What I’ve Learned From NEVER Being At School

How I Survive Magnet With My Attendance Record

In this scenario, I am the question mark.

In this scenario, I am the question mark.

I miss a lot of school. A lot. But don’t worry, I’m not truant or anything like that, I just happen to miss a lot. I get sick very easily, I perform in and crew matinee shows, and don’t even get me started on the Jewish Holidays. Just two weeks ago, I only attended school for one day! According to my calculations, I have missed 16 days so far in our 60-day school year. Needless to say, I’m surprised my teachers know who I am and that my classmates haven’t switched desks, but I’ve decided to share with you how I stay afloat in the treacherous waters of AMHS.

My attendance record… some of it.

For starters, I maintain my grades. I’m pretty sure my hair would be grey instead of its current “really dark brown, practically black, except for the light auburn on top because I played with lemon juice this summer” if I didn’t keep my grades at an A (or B for two of my classes). I may miss school, but I don’t plan on missing education. It helps that I am a senior, which has given me 3 years to perfect the process of not being here and still doing OK, but I have faith that anyone can maintain their grades while not maintaining attendance if they try hard enough. 

Next, I see that all of my absences are accounted for. Beside every single absence, I have something. It either says medical, religious, parent-note, etc. I don’t want for administration to get mad at me, so I ensure that I am prepared every time I am a no-show. It also helps that Ms. Dover and I are becoming friends. She is very nice, and as I have learned through my experiences with Mrs. Redfern (the best woman in the history of the world, who I miss so dearly every time I am in Building 8), it pays to be nice back. I try my best to have actual conversations with Ms. Dover when I visit, too. I make sure to ask her about her day, and—wait for it—I actually care about her response! I’m pretty sure, with my amount of absences, that if I weren’t nice to Ms. Dover, I’d be flagged on Powerschool by now. Although, actually, I would love to have one of those little triangles next to my name when a teacher calls roll. 

In conclusion: don’t be as absent as I am, but if you are, be as responsible as I am (actually be more responsible, way more responsible).