Class of 2019 Senior Wills

The seniors say goodbye to AMHS


It is that time of the year again; every student begins to get antsy as the year comes to a close. Many seniors have slowly realized that the end is in less than a month. These seniors have decided that they couldn’t leave without giving a few students these things.  Below are the last wills of countless seniors; let this be a reminder of  how much they will miss you. The wills are listed in the order that they were received.

I, Abby Bonner, being of movie mind and uncoordinated body, do hereby leave the creative writing club to , may you keep creativity alive at AMHS. To Adam Frye I leave a car ride full of Broadway show tunes, a link to “La Vie Boheme” from Rent, and a map of the United States so you may always remember that New Jersey is indeed a state. To the next movie lover on The Talon staff, I leave behind 22 articles about film/TV to inspire you to write your own reviews and award show recaps. To the next newspaper photographer, I leave the whirlwind known as taking photos during spirit week. And finally, to the future editor of The Talon, I leave the best publication, countless hours of listening to “September” with Ms. Hurt, and the hope that you will finally be the one to successfully make a t-shirt for The Talon staff.

I, Graham Inabnett, of cultist mind and iron deficient body, do hereby leave the following. To Mallory Alexander, I leave an unmatched bitterness for anything that breathes (not that she doesn’t already have that), as well the work ethic of a senile sloth. To Eli Leroy, I leave my eternal gratitude for the used Taylor Swift guitar pick he gifted to me. To AJ Whiteman, I leave Zinnia’s and my eternal love, we are so proud of you son, you’ll do great things! To that one underclassman girl I see around all the time, I leave the eternal mystery of whoever you are. Finally, to all rising seniors, I leave applications to join my future cult, college isn’t for everyone. With that, I leave AMHS, never to return ever again, but the ghost of my murdered mental health will stay to haunt these halls.

I, Anna Tortorici, being of panic mind and manic body, do hereby leave to Adam Frye, pack of little tree air fresheners, a pair of bedazzled fuzzy dice, and the most inconvenient parking spot possible. To FeFe I leave the dangle and to Caelan Paquette I leave the honor of thiccest. To Lily O, I leave all 2 of my remaining braincells. To Frances O’Shea, I leave the right airpod & Isabella Darce, the left airpod. And finally, to Grant Goldsmith, I leave a boppin instructional dance video with singalong karaoke (featuring Jay Baek) and a playlist comprised of “I Want it That Way”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and a remix of the My Little Pony theme song.

I, Gabriela Mochizuki, being of caffeinated mind and petite body, do hereby leave a green earth and back hugs to Lauren Osborne. To Sully Gholson I shall leave the weekly cringy FCA announcements in my absence, Toby Sizemore don’t forget to send the sacred reminds, and to the FCA members, not only the best leaders I tracked down for you, but I also leave Carson Goodier’s brownies, cherish them. My love and appreciation for fun socks, I leave to the following: Hannah Forman and Piper Monk – make sure Mills Jordan doesn’t let me down. To Jack Norman I give my love and appreciation for Daisy. Lastly, to Gracie Mochizuki I leave the legacy of having a last name few will be able to spell and less will be able to pronounce, the bad and frustrating drivers in North Charleston, and my G Mochi….. reputation. Try not to ruin it. 

I, Ean Tucker, being of fatigued mind and good-hug-giving body. hereby leave: To Sophia M, my crack making chemistry kit so that you will always afford more hard dye. You forever be my favorite crackhead and I will miss you. To Charlie, my expertise. To Dr. Cassidy, a 5 on your exam. To Lily O, my hope that you can scrapbook and one free coupon to miss a monday student council meeting. To Maddie Anderson, my overflowing love for student council meetings on Mondays. To Maehler Purcell, my undying love for you and everything you bring to this world. To India Weimann, the honor of being my favorite freshman female varsity soccer player. To Jordan Thomas, your freaking ID, that i can no longer find. To Christina Dolan, the gaydar that never misses. To Anna Beautiful Grace Maher, the hope that you find someone to give you hugs and food. I love you so much and am going to miss seeing you every other day. A Señora Colon, el trafico en Charleston. To Madison Smalley and Michal Seagle, the bells and the honor of introducing Rain at Ashley River. To Grace Gurney, my love for you and everything that comes with you. To Eli and Jonathan, the only remaining memory of the greatest metaphors, hour and a half long discussions, the gummy bears, and Ziff’s god crafted song. To Carter Limbert, your quarters. To Christian Blackburn, my hope that you find rides home. To Isabella Darcey, my mad running skills and my hopes that you can still enjoy running without me cheering you on. I am so glad I met you and I will miss you greatly. Oh and to Mrs. Catherine Yackey, my forever appreciation for all that you have done for me and friends. And a free babysitting service for the rest of your life. 

I, Lauren Yates, being of stubborn mind and leggy body, do hereby leave for Caroline Hyde, and Caroline Hyde only: Drew Yates, the key to marine science, a pristine room at Clemson, grits, the chips and however they may fall, the Creek, Poe, & liquid a**.

I, Graysen Hasty, being of semi-conscious mind and short body, do hereby leave: For Jacob Schar THE bench. For Sam Ford-Dirks I leave the will power he requested in the hopes it will carry him through senior year. For Godwins Tuyishime I leave you in charge of all the ‘gorls’ of 4B Psych. Keep them in line. To Carson Goodier I leave our list of all the best Stack quotes for you to love and cherish. To Jacob Schar and Mary Ashton Jenkins I name you the surrogate parents of Dakota. Raise her as you see fit. And lastly to Dakota Hasty I leave you all the best Magnet has to offer and one final piece of advice: don’t spill your aquaponics fish on the sidewalk.  

I, Liza Allen, of robot mind and cereal-run body, do hereby leave a jumbo bag of boom chicka pop, endless Cici’s dinners, and much-needed closet storage to Caroline Hyde. To John Rowe, I leave a purer mind.

I, Samuel Maher, being of rock mind and skinny body, do hereby leave the raging responsibility of the Maher name to Anna Grace Maher, reduced hospital trips to Caroline Hyde, control of the soccer group chat to Will Shnell, and I leave the word “bro” to Niko Apostolou.

I, Maria Traver being of tangy mind and short body, do hereby leave many hours of car rides, cookout runs, birdsong, and listening to “The Routine” to Angeline Krupa. To Gabby Ziegler I leave my seat in 4B Benton Focus along with my sincere condolences for not being there with you in those classes, may you use it wisely. To Brendan Elliott I leave my luck at getting through 4 years at magnet and recognition of Charleston Catholic Students. To Gray (freshmen gray? from CCS? I don’t know your last name) I leave my locker space, a spot in the senior lounge always, and lots of love. My brother told me to hang out with you when you came to magnet but I forgot what you looked like so I couldn’t do that. So please enjoy the above amenities. To LILLIAN O I leave my part as unhappy person #1, a plastic baby head, many laughs, and Shakespeare in a can. To Elan Levine I also leave Shakespeare in a can and many fantastic dance routines.

I, Jourdan Gruber, being of oblivious mind and rad body, do hereby leave the following: To Jacob Schar mexican drink mix (just the mix), 2 admissions to the bowling alley, laila and dallas (be careful they’re a handful), 1 baby whale, a maryland sweatshirt, infinite car jams, nemo, and my undying love. To Mary Ashton Jenkins, a knock on the window, a teal dress shirt,lightly toasted objects, and my most prized possession, Po. I know he will love his new momma. To Kaylin Morris, a brush, celebrity drama, a permanent spot in my dorm room, and the legacy of thigh claps. To Libby Jaskwhich, an undisclosed date, and a double stuffed burrito. To India Weimann, all of the clothes in my back seat, a new strawberry smoothie, and one long, angry text. To Maisie Cochran, all of my essential oils, and boxed snapchats. To Thomas Abraham, I leave you my girl Mais and the job to keep her happy. You better not let me down. I leave the left side of the field and a prom dress to Nora Powell, in hopes that you’ll use it someday. To Ashley Anderson, all of my nail polish, a rag to clean up the coke I spilled on your upstairs carpet, and the job of putting on a captains band. To Lauren Osborne, sullymander, gluten free lucky charms, a box of tissues, and a hug. I know that the tissues will come to great use. To Caley Jacobs, endless sushi and ice cream, and many missed high fives. To Godwins Tuyishime, exposure, and a pie to the face. To Sully Gholson, I leave Jacob Schar. Please handle with care. And lastly, I leave a band aid to Mary Archie.

I, Mary Grace Wolf, being of Dionysian mind and deteriorating body, do hereby leave Grant Goldsmith bailar viernes and my best wishes for his next three years of Spanish class. To Susannah Ryan, I leave an even, sunless tan, an uncracked phone screen, and Tacko Fall’s monumental height. To Collin Brientnall, I leave regretful Snapchat stories and a free lift back home. To Mason Leath, I leave several sentimental things: dangerous Sprite concoctions, Cookout milkshakes, a stroll through Harris Teeter, and “Gassed Up” by Nebu Kiniza. To his equally interesting brother, Davis Leath, I hereby leave a shared No. 5 Pasta from Stella’s and the promise of a mega barge. To Lily O, I leave the almighty RBF; she is the only one with the power to wield it. For Katherine Ray, I hereby leave last-minute Starbucks runs for game days, and for Caroline Fair, I leave the extreme patience and tolerance required for the subsequent lacrosse seasons. Having been my touchstone on Daniel Island, I leave to Will Schnell the following: future concert roadtrips, a recovered Toxic Waste container, delinquency, burned hands from his defective Pax, and a side-hug from Netherfriends. And last but not least, to my beloved sister, Lily Wolf, I leave a vehicle as old as her, the unmatched ability to circumnavigate morning traffic, and my Academic Magnet legacy.

I, Angela Yang, being of exhausted mind and sick body, do hereby leave the presidency and responsibility of AMHS Ecology Club to Caelan Bailey.

I, Sarah Norman, being of declining mind and unfit body, do hereby leave Steve Percy to Angeline Krupa and Eli LeRoy.  I leave Sebastion and Chris to Caroline Hyde, John Alex, William Hyatt, and Derugger. I leave the treasure that is Hibachi Hut to Gracie Mochizuki. Lastly, I leave the care of Honey to Jack Norman. Please pet her at least once a day.

I, Skyler Ayers, being of unstable mind and awkward body, do hereby leave for Simone Kavarana the AMHS girls swim team and control over Fun Friday practices, use your power well and never let a coach tell you what to do. To Isabella Darce I give you the workout cubes, please actually use them once at least. To Mia Matthews I give girls, keep up our legacy . To Genevieve Geils and Sarah Burnette, I give you the SMRT swim team, good luck, you are going to need it. To Collin Brietnall, I leave all my French notes, please try and use them. To Mary Compton and Aditi Das I leave endless French class giggles, lots of gum, lots of sass, and the power to deal with Oliver first period, I love y’all so so so much. To Oliver Abar I leave my eternal Kahoot name, Slutoween, honor it well. To Sam Ford-Dirks I leave my legendary Lacrosse Commentating and Post Game Cookout, but not the fries, they’re mine. To Lily Jones, I leave my love and bad life advice, please text me if you need anything I’ll always be here. To Sully Gholson, I leave really good hugs. To MC Lankford, I leave my heart and soul because I need your amazingness to rub off on me, even after the Crayola incident. To Eric Beaver, I leave you alllllllllll the tea, whether you want it or not. And finally, to whoever gets parking spot 44, I hope you use it for bad dancing, waiting for the parking lot traffic to clear, making new friends, and birthday surprises, it has a really good energy for these activities.

I, Sarah Romagnuolo, of emotionally unstable mind and bootylicious body, do hereby leave my bones to Robby Gourdie. To Emma Martin I leave all my love (and the cheer team I guess). I, also, am leaving the song “Me!” by Taylor Swift ft. Brendon Urie to Lilli because she’s the only one that likes it and Tana Mongeau’s “Hefner” just because it’s the best song. To Rosie I leave everything… This includes my car, my parking spot (so you can have dance parties to “Teenage Dream” by the Glee Cast), and my womb.

I, Riane Coman, being of deliberately empty mind and sore body, do hereby leave the AMHS Girls Varsity Soccer instagram to Mary Ashton Jenkins, may you always have more followers than Bishop England. To Lauren (Lo) Osborne I leave 20 pushups completed in under one minute, and a Planet Fitness gym membership all to yourself. To Caley Jacobs I leave my heart, may you protect what it loves. To Kaylin Morris I leave my soul, may you choose wisely where you invest it. To Grant Goldsmith I leave the LCCS legacy, innocent bliss, and parking spot 115; may you actually follow through in decorating the tree. To Maisie Cochran I leave endless “I love you’s”. To India Weimann I leave the heavy responsibility of applying “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun” in all situations possible, my signature “Catch and whip”, and finally the team twerk instructor. To Riley Haas I leave my determination and competitiveness, may they carry you when you feel you have nothing left to give. To Sophie McLean I leave Trinity McManus, and to Trinity McManus I leave Sophie McLean. To Mary Archambault I leave the legacy of downing eight water bottles in one day, may hydration never be one of your concerns. To Molly Dickerson I leave my French accent and Mr. Jent’s good side. To Sam Ford-Dirks I leave my collection of Callicott quotes, may they only increase. To Mrs. Roop I leave my endless portfolio of white board doodles, may they never be erased. And Finally, to Ashley Anderson, I leave my last pumpkin muffin.

I, Rachel Maile, of average mind and farmer’s tan body, do hereby leave the following.  To Christian Weichsel, I leave my AP Spanish Barron’s book and the meme account I thought it would be a good idea to make freshmen year.  Use them wisely – they are each very powerful. To Caroline Hyde, I leave my unconditional love and the school’s air conditioning system. To Eli LeRoy, I leave my rented 1950s camera from 3B Photography.  You are the only one that knows how to wind the film up. To Rachel Ackerman, I leave a detailed map of Budapest as well as my name. Make me proud. To William Hyatt, Jake DuRegger, and John O’Neill, I leave the entirety of Eastern Europe and all the McDonald’s within it.  To all the juniors in Rho Kappa, I leave my plastic candles and Latin chants to use in future initiation ceremonies. To whichever junior is unlucky enough to get parking spot #89, I leave the expert driving skills you will need to get out of it without curbing your tires.

I, Josh Cumins, being of beanpole body and chronic mind, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following: I would like to designate a lifetime supply of TidePods to William Schnell, in addition to one coupon good for calf-reduction surgery. To Rocco, I leave a treasure map of the AMHS campus and lifetime supply of flowers to give to Ms. Pinckney. To John Thomas AKA “Crohn”, I leave you good luck and the responsibility to take care of Charlie. To Kasen Groves, I leave my broken jumpshot, a jar of mayonnaise, and severe case of inability to comply with authority. To the Leath brothers, I leave you the important task of making Dr. Altman divert her lectures to other issues of the day, and to look after Altycat, too. To Owen Conley, I leave an honorary headband, one SportsClips coupon, and all of my trash-talking capabilities on the basketball court. To Gucci Adam, I leave a spoiler noise reduction device and a free paint job for your Beemer. To Jacob Schaar AKA “Scooby” and Finn “Shaggy” Gottlieb, I leave you my pain for losing to BE twice this year. Please do not let that happen again. I also leave the two of you the powers of John Stockton and Karl Malone’s pick and roll (ZAGA). To Hank Tschnatz, I leave a curse on the Tennessee Volunteers (football at least), and the responsibility of making Ms. Lankford laugh. Finally, to Oliver Root, I leave my Stranger Things DVD set and school spirit to carry forward. To the general Magnet community I leave peace, much love, and an undying hatred for the Bishops. Always, go Raptors.

I, Kate Kuisel, being of suggestive mind and catawampus body, do hereby leave to Lesesne Early, an indie voice, the kids I babysit, permission to enter the senior lounge, type 1 diabetes, and my parking spot 109. To Jack Levenson, *ah ha ha*, I leave a carnival and games, a genie in a bottle, and the power to full send a La Croix. To Lesesne Early AND William Schnell I leave the privilege to host the talent show. To Davis Leath I leave the ability to make decent Tik Toks. To Avery Parker I leave the last leg of the 4 by k800. To Lily Feingold, the most sane in her family, I leave freedom. To Evan Daniels, Jake Thayer, and Andrew Dearellano I leave the back of the bus and something thick;). To Caroline Hyde I leave the power of the Hobcaw Creek HOA. To Leddy Scheurer I leave permission to get a septum piercing. To Gabby Hart I leave a full night’s sleep and please god less caffeine. To Lilli Heinrich I leave the entirety of team ten. Finally to the entire cross country I leave what is left of my achilles, see y’all at Sandhills!

I, Max Windom, being of burnt out mind and olive oil body do hereby leave the following: To John Rowe, I leave a better hiding spot than your roof and a more secure bluetooth speaker system. To Mills Jordan, I leave a chicken. To Rocco, I leave long night strolls on the beach. To Kasen Groves, I leave treadmill and a better stroke from 3. To William Schnell, I leave a key to every building in Charleston and a “get out of jail free” card. To Kedar, I leave a “sorry” and a physics test. To Cameron Thelan, I leave Marshall Fleming. To Marshall Fleming, I leave a crammed seat in the back of my car and the aux. To Chap Hodges, I leave exclusive access to the club. To Will Culler, I leave a lot of food. To Owen Conley, I leave Scooby Drew and a better shot than Kasen. To Hank Tschantz, I leave a Borat DVD. To Collin Breintnall, I leave supervision of John Thomas after next year’s Sertoma. To Jake Freudenheim, I leave a spot on the baseball team and a barbell. To Coach Rush, I leave a blank slate and 10 great years. To Caroline Hyde, I leave me and Will’s bill at any Mexican restaurant. To Juliet Johnson, I leave Luke Freudenheim’s delicate lil heart.  To Jacob Schar, I leave Scooby Snacks. To Finn Gottlieb, I leave my music, a ride to Irmo, a new board for the weight room, and a shrimp. And last but least, to Will Jordan I leave a ton of movies, a car, home run juice, ? on vinyl, and a spot in my Clemson dorm whenever.

I, Hannah Garcia, of sarcastic mind and no body, do hereby leave the strength to finish high school to Jamie Terry, the hysterical laughs of our friend group Taliyah Jenkins, and firm decisive decisions to Ebonie White.

I, Grace Moorman, being of stressed mind and tired body, do hereby leave every Buzzfeed quiz, the Lorax soundtrack (specifically “Thneedville”), mayonnaise, and  the power of not-procrastinating to Elan Levine. I also leave Lily Lassiter the inspiration to continue being herself because she’s smarter than any current senior and also extremely kind.

I, Caroline Young, being of confused mind and indecisive body, do hereby leave random conversations, awkward moments, and lengthy bus rides to tennis matches in the middle of nowhere to Mina Schaafsma. To Jennifer Lee I leave several questions about her pet bunny. To Anne I leave all episodes of Southern Charm, a brochure on how to queue a song on Spotify for dummies, and the debate over which exit route will lead to the quickest departure from the school parking lot. To the new key club officers, I leave the joy of project slips.

I Grace Fellows of overthinking mind and small body do hereby leave to Andrew D- a killer sandwich from Whole Foods of your choosing, my Boy Scout wreath, and the best of luck senior year in everything you do. To Sophia Discolo and Stella Reiner-the dreadful long way to Danny Jones, team sleepovers, an amazing senior prom and so much love. To McCabe Tempelton- Will Jordan. To Jack Patterson- a clean, blow dried tuxedo for your senior prom and patience with nicks driving skills. To Brooks Melton- Maggie, take good care of her while I’m gone also the funniest memes you can find on Instagram. To Oliver Root- endless supply of animal crackers and advice whenever you need it. To Disha Q- Key club, I hope you learn to hate it.

I, Cannon Yarborough, being of unstable mind and exhausted body do hereby leave Oliver Lewis  my eternal love and brotherhood. You really are a brother from another mother. To Caelan Paquette I leave theoretical funding for your theoretical sun-destroying thesis. To Nicolette Monnier I leave Zach Wallace-Wright’s hand in marriage and a stick of Nicorette chewing gum. To Adam Frye I leave a map of Europe so that you always know what Scandinavia is. To John “John Alex” O’Neil my eternal praise for bartering down a fake Ray Ban salesman for a fifth of the price and finally, to my brother Elliott, who will be a freshman next year, I leave the title of “Little Yarbs”.

I, Malia Borg, being of tired mind and small body do hereby leave the following: To the AMHS Girls Varsity Swim Team, I leave promiscuously placed flash tattoos, a box of more than 3 colors of chalk, and my heart and soul. To Isabella Darce, I leave Lilly Feingold along with all of my sass and a dream of you driving better than I did. To Lilly Feingold, I leave Isabella, any remaining calmness, and cookie for the curbs. Please take care of each other. To Allison Rauls, I leave my loudest most epic voice to continue to screaming at any raptor swim meets as well as my left leg. To Swimone Kavarana, I leave a pound of bow tie pasta and a stern look. To Mia Matthews, I leave a portable air conditioner so you will never be as hot as you are in my car and the remaining amount of money in my bank account to buy as much chocolate milk as possible. To Sully Gholson, I leave my best pair of sunglasses. To, I leave some colored pens because I don’t know where else you will get them now and a box of tissues from your favorite emotional Cancer. To my smart sophomores, Tate and Jennifer, I leave you a bag of candy for your continued note taking and dedication to the class of AP Statistics. Lastly, to anyone that wants it, I leave the legacy of getting to school so early so you properly park your car.

I, John Conley, being of wandering mind and cerulean body do hereby leave Samuel Ford-Dirks the goodies left in my changing darkroom bag in the back of Ms. Callicott’s closet. I also leave my fellow French classmate Clark Brunson my class copy of Les Rhinoceros and the painful memory of the rhinoceros noises soundtrack. To Alaina Broomall, I leave a lifetime supply of anthropogenic carbon dioxide and particulate matter, my personal collection of rare endangered species, and the exclusive right to Australia on Environmental journal entries.

I, Sallie Limehouse, being of tired mind and exhausted body, do hereby leave the following. To AG Maher and Oli Root I leave permission to visit me anytime next year. To John Rowe I leave the award for best hair. To Aidan Worthington I leave all the snacks on the Bonds Wilson campus. To Jake Thayer, Evan Daniels, Sully Gholson, and Marshall Hodges I leave the back row of the bus. The responsibility of team mom goes to Evan Daniels only. To Eli Leroy and Robby Gourdie I leave my entire music collection (metaphorically) and 2/3 of a lasagna. And, finally, to Lesesne Early I leave remission from all babysitting duties and 4 tickets to a James Charles meet and greet, use them wisely.

I, Meredith Gee, being of pessimistic mind and bruised body, do hereby leave my realism to Nora Powell.

I, Carrie Metts, being of sleepy mind and bruisey body, do hereby leave the joy of painting to Godwins Tuyishime, October 15th to Caroline Hyde, and freckles to Clara Cullum. To Clay Hershey I leave a perfectly bronzed complexion and a healthy whack on the head with a boom. To Danilo Murphy, the world. To Eli LeRoy, everything else. Lastly, to Andrew DeArellano I leave Eli LeRoy.

I, Matthew Nofsinger, being of godly mind and jacked body, do hereby leave the track aux privileges to Colby Beaver, Christian Nelson, Prudence Criscuolo, and Christian Geils. But to Colby Beaver specifically I leave the speaker privileges. You’re welcome. To Shreyon Roy I leave the power to accelerate and my legacy on the Academic Team. To Porter Quantz I leave my insane drumming abilities, so that one day you might be able to match my skill. To Caelen Paquette I leave our lovely greetings in the hallway. To Justin Baek I leave full control of the Ping Pong Club. To Marshall Hodges and the BRODS I leave the Halo Legacy. And last but not least, I leave everything else I own to Aidan McPherson. Good luck in the future y’all.

I, Ryan Troy, being of studly mind and godly body, do hereby leave the pull and good times to Aidan McKittrick, the Varsity Swim Team to Charles Blanc, Sam White, Seth Early, the Halo Legacy to all the Brods in computer science, countless naps during Physics to anyone in the future, and the skill of writing papers in 30 minutes to all seniors. Peace out

I, Zachary Moody, being of sarcastic mind and well proportioned body, do hereby leave my English 4 legacy to any and all who dare to take the most challenging class this school has to offer. To Charles Blanc, Mark Condon, Seth Early, Jack Levenson, Daniel Nichols, and Sam White, I leave the AMHS men’s swim and the hope that they can dethrone St. Josephs. To the “Brods” in APSCP (John, Mark, and Marshall), I leave hosting duties for in-class Halo games. And lastly, to the most worthy friend group in the class of 2022, I leave my outside lunch table which must be occupied every day regardless of temperature or weather.

I, Sully Lant, being of tired mind and band-t-shirt-clad body, do hereby leave my meme folder of over 6000 images and the responsibility to grow it further to Christian Nelson. It’s always soup time. I also leave to Christian my incredible knowledge of French, orange peels, and another CD that you’ll never listen to. I leave the lunch table to my sophomores. To Julia Camp, I leave every Coke Zero that Christian buys for the next 2 years. For Pru Criscuolo, I leave you hundreds of plastic forks in the compost bin. I leave Devon Mulligan the memories of all of my visits during photography. May your next two years of high school be better than my photos. To Aiden Astle I leave the army of Aidens. I leave card games to Charles Olson. I leave my admiration of all of your cute jackets to Katherine Brennan. To Eric Beaver, I tried to leave some food, but the rest of the table ate it. Instead I leave to Eric all of my highlighter yellow clothing. I leave the title of supreme heavy metal overlord to Ansel Dietrich. And of course, all authority on any and all things Slayer. To Ruth Middleton, I leave the watered-down lemonade that they serve at church. I leave to Bell Pansap the responsibility of passing on the legacy of Fight Club without talking about Fight Club. For Eli Leroy, I leave my crowdsurfing legacy. Don’t let me down. For my freshmen, I leave my father to help with any more fish-related projects. To McKenna Ronchetto, I leave constant mispronunciation of your last name. To Amelia Kitchens, I leave $2 just as promised. Don’t spend it all in one place. I leave great movie recommendations to Ada Skradski. To Josh Moore, I leave you an arm that isn’t broken. For Bailey Phelan, I leave the custody of our son, RJ Level. For RJ, I leave great hugs and lots of cute mugs. To Austin Gallman, I leave Randy Reed, and to Randy, I leave Austin. To Austin, I also leave a lifetime supply of baked beans. To Randy, I leave the Arctic Monkeys and the new name Randall Rodolfo Reed. And to all of my underclassmen, I leave you that amazing feeling when you walk outside on the last day of school and an invitation to visit me the next time you’re in Columbia.

I, Anne Claire Purcell, being of slothful mind and pure body, do hereby leave Ashley Anderson a spare key, a parking garage, and the position of soccer team DJ. I leave William Schnell my small calves, and I leave Lauren Osborne my IQ. I leave Mary Ashton Jenkins a flat tire and eye drops. I leave Molly Dickerson the ability to be home on time, and a working shower. To Sophie McLean I leave a girlology lesson  and a functioning knee. Riley Haas, I leave you the ability to be loud. I leave Emma Broucqsault a piece of chicken. To Caley and Kaylin, I leave my mother the ability to tell you apart. To Trinity McAnus and Mary Archambault, I leave stilts. To India, I leave Bob Ross. To the soccer team, I leave my just dances and to keep bucking. To the basketball team, I leave a new coach. To the almost tallest person I know, I leave Libby Jaskwhich my heart and soul. To Simone Kavarana, I leave my friend Mike. To McCabe Templeton, Allie Streck, and Mia DiPaolo, I leave the volvo. Erin Littlejohn and Irene Lu, I leave dochub. And to Kaki Cobb, I leave a bird claw, and bible study.

I, Adriana Carter, being of poetic mind and exhausted body, do hereby leave Creative Writing Club to  in addition to my much less aggressive driving skills, that one time I kind of skateboarded but not really, all the poems, and love for Ocean Vuong. To Toby Sizemore I leave cops and robbers at Great Wolf Lodge (and my sprained ankle) as well as Chick-fil-A after school. I leave all of my writing prompts to Casey Matthews and Molly Tippey, the OG dedicated members of Creative Writing Club. I leave my position as secretary of National Spanish Honor Society and my Moana lines in the Spanish play to Allison Li. Jump off the stage one last time for me! To Dylan Carter I leave the best doggo in the world, an infinite number of “Spicy Chicken Spanishes” from Chick-fil-A, Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream, my Game Pigeon word game skills, and all the hours of sleep I lost in the last four years. For Mrs. Lankford and Ms. Shifflette I leave my poetry and a future dedication in the book I will probably publish someday. Lastly, I leave my college essay editing services and advice to all of the incoming seniors of the class of 2020 (I know I was super stressed doing college apps), and the belief that all will end up where they’re meant to be.

I, Zachariah Kneeland Reilly Wallace-Wright, being of thoughtless mind and sluggish body, hereby dispense the following items to the following people: to Porter Zach, an unlimited supply of Triforce podcasts, to Aiden McPherson, my signed copy of Civilization V, to Nicolette Monnier, all my borrowed pencils (and to Emma Heeke, a package of Goldfish), to Devonte Allston, the 195-pound weight class, to Oliver Lewis, the stewardship of Cannon Yarborough (do not be afraid to crack the whip), to Shreyon Roy, my eternal inferiority in matters of acceleration, to Liam Wood, the Co-Presidency of the Politics Club with the hope that you might reinvigorate it.

I, Morgan Southworth, of vivacious mind and always injured body, do hereby leave the the following. I leave the Shark bait Chant, knee pads, and car rants to Annaliese Keller, and the position of basketball team mom to Carson Goodier. I also leave Co-mom, fake arguments, a stolen phone, and the duty of listening to teammates rants to Cassie Brisbane. I leave random gym room conversations and aggressive box outs to Jordan Thomas. I leave bali body incidents, a fuzzy jacket, and long talks to Susannah Ryan. I leave tears, many raptor lightning runs, and bizzare nicknames to the basketball team. I leave a pair of uncomfortable shoes, suicides, a set of keys, a locked car, and many advice talks to Rachel Ackerman. I leave constant illegal checking, rage, and hopefully at a spot at Sewanee to Eliza Taylor. I leave our lacrosse family, Hawaii memories, constant chatter, and always a place to stay in my dorm room to Caroline Fair. I leave sweet hugs and always encouraging compliments to my selfless child Anna Cook. I leave intense penalty shot defense and funny mouthguard filled convos to Olivia Neese. I leave scrappy defense, trash talking, a sweatshirt, unreturned socks, many laughs, and the number 5 to my dear child Christina Dolan. I leave jordan shoes, a cocky cousin, car rides, the midfield/draws, and frosted cookies to my little “sister” McCabe Templeton. I leave car ride chats, crazy car dancing, and my terrible driving to Lilly Praete. I leave a goal and witty comments to Frances O’Shea. I leave a midfield position and the political science club to Whitney Knotts. To all of the lacrosse team I leave grass stains, bruises, a hatred for Oceanside and BE, and all of my LOVE. I leave a white trash bag, fun sunglasses, a weekly rating, and awesome memories to Mason Leath. I leave an invasive neighbor to Davis Leath. I leave late night dock visits, gummies, driving the opposite way, and boxing gloves to Caroline Hyde. I leave a wooden bowl and pepper spray to Mills Jordan. I leave the #4 magnet basketball legends, a hair tie, wet washcloth, and TCBY/mellow mushroom to Owen Conley. I leave dabs in the hallway and soon hopefully Sewanee memories with Oliver Root. I leave goofy talks, smiles, and the duty of watching over Hayden when I’m gone to Anna Grace Maher. I leave hilarious soccer memories to Kaki Cobb, Simone Kavarana, and Ella Lesesne. I leave Ms. Novinger with daily room visits and so much love! Finally, I leave the Southworth name, middie speed, jet jagged first days of school, contagious laughter, my car, BAD road rage, a chucky doll and always a spot at Sewanee for the best brother ever, Hayden Southworth.

I, Audrey Alexander, being of sassy mind and sexy body, do hereby leave the cheerleading team to . To Anna Clifford I leave a working GPS so you will never get lost again on the way home. I leave Disha Qanungo all the sushi rolls in the world as long as she promises to never hang posters of that unflattering picture again. For Sarah Nelson, I leave glitter, sparkles, and rainbows. For Emma Martin I leave an endless amount of hugs to get you through this next cheerleading season. And lastly, to Rosie the Book, I leave all of my love.

I, Annie Riesberg, being of positive mind and constantly bruised body, do hereby leave Maggie Garrigan hangry pre-game car rides to Panera, apology muffins for making you wait so long in the car, and most importantly: something spicy. To Haley Bryan, I leave an empty passenger seat ready to have dibs called on it, a scraped hand, and a wounded knee. Remember, as Maggie so graciously taught you, shotgun is earned. To Cassie Brisbin, I leave a softball season free of injuries (or a “Get Well Soon” card depending on which way your health takes you). To Jojo Lonyo, I leave a great appreciation and many thanks for assuming the role as catcher. You are a godsend. To Reese Laird, my mini-me, I leave awe and respect for how you crush the ball. Mini but mighty. To Cassie Brisbin, Mia DiPaolo, Jamie Terry, and Allison Rauls, I leave the AMHS Softball team. It’s now your job to make sure everyone is Raptor Ready at all times. To the Softball team, I leave endless good memories, a near fight with my sister’s team, and the great task of finding a new pitcher. May your search be fruitful. (If not, someone’s gotta step up.) Thank you all for a wonderful 4 years, I’ll miss you guys.

I, Andrew Osborne Boyles, being of dank mind and solid body, do hereby leave my monstrous creation that is my junior year folder to Mrs. Carol Hurt.

I, Jay Baek, being of happy mind and compact body, do hereby leave my “dad” talks, country karaoke car rides, and some gum with Adam Frye; my Chick-fil-a bills, “daddy” talks with the Tort, and some gum with Grant Goldsmith; my exclusive frisbee dangle rights, my inconspicuous elbow-licking talent *coughAdamdidntnotice*, the M&M, and some gum to Emily Jane Griffin; free membership to the AMHS Raptors Ultimate Frisbee Team for Masi Sundara; and last but not least, I give the states spirit award, my sincerest love and appreciation, some gum, and money (just kidding dirtbag) to the model freshman and true frisbee MVP Cate Yackey. Oh and to my brother Justin Beak I will probably leave the car for a year.

I, Adriana Ballinger, being of perpetually-determined mind and bipedal body, do hereby leave to Caelan Bailey the bright minds and radiant personalities of the kids at the Felix Pinckney Community Center. To Casey Matthews, I leave my deep appreciation for your limitless supply of kindness and enthusiastic hallway greetings; never change! To Irene Lu, I leave the honor of carrying on our tradition of conversations saturated with sarcasm to sustain your sanity during your exciting senior year! I’m sure that you will continue to bring a spark of joy to your friends with your humor and compassion. To Sophia Butcher, I leave my gratitude for your many friendly greetings and my best wishes as you continue developing into a gifted guitar player. To Kaitlyn Chau, I leave memories of often bizarre and comical conversations. Finally, to Mason and Davis Leath, I leave Dr. Altman’s precious moosecat and Jean-Pierre. Take good care of notre Déesse Le Docteur.

I, Ethan Fewell, being of stable body and slightly less stable mind, do hereby leave a tub of pre-workout and my spotify password to Hank Tschantz. To Cameron Thelan, I leave a new catcher’s mitt without any holes. To Marshall Flemming, I leave baseball uniform #19. To Will Culler, I leave a new cup and face mask to warm me up between innings. To Will Jordan, I leave the “take until you get a strike” sign. To Kedar Veeraswamy, I leave the ability to always feel athletic. To Toby Sizemore, I leave a new tub of creatine. To Adam Frye, I leave a new first baseman’s mitt that is already broken in. To Sully Gholson, I leave the job of giving a team pep talk before games. To Jack and Nick Patterson I leave my Xbox 360 and Call of Duty games. Lastly, to Owen Conley, I leave my spot as the best infielder on the baseball team.

I, Stephen Hilton, being of concrete mind and skinny body, do hereby leave senioritis to Devonte Alston.  The mixed emotions that come with robotics stress, pressure, and confusion to Angela Li (please bring us to victory without the use of technicalities).   My chair in Academic Team to William Kronsberg and the spirit left within it. Procrastination that internally eats away at you but is still survivable to Shreyon Roy.  The leadership of Space Club to no one because the club seemed to die an untimely death. The Mission Possible build to Meriem Bazine who may be able to not just only point grab.  Lastly, I leave in this will the will to go through the effort of five hours of self teaching to pass an exam to whoever needs it.

I, John Paradise, being of irrational mind and exhausted body, do hereby leave the frustrating leadership, as well as the immense pressure from Maria Desbrow to Angela Li.  To Asher Wallen, I leave the Science Olympiad Mousetrap Vehicle, with the hope that he learns to drive it straighter than we ever could. And, finally, to the members of the final Multi Variable Calculus class, I leave the enjoyment of laughing and learning provided by Sully Johnston throughout the year.

I, Emma Sherman, being of crafty mind and fun-sized body, do hereby leave Emma Broucqsault the “Emma” ratio of the girls soccer team. To India Weimann, I leave random noises to distract her enemies on the field. To Maisie Cochran, I leave all bagel day duties. To Mary Archambault, I leave many penny labels to be ripped off. To Lauren Osborne, I leave the DIY club. To Ashley Anderson, I leave Silent Gucci. To Anna Grace Maher, I leave many calves to roll. To Nora Powell, I leave someone to find her glasses. To Caroline Hyde, I leave grits, hopefully you can try them sometime.

I, Stuart Philp, being of migrained mind and dissolved body, do hereby leave the horse army to Angeline Krupa, my parking skills to Sully Gholson, angry rants to Godwins Tuyishime, ascending through the ether into the hyperspace to Robbie Gourdie, the South Windermere Starbucks to Molly Dickerson and Katherine Ray, angsty but meaningful poetry to Sophia Discolo, respectful bullying to Juliet Johnson, the ownership of Woolfe Street Playhouse to Emma Heeke, my homemade casserole to Benjamin Black, laughing at Shreyas to Ethan Ouelette, laughing at Ethan to Shreyas Mytri, not understanding physics but managing to Fernanda Salinas, and ownership of the planet and all its powers to Disha Qanungo.

I, Andrew Richard Zimlich, of skinny body and distracted mind, do hereby leave the following gifts. To Daniel Murphy, I leave hope. To Lucas Dillard, I leave you a reason to laugh, for your laugh may be the sweetest sound on Earth. To Niko Apostolu, I leave the teachings of 96.9 the Wolf and the hidden gems of the radio. To Ishaan Mehrotra, I crown you the successor to the legendary Sam Maher, may you carry his title well. To Alex Hernandez, I leave you all the Arizona Iced Tea in the world. To Aidan Worthington, I leave you my sorrow as you leave Magnet, and I wish you the best of luck at JI. To Mills Jordan, I leave you a positive attitude and an endless supply of enthusiasm. To Will Schnell and Brady Siegan, I leave you the responsibility of making the soccer team laugh. To Conolly Burgess, I leave you all the Clash Royale wins in the world. To Jazzy Goldberg, I leave you total control of the bench, and don’t forget your sunglasses. To Benji Vasquez, I leave you some laundry detergent, please use it. To the Wegner brothers, I leave you an eternal bond of fraternal love. Finally, to Ethan Ouellette, I leave you my car, my soccer skills, and my many years of mentorship.

I, Trap Puckette, being of mo bamba mind and Ethan Fewell’s body, do hereby leave Daman Wegner and Mills Jordan handmade friendship bracelets and a continued responsibility for the ball bag. To Aidan Worthington, I leave a newfound sense of chivalry. To Ethan, I leave anti itch cream (to be shared with Lucas). To Nikko, I leave the singular word “bro”. To Ligma, I leave a severe case of Ishaan. To Jazzy Neil, I leave complete and total control of the soccer team. To Dhillon Wegner and Will Shnell, I leave new Bibles and better functioning limbs. To Benji Vasquez, I leave laundry detergent. To Lucas Dillard, I leave an unlimited use express bus pass (don’t wear yourself out buddy 😉 And finally to Rocco, I leave my endless words of wisdom, recyclable Listerine, tomato seeds, some more common sense, and all of my love <3.  May Jah’s light show you guys the way in my absence.

I, Connor McPherson, being of small mind and attractive body, do hereby leave a nickel and a pat on the back to my brother, Aidan McPherson. I also leave privileges to my name to the other Connor.To Porter Quantz a variety of anger management classes to be used at his own discretion. Additionally, I leave Caleb Mundy my number, four, and a brand new watch for his personal use during practice. I leave to Hayden my classes on “How to Rap 101” and “Learning to Rhyme: The Basics”, if he ever is to master these, he is allowed to take more advanced courses, but this is unlikely. I would like for all my other assets to be divided among my dogs, to be spent at their leisure.

I, Alanah Colestock, being of dyslexic mind and tired body, do hereby leave a place to stay at Clemson, endless Taylor Swift Valentines, and the ability to beat senioritis better than I ever did to Emma Grace Pittard. To Jonah Colestock I leave the ability to pull into the parking lot at exactly 8:29 am and the responsibility of watching American Idol with dad. This is VERY important.To Mrs. Lankford I leave my brother, Jonah. Please look out for him and torture him when needed. To Conolly “Conrad” Burgess I leave a well deserved 5 on the ap stats exam and the responsibility of crashing underclassmen “events”. To Anna Cook I leave a drama free year, Waffle House runs, and all of our rides home. To my beloved Caroline Hyde I leave a healthier future, a place at Clemson (that’s not Mason and Beau’s dirty apartment), and mom friend responsibilities. I’m going to miss you. To all of the students and staff of Academic Magnet (the #1 school), thank you for all of the memories.

I, Beau Dosher, of fly body and monetary mind, do hereby leave my role as drip supplier of magnet to any worthy successor, may they fill this role with honor and finesse. I leave Jonathan Lemon an empty mat where he may be beaten upon by another partner. I leave the wrestling team a place at Clemson to stay (besides lil joshie, don’t come to my crib). I leave Toby Sizemore and Alex Hernandez 1 drop of sauce so that they may someday upgrade from that auburn shirt and chubbies. I leave Simon Hughes the art of hustle and the trials and tribulations of his brother.  

I, Ivy Lu, of deteriorating mind and compromised body, do hereby leave my promptness of arriving at school to Irene Lu. To the dance team and future co-captains, Irene Lu and Eliza Lankford, I leave my flexibility and random bursts of creativity for choreographing dances. Last, but not least, I leave Jason Guo my last brain cell and encouragement for pushing through.

I, Samantha Smith, being of absent mind and tired body do hereby leave  to Christian Weichsel unsolicited dating advice, unlimited car rides for when your car inevitably breaks down again and a number to call in jail when you finally turn to the dark side.

I, Natalie Aversano, of Ethan Fewell mind and Lauren-filled body, do hereby leave to Caroline Hyde fame in the great state of Krakow in Poland, the rights to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”, our strong morals and beliefs, your 15th birthday party, all my love, and most importantly… sweet sweet John Alex. To Cameron Thelan I leave ping pong in which I taught you everything you know, random bear hugs, squares, the memory of my mentorship, and love island. To John Alex and Derugger I leave you your correct names, Budapest dancers, and Mr. McCormick/Big Tasty, please take care of him. To my dearest Emory Gardner I leave my whole heart, car rides to school, and my sunglasses that I love that are actually yours. To Finn Gotlieb I leave Caroline Hyde.. do not let her die again, AP Calc chats, and that one faithful game on the night of April 21, 2018. Finally, to Ethan Fewell – Magnets first 5th year – I leave our jaw droppingly amazing handshake, you will graduate one day buddy.

I, Mary Helen Winslow Elliott, being of delayed mind and sharkesque body, do hereby leave Katherine Ray my undying love, a one way ticket to Scotland, and my mother’s favoritism. Eliza Taylor and McCabe Templeton, I leave you PTSD from my driving (especially Eliza I am sorry). Last but not least, to Sydney Isaacks I leave the hunt for Mrs. Schmidt and a ton of goldfish. Bye magnet it’s been real.

I, Bryan Bracy, of snakey mind and tired body do hereby leave the fate of the AMHS boys soccer team in the hands of William Schnell and Dhillon Wegner. To my fraternal cousin Niko Apostolou, I leave a cornea that works and to Ethan Ouellette, I leave a drivers license. To Daniel Murphy, I leave my infinite love and all future Myrtle Beach soccer trips. To Sophia Discolo, I leave the strength to apply to 14 colleges. Mason and Davis Leath, I leave you the remaining members of 3A AP French. Treat them with care. Conolly Burgess, I leave you with Mrs. Crabtree. To everyone else at Magnet, I leave you with the strength to graduate… Lord knows you’ll need it.

I, Rion Brown, being of ADD mind and jacked body, do hereby leave my healthy liver and 10,000 curse word coloring books to Caroline Hyde. I also leave Libby Jackwhich full run of the volleyball team and Abby Sutterlin the responsibility of carrying on the pre-game mantra (FBGM). In addition, I leave Julia Spencer authority to elect the newest “clutch” member. I leave Megan Gray my first born boiiii and Emma Grace Pittard my heart. Dessie Anne Nietert, I leave you a new pair of legs. Cameron Thelan, I guess I’ll leave you a prom date “for the good of the group”. Finally, Grace Ray, I leave you the ability to punch your eldest brother whenever you think best. Magnet, I leave you. That’s all.

I, Rachel Walmet, being of caffeinated mind and allergic body, do hereby leave the following. To Stella Reimer, my sister, I leave a place to stay where she can allow her acting career to blossom, endless knowledge of the skeletal system, and my legacy. To Lesesne Early, I leave the gas pedal dance, non-stop (not by Drake), Laura Streit, and Adam Clement. Make sure they don’t burn down CJ while I’m gone. I leave the legacy of the COKSM math club to Sophia Discolo, carry it with pride. To Andrew DeArellano, Jake Thayer, and Evan Daniels, I leave countless memories of hotel manhunt, the parking lot picture, and the MPTC dream team. Andrew, I also leave you a Mellow Mushroom crayon. You know what to do.  😉 I leave the entirety of this school to Caroline Hyde, as well as my eternal love. To Robby Gourdie, I leave the virgo list and all the strength you need to recover from AP Chem. Finally, to the cross country team, I leave the motivation to run up that hill and the dinosaur/horse. Please find and cherish him. With that, I leave AMHS. Thank you for all the memories.

I, Elizabeth Moseley, being of loud mind and overworked body, do hereby leave the following. To Conolly “Conrad” Burgess, I leave you the legacy of Bryan Bracy. To Christina Dolan and Olivia Niesse, I leave you the heart of the defense side; keep em working hard. To Eliza Taylor, I leave you the ownership to the deafening “Raptors on 3” scream. To Katherine Ray, I leave you the responsibility of being as obnoxiously loud as you can during every game. To Jonah Colestock, I leave you my word that I will make sure Alanah stays alive and well at Clemson.  To Emma Grace Pittard, I leave you an infinite amount of thanks and gratitude for helping me through ap stats. I hope senioritis does not hit you as hard as it hit me. To Oliver Root, I leave you a ticket to prom next year. To Lily O, I leave you Walton. Can’t wait for family dinners with you, me, Walton, and Hannah. To Caroline Hyde, I leave you an acceptance letter to Clemson next year…I better see you there. To Katie King, Mccabe Templeton, and Sydney Isaacks, I leave you a permanent spot in my dorm. Come visit me all you want. Katie King, I will forever be here to listen to your crazy, fun stories… even though you left me, your lax big sister, during my senior lacrosse season. To Juliet Johnson, I leave you Luke and the hope that he never compares you to a unit circle.  And finally, to Academic Magnet High School, here ends the Moseley legacy.

I, Luke Freudenheim, of bright mind and large body leave to Finn Gottileb, Jacob Schar, Jack Catalano and Kasen Groves I leave the responsibility of the basketball team and for 2 of you the ability to dunk. To Will Jordan I leave “the woah” and “Gumbooooo”.  To Owen Conley and Will Culler I leave the middle infield for baseball. To Hank Tschantz and Adam Frye I leave the job at Shipyard Park. To Mia DiPaolo I leave better photography skills. To Davis Leath I leave the ping pong club president and the title of the best spikeball player. To Kedar Veeraswamy I leave some athletic ability and your own seat on the baseball bus (and maybe even some of my ice in calc). To Riley Haas I leave the responsibility of keeping Kedar under control (I know how hard it is trust me). To Sydney Isaacks I leave a Snapchat streak and a hoops for heart team next year. To Sloane and McClain Stocklosa I leave the responsibility to take care of Jake (good luck with that). To Cole Wilson I leave my OG Rap playlist. To Sully Gholson I leave good luck in multivariable calc. To Cameron Thelan and Marshall Fleming I leave the ability to boss around the freshmen next year. To Jake Freudenheim I leave my basketball number and some of the ice in my veins. Lastly, but CERTAINLY not least, to Juliet Johnson I leave my tan to u with some sunscreen and I leave my heart :). I’d like to thank everyone at magnet for making it a great place. I have enjoyed meeting so many new people and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks again AMHS. Gumby out.

I, Vinod Pandey, of enlightened mind and liberated body, hereby leave the team spark plug along with a few more 1 v 1 L’s to Finn Gottlieb. To Juliet Johnson and Kathryn Jones, I leave some banana peels and everlasting good vibes during morning carpool. To Simone Kavarana, I leave that trademark sarcasm (not that you need anymore) and a ticket to Santa Barbara. To Mia DiPaolo, I leave our prom ticket stub, oh wait, and a free surfing lesson. To Sydney Isaacks, I leave smokehouse almonds and the path to shining stardom. To Kasen Groves, I leave a parking pass for the 25th ave marsh spot. To Jack Catalano, I leave a jump shot. To Jake Freudenheim (Baby Gumby), I leave my lefty layups and all the ice from Luke’s veins. To Cameron Dawson, I leave a Belton dub and the Demetre raptor ig/legacy. To Bailey Hillen, I leave the power of karate kid, use it wisely. To Clyde Davis and the famed 2k02, I leave (unofficial) tennis captainship, and good luck for a final state championship run.

I, Mason Bishop, being of corrupt mind and hairy body, do hereby leave the following things to the Underclassmen. To William Schnell and Dhillon Wegner I leave total ownership and control of the Varsity boys soccer team, take care of CJ for me. To Lucas Dillard I leave my bike helmet and a personal Carta bus to use at anytime in hopes that you never forget where you came from. To Daniel Murphy I leave my love and a smile, never change young king. To Niko Apostolou I leave my copy of the Bro Code, love you Bro. To Ethan Ouellette I leave a calculator. To Mills Jordan I leave my hopes that you earn your rightful place on varsity and continue to be a shining star in this bleak world. To Aidan Worthington I leave enough GAS to get you to James Island, good luck JI. To Caroline Hyde I leave Driving for Dummies and and the reminder that you are my 4th favorite Hyde. Finally, to the rest of the Magnet population I leave my knowledge that school is overrated and that fun should come first.

I, Janie O’Shea, being of spirited mind and freckled body, do hereby leave the following: To Sophia Discolo, Stella Reimer, Lesesne Early, and Sydney Isaacks, I leave well-deserved walks 5 minutes into distance runs and an eternity of bathroom/water breaks at DJ and Park Circle. Make sure Dancing Thursdays continue. To Piper Carter, I leave Dr. Altman and distractions- they are a match made in heaven! To Davis and Mason Leath, I leave an endless supply of Nutella, fruit, crepes, and a love for French Culture- all the crepe sales better be gassed up. To Big Country and Jordan Thomas, I leave a Senior Night as good as ours and your very own warm-up playlist that you get to pick. To Cassie Brisbin and Carson Goodier, I leave an injury free senior basketball season for the first time in your lives. To Tina and Liv, I leave a lock-down zone defense that even BE can’t break. To Clarke Brunson and Eliza Taylor, I leave absolutely zero crease rolls because you guys are going to stop every single one. To McCabe Templeton, I leave the draw for next year- may your flawless self draw bring many possessions. To Lilly Claypoole and the freshmen carpool gang, I leave rides to Whole Foods and Goin’ Bad. To Gabby Ziegler and Angeline Krupa, I leave Drama, Drummer, Dancer, and after school friends. To Katherine Ray, I leave an abundance of puppers at every lacrosse game. To Whitney Knotts, I leave an O’Shea sandwich and the BurgerFi in North Myrtle. To Caroline Fair, I leave the “Sweet but Psycho” video- keep cracking up. To Kaitlyn Victoria, I leave peak organizational skills and the best senior lacrosse season you could ever imagine because you deserve it! To the rest of the AMHS Girls lacrosse team, I leave the hope that an incoming freshman will want to play goalie. To Will Schnell, I leave the biggest barge ever known to Charleston. To Finn Gottlieb, I leave my stolen math notes. You better know how to find the volume of an object revolving around an axis in BC. To Trinity McManus, I leave an Ariana Grande CD- teach Franny to appreciate her craft. Most importantly, I leave Frances O’Shea to Will Boyd, Isabella Darce, and Sophie White. Please take care of her, she might need some help. But also she can have the car (don’t wreck), spot 141, passive-aggressive rides in the morning, waffles, and the alligator. To Frances I also leave the name Janie because the teachers are going keep confusing us. Had a blast Raptors, have fun with the last O’Shea.

I, Jared Lipton, of scattered mind and spastic body, hereby leave the following: To Gracie Mochizuki, I leave Juan Carlos. Remember him well. To Jack Dillard, I leave a head of fresh cabbage and a CD full of smooth jazz, as well as the hope that one morning Stack won’t shush you. To Katherine Ray, I leave a beach and an officiated wedding to Lily in 5 years. May you finally have all the Gucci charm bracelets you desire. To Caroline Hyde, I leave dates in Towne Center, Kamari and the female lion, one very special mermaid, an exorbitant amount of pulseras, and all of my endless love and affection. To Sra. Shields, I leave all the palo santo you could burn, valentine’s breakfasts at the Junction, and a big jar of peach sun tea. Gracias por todo. With this being said, I hereby end the Lipton legacy at AMHS. May Magnet be saved from ever seeing another.

I, Shabih Jafri, being of noble mind and celestial body, do hereby leave the following: To Davis Leath, I leave my leadership and power that comes with wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. To William Kronsberg, I leave Master Shifu’s bo staff as a symbol of discipline and wisdom. To my right hand, Mason Leath, I leave 500 barrels of Type O blood as a symbol of thirst and ambition. As for Clara, I leave her with a typewriter as she can continue to pursue her ambitions of being a secretary. To Sully, I leave the Sports Pass as it was never able to amount to anything but still a very incredible idea. For Mrs. Lankford, I leave my reading skills. I will no longer have to face the incessant bullying that is imparted onto me regarding the false accusations of my illiteracy. For Dr. Altman, I leave the flowers that are presently in her room as a constant reminder of regrowth and happiness. As for Mrs. Cornehl, I leave her with my giggle; apparently it made her very happy, but she was never laughing with me, only at me. For Ms. Pinckney, I give her a lifetime supply of Panera so she will never be stressed and my water-gun (Senior Assassin). As for Ms. Spencer, I leave her with the title of #1 Public High School in the Nation- don’t ever let them forget I carried us there. Its lonely at the top. To Ameen Khan, I leave 500 pounds of pure whey protein so he can continue to pursue his fitness goals. As for Sean, I grant him access to contact me at whatever point in time he needs me most. For Alex, I leave him with all of the clothes I stole from my other teammates so he can have leverage over others. And finally, for Lemon, I will give him 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream with some lemons on the side. And also, for our fallen Raptor, Elijah Whiteside, I leave the SpiderMan suit I used to strip on stage with as it is a token of bravery. As for Liam, I leave him with the sword of Gryffindor. For Finn Gottlieb I leave the keys to my Toyota Camry as compensation for ramming into his car at the beginning of this year. For Eli Leroy I leave him with a one way ticket to Judea where he can live the rest of his life in peaceful piety. As for Madison, I will leave her at Magnet while I take her phone charger with me to Wonderland. And finally, for Stephanie, I leave 5 fleeces and 3 blankets which she can use for her schooling. And to Magnet as a whole, I grant you Elysium and freedom from my morning announcements. The weather is…

I, Caroline MacKay Drolet, being of petite mind and broken body, do hereby leave Kaki Cobb a very large blue free fly shirt. To Lesesne and Madison, I leave the answers to everything physics. To Mrs. Galizia,i leave a box of crackers, a box of forks, no headaches, and all my love. And to Edward Clement, I leave a car.

I, Sophie Estoppey, being of busy mind and unique body, do hereby leave the laughs and responsibilities of the tennis team to Mina, Ruth, and Christie. To Cassie, Jamie, Mia, and Allison, I leave the softball team and all the fun stories and times that are to come. To Reese and Maggie, Ashley and I leave you guys the very important title and jobs as Spirit Captains and making sure the dugout is always loud and cheering and finally to Will and Carson, I leave you guys Student Ambassadors, don’t forget to make it your own and have fun.

I, Razeen Basunia, of dilapidating mind and unused body, do hereby leave mad Dirty Birds solo skills to Gage Andrews. To the bass drum, I leave Jameson Condon as a suitable sacrifice. To Michal Segle, I grant you any semblance of stamina for the bass drum for Pep Rally (seriously man, props). To Allison Li, I leave an IOU for needing to borrow your math notes on several occasions. To Emma Heeke, I leave my single co-captainship for Academic Team. You are worthy for the chair. William Kronsberg, you already got the other one from Stephen. To Asher Wallen, I leave unbounding luck in chemistry and whatever you choose to do with Chemistry Lab next year in Science Olympiad. Keep at it, Asher. To Kevin Fan, I pass down the bounty of Astronomy and Thermodynamics notes written by Anna Smirnova. Please find the cipher, I don’t know where it is. I also give you several hugs for building a better Thermodynamics box than I ever could. To Elias McCall, I give you the amazing ability to juggle both Dirty Birds and Academic Team. You’ll find a way. To Macon Bauknight, I owe you like 10 sheets of staff paper. I’ll give some back… eventually. To Lily Lassiter, I leave the ability to relax. Everything sorta turns out fine in the end. To Jason Guo and Jennifer Lee, I leave our little quartet for sight-singing in music theory and therefore make it a trio. To Sophia Zhang, I leave you the ability to keep calm to some effect. To Ishraq Haque, I leave you my utmost respect because you’re getting stuff done that I never really had the opportunity to do. Mad respect. To Mebron Cayabyab, I give you the chance to start the salad cult of your dreams. To Angela Li, I leave <3.

I, Forrest Zach, being of tired body and senioritis ridden mind, do hereby leave to William Schnell a high-five and hug. To Kaitlyn Chau, I leave what remains of my statistics and spanish knowledge, thank you for your unsuccessful attempts to help me. To Devonte Allston, I leave a sign saying “The 40% I got on that quiz doesn’t matter.” To Shreyon Roy, I leave my programming skills, you will definitely need them.  Finally, to my brother Porter Zach, I leave my car and all other worldly possessions. I hope your life is free of inconveniences, trains in particular.

I, Lilly Ku, being of partially sane mind and flannel wearing body, do hereby leave the following: future of the K-pop club to Sabrina Lawrence and Gabby Gagnon in hopes of inspiring future listeners to give it a try. I also leave the responsibility of dances that have at least one BlackPink song for pep rallies. To Irene Liu, I leave the excitement for every BTS comeback. To Tabitha Johnson, I leave my point guard position believing you will lead the girl’s basketball team in the next following years. To Jordan Thomas and Susannah Ryan, I leave the legacy of jokes before every basketball game regardless of coach or team. To Analiese Keller, I leave speed for fastbreaks when you get the opportunity to. Thank you Magnet for a memorable four years.

I, Sydney Graves, being of in-need-of-psychiatric-attention mind and in-need-of-chiropractic-attention body, do hereby leave the following: To Lilly Lassiter, I leave Mrs. Galizia, and to any other juniors who get caught at NOC, I leave Ms. Dover.

I, Sera Cole, being of some mind and tall body, do hereby leave the volleyball team to Libby, Abby, Dessie, Emma Grace, Julia, Lily, Megan, and Clara (vb).  My junior babes, lead well. Don’t forget to disregard females and acquire currency.  The under- underclassmen are left the responsibility of putting up and taking down the net.  Sorry, not sorry. Abigail Sutterlin, you gorgeous human being, you get a year round tan and a season without injuries. To Emma Grace and Julia, I also leave the bench which was honestly never mine to begin with.  If you leave it for any reason next year, I will know and fly down to shame you. I leave my pens and limitless snacks to Jennifer: I hope you can make class a bit more colorful. My college and finals stress goes to Devonte.  You got your inheritance early, but I think you’re managing well. My *amazing* class notes go to Emily along with a long series of eye rolls- you know what for. Lastly, to my mini-me, I leave one and a half rooms, Bond, and possibly an occasional text. Espero que sobrevivas España, y no me olvides.  Te echaré de menos, tontita.

I, Daniel Killough, being of sporadic mind and sly body, do hereby leave the following: To Alex Huang: rule over the AMHS eSports club and my HypeSquad Event Coordinator status. Wear the badge proudly. To Amelia Butcher, Ricky Dillard, Bryce Getsinger, and Leo Sparacino: The role of IFC Captain. IKON doesn’t exist ;). To Ricky Dillard, Sophia Butcher, and Amelia Butcher: An actually functional Switch. “Best wishes”, Nintendo support. To Amelia and Sophia Butcher: The Throne(s) of Phillips and all the responsibilities that come with them, which have somehow multiplied. To Amelia Butcher: The role of Head Designer. You deserved it anyways. To Maria Lutas: Many fantastic memories as remaining ultimate captain. Make us (even more) proud — I hope there will be countless MVPig trophies in your future. To Bryce Getsinger and Asher Wallen: My role as Blossom. Good luck next year, sisters. To Charlie Habakus: A Los Angeles Gladiators jersey, the clearly superior team. To Liam Wood: Supreme reign over US Politics Club. Don’t become too glorious. To Hunter Sutcliffe: Vice President of US Politics Club. Maintain order. To Ameen Khan: Countless rolls of PLA filament and the resident title of 3D printer expert. To Sophia Zhang: A year supply of anti-stress wards for your classes next year. Sorry I can only give these in spirit. Finally, to Christian Blackburn: A boat. I hope you can find some new boys to fill it with.

I, Crill, being of bronzed body and juvenile mind do hereby leave the Cr- prefix to John Thomas. Chron, I pray that you do the brotherhood justice and keep the tradition alive. Kasen Groves, you do hereby leave me your sisters phone number. You know I would treat her with the utmost respect, and you have to as demanded by my last will and testament. To John Rowe I leave the 2 am uber ride back to your house less than a mile away. Lastly, to Neil Goldberg, I leave you your school ID that I found hanging in the restroom.

I, Kevin Boyd, being of slizzard mind and crunk body, do hereby leave to Simone Kavarana and Libby Jaskwhich all of the Crazy8 L’s y’all can handle. To Mr. President, Davis Leath, I leave Easley, SC serial killers, the responsibilities of president, and Dr. Altman & Mrs. Lankford, cherish them. To Kaki Cobb, I leave you the satisfaction of fulfilling Freud’s Hierarchy of Needs and tons of his “favorite medicine”. To Katherine “Hurricane Katrina” Ray, I leave plenty of horrible nicknames and “Kyle”. I leave the responsibility of caring for Mrs. Galizia to Lily Lassiter. To Frances O’Shea, I leave you the shoes of the last O’Shea to fill. Last and definitely not least, I leave Will Schnell hundreds of GamePigeon mini-games, insane “Would-You-Rather” questions, and countless broken body parts.

I, Jackson Ray, being of d***hey mind and native body, do hereby leave the following: To Will Jordan, I leave the keys to the No Fly Zone, the bobble ball rulebook, and all the QCumbers in the world. To Ethan Ouellette, I leave the legacy of Minesweeper. To Caleb Munley and Hank T-Schnatz, I leave the third spot on CT. To Jonathan Lemon, I leave the instructions to correctly performing The Cat’s Cradle. To Davis Leath and Kedar Veeraswamy, I leave the Spikeball power rankings, may Dar always be Tier 3. To Sydney Isaacks, I leave a bag of Spicy Cheeto Puffs. To Grace Ray, I leave a pretty dope last name. To Sully Gholson, I leave my collection of postseason animals, professionally compiled Spotify playlists, directions to the Japanese restaurant on the way home, and access to the @magnetbaseball twitter page, don’t mess it up. To Grace Gurney, I leave my forever love. To Mia DiPaulo, I leave the back of the baseball/softball bus. Finally, to Godwins Tuyishime, I leave a brush for his waves, and a tutorial video for the perfect Iron Man beard.

I, Baxter Barrett, being of absent mind and scrawny body, do hereby leave the captainship of the Magnet baseball team to Kedar Veeraswamy, Sully Gholson, and Will Jordan. To Owen Conley, Hank Tschantz and Will Culler I leave our distinct and complex handshakes. To Toby Sizemore, I leave a punch in the face. To Cameron Thelan, I leave the music of Cat Stevens and my poor advice. And to India Weimann I leave Cameron Thelan, take good care of him, he’s sensitive. To Marshall Fleming I leave a sharpened pencil and fresh pitch count chart. To Crohn Thomas, I leave the continuation of the “Cr” nickname. To Rocco, I leave plenty of long talks with the Holy Trinity of Spencer, Pinckney, and Vogel, speak wisely. To Schnell, another broken wrist due to my stout defensive presence . To Anna Grace Maher and Olivia Niesse I leave a warm farewell yarp. And finally, to Simon Hughes I leave the legacy of carpool gangs and the strict schedule of Chick-Fil-A Fridays.

I, Bohan Wang, of questionable mind and burdened body, do hereby leave my notes of future reference to Sophia Zhang. May the messiness of my handwriting be a beacon for your senior year. To Amber Tu, I leave my beloved TI-84 “Cⱥlculⱥ𝖙ør” in your hands. May it serve you as well as it has guided me. To Amelia Butcher, I leave in your hands (partially) the leadership of the eSports club. Don’t be a tyrant, pretty please? I also leave my encouragement to Sophia Butcher, to keep marching ahead. To Alex Huang, future vice-president of the Spanish National Honor Society, I leave my hopes and desires for the continuation of the Jazz Band… Don’t let it fall apart like everyone expects it will. And on behalf of the graduating seniors, please stop playing Careless Whisper. To Mebron and Gage, I hope I can part some resilience in dealing with Alex with you, but good luck. To Lily Lassiter and Felix von Asten, I leave behind beloved memories of statistics with Hoff. To the current juniors of Academic Team, I entrust the future of the team in your hands. Our continued success now lies in your hands… oh boy. To Clara Cullum, I wish you the best in the future, no matter what challenges you encounter. To Francis O’Shea, I leave my admiration for your resilience in an unfamiliar subject and your willingness to try. To Caelan Bailey, I leave calculus. A lot of calculus. To Allison Li, I leave high expectations, given how you are named after my beloved, devilish sister. To Angela Li, I leave behind the Robotics Team in your care. May many sleepless nights await you as you guide the new raptors to another Nationals qualification. Finally, I leave my sincere appreciation to Ms. Hoffstetter for her effort she’s put in. Also, thanks for being my mother this year!

I, Jonathan Ye, of moist mind and buttery body, do hereby leave my vinegar pass to Alex Hernandez. Please use it wisely.

I, Hannah O, being of Oompa Loompa body and rat mind, hereby bestow the following privileges on a very exclusive group of individuals. To Maddie Nguyen, I leave Lily O. With both Simon and I leaving, someone is going to need to assume responsibility for her, and I only trust you. To Christian Blackburn, I leave a guitar and Rob Fowler’s son. You know what to do. To Simon Hughes, I leave the couch in the man cave even though it is kind of already yours. And finally, to Lillian Carson O, my own flesh and blood, and my sole heir, I leave all my love and nothing else because you cannot be trusted with the continuation of my legacy. Best of luck.

I, Qian Chang Gallo, leave everything to Lanie Berrigan :]

I, Savannah Wray, of mango mind and espresso-filled body, do hereby leave Taiwanese music, a freshwater ocean, and a Macbook user guide to. I leave Coach Yann’s music selection to the girls tennis team, and pre-match rallies and aggressive serves to Anne Young. To Mr. Jent, I leave a burger from Culvers and the comfort of the word “abhor.”  Lastly, to Katie Radovanovic, I leave my incompetence as a foreign language speaker, outstanding tetris skills, Billie Eilish’s new album, and a venti iced blonde vanilla latte.