Before Magnet: Ms. Snelgrove

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Before Magnet: Ms. Snelgrove

Did you know Ms. Snelgrove speaks German?

Did you know Ms. Snelgrove speaks German?

Did you know Ms. Snelgrove speaks German?

Did you know Ms. Snelgrove speaks German?

This year I will be continuing the Before Magnet series originally by Caroline YoungAdriana Carter, and Savannah Wray. In my first week I interviewed Ms. Snelgrove, a second year biology teacher.

Q: What are some stories you remember from your childhood?

One story that comes to mind is when I was about 5 years old my family went to Edisto Beach.  I had just gotten a Shamu Whale raft and was super excited to try it out. Right when we got to the beach, I insisted that my dad inflate the giant raft right then and I hopped in the ocean. I was super excited until about 10 minutes later I realized I had floated way too far out. I had already gotten attached to the raft and tried my hardest to swim back in with it but I soon realized I was not going to make it back with the raft.  I was so sad to have to let it go and swim back to shore without it. I remember just standing on the beach sobbing as the Shamu whale raft drifted out. 

Q: Have you met any celebrities?

It is not your normal celebrity, but since I went to Wofford for College I met Chaser.  He was a professor’s border collie that has been interviewed many times. Professor Pilley taught Chaser to recognize over a thousand words. Definitely not like meeting Beyonce but still pretty cool.

Q: Why did you become a teacher?

I actually had plans to attend medical school until senior year of college.  At Wofford for the month of January, there is a session called interim in which you can take a fun class, do an internship, or go on a school trip.  For my senior interim, I chose to do a school internship teaching German because I thought it would make my resume stand out to medical schools. However, after the very first day of my internship, I found out I loved the classroom and loved teaching! I had to call my parents up later that week and tell them the news that I was switching from medical school plans to teaching.  Luckily, they were very supportive, and now here I am teaching at the best school with the best students and colleagues!

Q: What was working at AC Flora Like?

AC Flora is a great school and was a great experience.  I taught many different levels of science and I think it really helped me grow as a teacher.  I taught AP Biology and IB Biology my last two years and it definitely prepared me for teaching here. I had to revamp all my materials once I came here, but it gave me a good foundation.

Q: What would you have told your younger self and your current students?  

Focus on the learning and not the grade.  I have to admit in high school and college I got very focused on the grade.  I would get so down on myself for not getting a hundred on everything. Looking back now, I wish I had just listened to other people when they stressed that I should focus on the learning and the grade will come.  Through graduate school and now as an adult, I have changed my mindset and focused on the content being presented to me and I have figured out that learning really is fun, and it is more fun when I am not putting an emphasis on the grade.

Q: Where have you lived besides Charleston?

I grew up in Aiken, SC which was a very small town. I moved to Spartanburg for college and then I moved to Columbia for graduate school and stayed there for a while for my first few years of teaching.  I moved to Charleston the summer before last.

Q: Who is your favorite student of all time?

All of my students are my favorite students 🙂

Q: Who is your favorite person to teach with?

I have worked with Mr. McCormick and Mrs. Roop mostly for Biology 1 and they have been excellent colleagues.  I have taught Biology 1 for several years but last year was my first time doing it the “Magnet way”. It definitely is a different level of rigor and both of them were very patient with me with all my questions.

Q: How do you feel about the nickname “Snelly”.

At first I was not so sure about it but I have definitely come to think of it as a term of respect and endearment from the students.  It definitely makes me laugh when I hear it being shouted down the hallway.