The Hunger Games Reaping: Teacher Edition

Find out which district your favorite faculty member will represent in the Hunger Games.


Effie Desbrow.

Hopefully this will lead to the budding of some new alliances and/or friendships. Or maybe they’ll turn on each other– who knows?


The Districts.

District 1:

Known for: manufacture of luxury items, riches (wealthiest of any district)

Personality: motivated, sometimes overconfident, appreciative of the finer things in life 


District 2:

Known for: unwavering support of the Capitol, engineering, manufacture of trains

Personality: booksmart, enthusiastic, envied by many (could lead to downfall), teacher’s pet


District 3:

Known for: electronics and automobile industry, mechanical engineering

Personality: rebellious, nerdy (in a tech way), ambitious, skeptical of authority


District 4:

Known for: fishing industry, skill with nets and tridents, identification of edible food

Personality: creative, athletic, resourceful, streetsmart, aware of his/her superiority


District 5:

Known for: power and electricity, construction of hydroelectric dams

Personality: mentally and physically strong, workaholic, environmental activist


District 6:

Known for: transportation industry, anti-Capitol mentality

Personality: fiery, good at communicating, passionate, says what is on his/her mind


District 7:

Known for: skillful use of hatchets and saws, ability to use an axe precisely, lumber industry

Personality: outdoorsy, intimidating, self-reliant, always open to forming new friendships


District 8:

Known for: factory work, textile production, being the first to join the rebellion against the Capitol

Personality: easily persuaded, industrious, decisive, values loyalty above all


District 9:

Known for: grain production, agricultural industry, lack of knowledge about the district

Personality: mysterious, elusive, loves nature, dislikes being the center of attention


District 10:

Known for: livestock industry, provision of sustenance for the Capitol, peculiar marriage rituals

Personality: respectful, obedient (sometimes to a fault), does not like pets


District 11:

Known for: agriculture (especially cotton and grain), cattle, being one of the poorest districts

Personality: kind, easily manipulated, good sense of humor, loved by everyone


District 12:

Known for: coal mining, creation of medicines, lack of sustenance for its citizens

Personality: able to handle adversity well, caring, underestimated (but over-delivers)


District 13:

Known for: nuclear technology, ruins caused by mass bombing, underground civilization

Personality: deceptive, cunning, always one step ahead, self-sufficient


The Capitol:

Known for: Panem’s source of government and executive orders, lavish lifestyle, corruption

Personality: fashionable, eccentric, mildly chaotic, powerful, feeds off attention


The Tributes.

District 1:

Audrey Smith

Carl Garris

Linda Colon


District 2:

Heather Benton

Elizabeth Calabrese

Larissa Bortz

Steve Percy


Catherine Yackey, District 4.

District 3:

Jon Philips

Gwen Hooffstetter

Henry McGill

Nairobi Orr


District 4:

Jason Stackhouse

Catherine Yackey


District 5:

Jessica Adylette

Andrea Langley

Carrie Renes


District 6:

Mary Altman

Daniel Jent

Krista Cassidy, District 6.

Krista Cassidy

Ian Grimshaw


District 7:

John Johnston

Leigh Snelgrove


District 8:

Evelyn Oliveira

Douglas Murphy

Andrea Lupo


District 9:

Micheline Callicott

Andrew Rusciolelli


District 10:

Katharine Metzner-Roop

Yaying Liang


District 11:

Frank Flanigan

Sharon Williams


District 12:

Jennifer Grayson

Mary Lankford

Melissa Shifflette


Catherine Spencer, the Capitol.

District 13:

Teresa Novinger

Lucy Pinckney

Carol Hurt


The Capitol:

Maria Desbrow

Tyson McCormick

Catherine Spencer


Your Opinion.

*I felt that the Capitol had to be included. Yes, I do know that it does not send tributes to the Hunger Games.

Which district will have the victorious tribute?

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