First Woman on the Moon and Mars?

All about Alyssa Carson


This is Alyssa Carson from a photoshoot with The Next Web.

Americans have not been back to the Moon in 47 years, and there has never been a woman on the Moon, but 18-year-old Alyssa Carson might change this. Alyssa Carson is an ambitious teen who has known she wants to go to space since she was 3 years old. She discovered her passion in life when she saw an episode of The Backyardigans. In this episode, the team went on a mission to Mars, and since then she was hooked. Carson says that a poster of their show hung up in her room for all of her childhood. Alyssa is determined to make her dreams come true. 

 She has since been the youngest person to graduate from the Advanced Space Academy. Also, she was the first person to complete all of the 7 NASA Space Camps around the world. The locations of the space camps include the US, Turkey, and Canada. She is also the first person to complete the Nasa Visitor Center Passport Program, which means she has visited all 14 Nasa centers and space shuttle exhibits. 

Currently, Alyssa has graduated from Baton Rouge International School and goes to Florida State University. She is studying astrobiology and geology to help prepare her for her future missions. She currently has four languages under her belt and counting. These include French, Chinese, English, and Spanish. Also, to add to her resume she has her pilot’s license and scuba diving certification. Carson is well on her way to fulfilling her dream of being an astronaut.

Carson has since become the face of the Mars Generation by participating in TED Talks and mentoring young girls with interests in STEM fields. Carson is being considered to be in the first Mars mission as well as the first woman on the Moon by Nasa. There is not an age requirement to be an astronaut and Carson is the youngest person to meet all of the other requirements. “Technically, I’m allowed to fly into space and just being able to say that, especially in my teens, feels amazing” says Carson in an interview with The Next Web

Along with Carson’s many achievements, she will also be the ideal age for the next Mars mission which is planned for the 2030s. This young lady is a perfect example of someone doing whatever it takes to pursue their dreams and make them happen. Alyssa has become an inspiration for young women in STEM fields and a perfect candidate for Moon or Mars missions.