Top 5 Best Fast Food Restaurants in Charleston

Top 5 Best Fast Food Restaurants in Charleston

These are my top picks for quick, cheap food that gives you good quantity and quality.

5: Firehouse Subs

Firehouse subs is my favorite sub place as they have so many options of hot subs. The quality is better than Subway, but I would say that the quality of a place like Jersey Mike’s or Jimmy John’s is significantly better. However, those two sub places do not have a variety of hot sub options that I prefer. My go to orders at Firehouse are the Smokehouse BBQ Brisket, the Firehouse Meatball, or the TLT (turkey, lettuce, tomato).

4: Cook Out

The best part about Cook Out is the wide variety of very cheap foods that they have as well as the late hours they stay open. They always seem to make their food fresh off the grill or pan, even though it is not the best quality compared to the other restaurants on this list. In addition, they have a huge milkshake collection of 40+ flavors including multiple seasonal flavors. My go to order is 2 chicken quesadillas, fries, and a drink with ketchup and ranch as my dipping sauces.

3: Wing Stop

Wing Stop is the most unique restaurant on this list, as they are the only one on this list that has wings on the menu. They offer different levels of spicy wings, the hottest being Atomic. The reason I have this place at number 3 is that they give you a solid quantity of quality food that is freshly prepared. My friend’s grandpa who owns some Wing Stops says that they hand cut their fries in the back. My go to order is 8 count boneless wings Louisiana Rub with fries and a drink.

2: Chick-fil-a

Without a doubt, Chick-fil-a is at the top of the list of most everyone’s favorite fast food places. They have high quality food that they hand bread and great tasting fries as well as a variety of amazing dipping sauces. They also give you a decent quantity of food for a solid price. Their menu also gives you plenty of options to mix it up when you don’t want your usual order, options such as chicken salads and wraps.  My go to order at Chick-fil-a is a chicken sandwich with no pickles and american cheese with fries and a sweet tea.

1: Raising Canes

This number one choice may come as a surprise to many, but I think it is the best quality and quantity of fast food you can get. What separates Canes from Chick-fil-a is the quality of the chicken, the fries, and the signature Cane’s sauce. All three of these things are significantly better at Canes. The chicken is always very tender and flaky, the fries are perfectly cooked every time, and the Canes sauce is the best dipping sauce around. Not to mention the buttery texas toast that is the perfect complement to the meal. My go to order is the 4 tender meal with fries and a drink.

Just a reminder, these are just my opinion and they really change week to week as I get tired of having a particular restaurant.