A Review of O2 Fitness Classes

Thoughts on the workout classes of O2 Fitness


Me, my brother, and my dad preparing for Body Pump

Many people aspire to workout more, yet getting your foot out of the door and into the gym can be the hardest part. This is because you may be unsure of what to expect when you enter the gym. O2 Fitness, like many other gyms offer workout classes to members. Here is a review of some classes at O2 Fitness in Park West. If you want to go to a class but are unsure of what best suits you, you can read through these reviews and find what is best for you.

Body Pump

I have done this class  countless  times as it is my favorite class that is offered. I typically burn 360 calories per workout, but this varies depending on how much weight you put on your bar. The class is a barbell workout that works every muscle group.
First you focus on your glutes and quads as you do a squat set with the barbell. You then move onto focus on biceps, triceps, your back, abs, and shoulders though a variety of workout moves such as lunges, clean and presses, and push ups. The class takes an hour, and the first time you complete the class results in a lot of soreness in about every area of your body for the next couple days, but with consistency in attendance of the class, your body becomes stronger overall and you can increase your weight on the barbell to work your body more.

Very spicy”

— Emory Gardner


This class is so much fun if you are not afraid to be embarrassed. It is fast paced, and it is nonstop for an hour. If you are anything like me, you will end up in the back of the class hiding behind all the older women as you fail miserably at doing the dance moves. Despite your dance skills, it is still a great workout. I burned 460 calories, and that was with me not knowing the proper way to do the moves.
I did this class with Emory Gardner who commented on the class as “very spicy”. She said that “all of the grandmas were beating me”.


I have never done this class, but I asked Emory Gardner on her thoughts she has done this class quite a bit. Werq is a mixture of hip hop, ballet, and pop music” she said. When asked to describe the ambiance of the class she said that it is “sometimes majestic.”


I have only done the Ride Cycling class (described below), but this class as being described as a “45 minute indoor cycling class set to the rhythm of motivating music” which is very similar to how the workouts go during the Ride Class.

The class is called a “ride”, yet it works very similarly to RPM. Typically the class goes with the speed and intensity of a song which is similar to RPM. The main difference between the two cycling classes is that Ride simulates an outdoor ride complete with hill climbs, sprints downhill, and flat road recoveries. The class is a good workout as you typically burn 350 calories, yet if your instructor plays bad music, the class becomes a lot harder and more boring as you become very aware of the fact that you are sitting in a dark room with neon lights on a stationary bike with a bunch of strangers.

Other classes available are HIIT, Intensity, Yoga, Athletic Barre, Core, Body Step, Body combat, Bodyflow, M’bala, Pilates, and Ballet Barre. Stay tuned for a review of those classes in a future article.

O2 also offers a variety of classes for older people such as
Gentle stretch Yoga, Silver Sneakers Classic, and Silver Cardio. I have never attended any of these classes, but I have heard good reviews from those who do. They say that the classes are catered towards more fragile bodies, yet it still pushes them in a reasonable manner.