Talon Tunes- ZWW Edition

Unraveling the Musical Mystery

Talon Tunes- ZWW Edition

Almost everyone likes listening to music, but everyone has their own unique tastes. People can connect through shared interests in music and find common ground. Many social events center around listening to music and dancing to it with people. Popularized in the olden times by people dressed in the fancy clothes moving rigidly in time with the music, these dancing events have always used popular music as most people know the songs and are familiar with them. However, some people have music tastes that aren’t reflected by the music of the times. To understand more about obscure musical tastes, I interviewed Zachariah Kneeland Riley Wallace-Wright (12) to understand his view on music.

What are your top 3 favorite genres? folk rock, folk rock, folk rock

Describe your style of music It usually has to have some meaning for me to like it, like poetry. Too much of the stuff on the radio has a good beat but is very shallow in terms of the lyrics.

So you enjoy clever lyrics or a good beat? You gotta have both I think. If something just sounds deep, I can usually project whatever I’m feeling on to it.

What do you like to listen to when you’re sad? Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Cat Stevens (I guess his name is “Yusuf” now)

Do you dance if you’re listening to music alone? Sometimes I tap my foot excitedly or run around. One time I jumped in the air but I have decided not to do this again.

Do you prefer to play music out loud, or with earbuds? Definitely with earbuds, unless I’m in the car in which case I turn the music to the highest volume. I have to drown out my own voice because I will try to sing and it is very unpleasant to listen to.

So when you’re driving you  blast it? Yes.

Ok, thank you for your time, I know you’re very busy with your political articles. You’re welcome.

I feel as though I’ve gained invaluable insight into the mind of Zach just from his music taste. Although we don’t share the same music taste, I look forward to checking out some of the artists he mentioned.