Dream Analysis of Magnet Students

He stole my dream journal!!


Classmates Sleeping. Awww

Everyone has dreams, not everyone understands them.. that is what I am for. I am fully certified to explain and decode every part of every student’s life through dream analysis, and I will be doing just so.

The first person who volunteered their dreams was Lanie Berrigan, magnet’s resident sorcerer, and her dream comes from the height of her sophomore year:

 “There was some kind of disease outbreak where people were turning into to cannibal zombie creatures when they got infected. I had a little brother who already died and my parents didn’t want to get rid of him so they put him in the trunk (I was also riding in the trunk) and I just had to sit there with him. We saw this government train that would’ve saved us, but my sister had tonsillitis and they thought she was infected so we couldn’t go on. We were suddenly outside this hotel owned by people who practiced Voodoo.The hotel was blessed by them so the dead and the living were on good terms, and it was safe from the infected people. I was still scared of the dead, so when one tried to talk to me I freaked out and ran down the hall. The skeleton figure caught up to me and we had a very casual conversation about the state of the hotel.I met bell boy and his younger brother, neither of them had names, their name tags were scratched out.I was scared to go in the elevator on my own because of an episode of a show I watched the night before, so i kept getting out and just walked back to the lobby. The bell boy told me his name, it was something in Latin so I didn’t really understand, came to elevator with me he just yelled at by a young person who looked very rich and very old fashioned about a noise complaint. The dead part of the hotel is actually connected to living one so we had to walk through forest to get there.When we were walking out of the main doors of the hotel to get into the forest my whole 7th grade volleyball team arrived and said goodbye to me. I woke up before we could get any further.”

My analysis: The overlying threat of infection from this uncured and unknown disease suggests that she has a fear of the unknown and instead of confronting it directly, she continues to distract herself from it.Despite focusing on this massive looming threat, she was worried about speaking to new people in the hotel, and her lack of entertainment sources. The entire section of the dream in which she was in the trunk with a dead little brother, Lanie was completely fine, this shows complacency in the idea of death. The part of her dream with the elevator also shows her fear of being alone. Every time she went going to ride the elevator, people walked out or left the lobby. She wasn’t able to get on until she was securely with someone else. Spooky!

The next person I asked was  senior Robby Gourdie:

“Kevin Jonas is my chemistry teacher and it’s the exact same chemistry classmates I had last year. I had been missing a lot of school, so I didn’t know what he was talking about in class, but it wasn’t really a problem so I wasn’t concerned in the class. Before class he said “Make sure you all have your homework out,” and I completely forgot to print it out, and so did another girl in the class.We rushed to the other room to print it out, and she printed hers and was waiting for me to finish printing mine. Then I realized I forgot to answer the last questions on the page so I started writing the answers in like pink highlighter. The bell rang and Mr.Jonas came in and asked why we weren’t in class yet, I told him I was just printing the homework. He got mad at me and said I was still doing it and he was going to collect it from me right now, and then I instantly felt like I had a large piece of glass lodged in my throat. I could feel it like scratching the sides and I couldn’t breathe and I started crying and coughing up blood. Kevin Jonas was still  yelling at me and telling me I was a bad student while I was begging him to stop because I could breathe.He got even more mad at me because he said I was overreacting , so he like dragged me back to the other room and was gonna embarrass me in front of the whole class.I was still screaming and coughing blood, and the bell rang, and I was dressed in cheer clothes. Then I woke up.”

Yikes! Let’s analyze:

This dream shows Robby’s weird obsession with the Jonas brothers. All he does day in and day out is talk about the necessity of a more Jonas central world. It is genuinely terrifying. He has always said his least favorite is Kevin, so I guess this is manifesting within this dream. It is not just a dislike it is a genuine fear that he cannot control. It is heart breaking to see honestly. It also shows how he may or may not want to join cheer? Not sure about that detail honestly. Sorry Robby.