The Secrets of DisneyWorld

What Mickey Mouse has been hiding this whole time.


Me investigating the corruption of DisneyWorld

This recent spring break I traveled down to  to visit the most magical place on Earth. Not Myrtle Beach. Disney World.  Apart from all of the families wearing matching t-shirts and Mickey Ears, were hidden secrets that Disney doesn’t want its visitors to know.

1.Club 33

Club 33 is an exclusive membership, originally meant for Walt Disney’s personal friends when they visited Disney. Nowadays, it is 25,000 to join the club, and an extra 10,000 dollars a year. If you walk around the different parks you may spy unassuming buildings with the number “33” on them. You basically get access to exclusive lounges and restaurants. I have a feeling many fast passes are also included. There is only a few number of spots, so the club is VERY exclusive. Almost like a spot in the Talon newspaper. The original restaurant is  is at 33 Orleans Street is Disneyland in California, but Walt Disney died before it was opened. It is also said that Walt Disney was apart of the Illuminati or Free Masons and used these Club 33 spots to hold his meetings. So if you are trying to be the creme de la creme in Disney World; It is time to pay up.

2. The abandoned parks-River Country and Discovery Island

The first ever water park in Disney world opened in 1976, with the name River Country. It the theme of a rustic old swimming hole. It closed on November 2nd, 2001 indefinitely. It has not been demolished, but just left to slowly deteriorate. It is located right next to Bay Lake, close to Magic Kingdom and the Fort Wilderness Resort. There was one 260 tall water slide called the “Whoop N Holler Hollow”. Two boys actually drowned going off of that slide due to its rough nature. However, the real reason the River Country park closed was a rare deadly amoeba that was found in the water. The amoeba is called amoebic meningoencephalitis and it attacks the nervous system and brain. As of today, the River Country Water park is still standing and many people venture in to see the eerie abandoned park.

Abandoned River Country Park

The second abandoned park is called Discovery Island and it is in the middle of Bay Lake. It was open from 1974 until 1999. It initially was for park guests to observe local nature. Disney never officially stated the reason for Discovery Island’s closing, but most people assume it is due to the competition from more exciting Disney parks. Just like River Country park it is still standing, but you have to ride a boat or swim through gross Bay Lake to visit. Those who have seen the abandoned Discovery Island describe it as immensely creepy with specimens left in jars and broken science equipment.

Abandoned Discovery Island

3. Walt Disney’s Head is Frozen

Walt Disney passed away on December 15th, 1966 due to complications of lung cancer. It is said that he was cremated and ashes put into a cemetery in Glendale, California; however, there is a long-standing theory that his body was frozen and placed under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland. It is said that once technology is advanced enough, he will be reanimated and brought back. This theory stems from Disney’s fascination with the future and futuristic technology. This obsession is seen in the various parks, like Futureland in Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. Walt Disney’s daughter has denied these claims, but we will never know for sure where is Walt.

4. Space Mountain is Deadly.

DisneyWorld lore has it that in 1964, a passenger on the famous Space Mountain ride in Magic Kingdom stood up during the ride. The ride is known for its dark surroundings, so you do not know how high up you are. He then hit his head, and passed away immediately. That is why you always keep both hands, feed, and heads inside the vehicle at all times.

The inside of Space Mountain

5. Some Rides are Haunted

Many cast members of Disney claim that certain rides have ghosts.

-The Haunted Mansion in DisneyWorld is said to have a little boy who runs around the ride at night.

-The dolls on the famous “It’s a Small World” ride supposedly come to life after hours and move places.

-Platform D at the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios apparently has a ghost of a former employee who died due to a heart attack on the job.

-The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride harbors a ghost named George who cause the ride to shut down intermittently throughout the day.

-The Peoplemover in Futureland is haunted by a kid who tried to hop from car to car and also causes the ride to shut down during the day.

Hopefully the next time you visit DisneyWorld you will be cautious. You never know who is under that Mickey Mouse mask.