’s good side while simultaneously pushing all of the right buttons. Some may say that you speak in riddles, but that’s just part of your big plan.

90 Day Fiance

  • Ms. Calicott, Mr. Percy
  • You always stay true to your heart and never turn down an adventure. By listening to your instincts, you continually come out on top, regardless of the circumstances. However, you may tend to make rash decisions without adequately weighing your options first.

The Apprentice

  • Mr. McGill
  • You are a businessman at heart. A happy medium of city and countryside, your intellect allows you great insight into the workings of our world. You love a chill day at home and are not scared to break off commitments when necessary. This is your world, and we’re all just living in it.

Fear Factor

  • Mrs. Roop
  • You’re a dirty girl who likes bugs. Nothing fazes you in terms of grime. Bugs? Yes please. Snakes? Even better. Crustaceans? Don’t even get me started. Your love for stinky animals parallels no other.

Wheel of Fortune

  • Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Calabrese
  • Life is like a box of chocolates, and so are you. You love routine and order but also spontaneous adventures at times. You are undeniably yourself and love meeting new people.

Four Weddings

  • Mrs. Bortz, Ms. Oliveira
  • You take pride in your work, and you have confidence in all that you do. You’re friendly and outgoing, and you keep your inner circle close and prioritize the needs of your family above all else. Never one to shy away from fun, you are the life of the party whenever you choose.