The Coolest Shoes at Magnet

A closer look at some of Magnet’s unique footwear.

Have you ever picked out an outfit that seemed just a little too bland? Or felt like something was missing? Well according to Rosie Booker, your outfit has the potential to be 73.7% dependent on the shoes you are wearing. And if you have ever seen her walking the hallways in one her various pairs of platform heels, you’d know she practices this statement just as she preaches it. I decided to interview the owners of some of Magnet’s most unique footwear.




Rosie Booker

Where’d you get your shoes?


In percentages, how much would you say your outfit depends on your shoes?

16.1%. Except for when I like the shoes more than the outfit then it’s probably 73.7%

Are shoes the most important part of your outfit?

It depends on the outfit.

What is your favorite pair of shoes that you own?

The ones I have that have flowers on them. You know what I’m talking about. 

Who is your magnet style icon?

Mina Schaafsma, Lanie Berrigan, and Sloane Stoklosa. 


Emily Furtick 

What is your favorite pair of shoes that you own?

These are my favorite pair of shoes right now

Where did you get them?

I got these on Depop. An artist named Emily Larson bought them on Ebay and painted them. She paints a lot of different things and her work is really cool. Her instagram is @abracademul .

Do you center your outfits around the shoes or do you choose your shoes based on the outfit?

It depends on the day, most days shoes are the most important part of my outfits though. I paint a lot of my own shoes so I like to show those off.


Lily Peterson 

Where are your shoes from? 


How often do you wear this pair of shoes?

I’ve only worn them once for prom but I do plan on wearing them again

How much does an outfit depend on the shoes? 

I think it makes a huge difference if a great outfit doesn’t have the right shoes, they pull everything together and a lot of the time are the first things people see so if they don’t match the entire look they throw off everything.

What is your favorite type of shoe to wear? 


What’s your favorite place to buy shoes?

I love to buy shoes off of the RealReal because they have vintage designer shoes that are barely worn and really really unique. 


Mina Schaafsma 

Where are your shoes from?

Forever 21 in Chicago.

Do you center your outfit around the shoes or pick the shoes based on your outfit?

It depends. Sometimes it’s the shoes first. Sometimes its all at once.

What is the most important part of an outfit?

Feeling confident 🎃👾(emojis on the record)

How would you describe your style?



Davis Leath

Due to the lack of boys included in this article, Davis provided multiple shoes to make up for it. I asked him to send me pictures of his favorite shoes and a description of why he chose them.


Description: Davis says these are his craziest pair of shoes.

Description: He chose to feature these shoes for their backstory. They were banned in the NBA for having too little white on the midsole.


Honorable Mention: Rosie Booker in 8th Grade

Knee high top black converse. Revolutionary. I think she should bring these back.