Top 10 Favorite Dogs in America

These dogs are selected by the American Kennel Club from 2017.


Three dogs playing around.

Sixty million Americans have a total of almost 90 million dogs as their pets. Dogs are companions and family to those who love them. Dogs are not only companions, but can also be trained as therapy dogs. Therapy dogs exist for those who need to feel comfort and safety. Police train dogs to help search for drugs and people. Although there are dogs trained for certain purposes, Americans do, indeed, have favorites. Here’s the Top 10 dogs in America based on data from the American Kennel Club in 2017 as the 2018 rankings are not yet released.

10. German Shorthaired Pointers

A German Shorthaired Pointer staring at the camera.

If you’re looking for a hunting dog, this medium-sized dog is a great one. In 19th Century Germany, these dogs were used for hunting. To this day, they are still great for hunting. They even win some of the competitive hunting events. Not only can they hunt,. but they are also highly intelligent. Their intelligence makes it easier to train them. Plus, they want to please their owners, which is another factor that makes their trainability easy. These dogs are affectionate towards children, which makes them a great family pet. Additionally, they are extremely active. They like to run and sometimes even swim. If your nieces and nephews or younger siblings are particularly energetic, these dogs could match their pace.


A Yorkshire Terrier walking with its tongue out.

9. Yorkshire Terrier

If you’re looking for a dog who is not more than 7 pounds full of fierceness, then these dogs are it. In late Victorian times, these dogs were lapdogs to English ladies but they did start out as middle-class dogs. When they received recognition from the England Kennel Club, these dogs became companions to women. Because they are small and grow long hair, women tend to love these dogs. These dogs are also great for apartments simply because of its small size but they are exceptionally energetic (I would know, one of my dogs is a Yorkie mix and she’s absolutely insane). With their energy, they are also known to be very playful, which makes them perfect for families as well.


Two Rottweilers staring at the sky.

8. Rottweiler

Before some of you go “oh, these dogs are dangerous”, you should probably have some facts. First, Rottweilers are not “naturally” aggressive, they learn to be aggressive if the owners train them to be aggressive or are aggressive towards these dogs. No dog is born to be aggressive. Secondly, back during Ancient Roman times, these dogs were actually used for moving herds as well as protect them from bandits. Rottweilers’ intelligence is about the same level of intelligence as the German Shorthaired Pointers. In order to train a Rottweiler, though, the owner must have the patience because majority of the dogs want something in return for sitting, staying, etc. A Rottweilers’ size may be intimidating to most people but these dogs are not the dogs to be afraid of. They’re actually really friendly, especially towards humans. With dogs, it’s different but that’s because sometimes dogs want to dominate one another. However, if you tend to have these dogs around other dogs from such a young age, they are not going to do anything to other dogs.


A poodle walking.

7. Poodle

Poodles are currently the national dog of France. However, poodles were duck hunters in Germany but Toy Poodles originated in America. Toy Poodles are also known as “teddy bear” dogs because they look like an actual teddy bear. They are super energetic, no matter what size they are. Poodles also carry themselves with pride, always with their heads held high. Even though poodles are known as “sissy”, they really are athletic, intelligent dogs. Poodles have urges to retrieve items so throwing a ball or even a bone daily would provide exercise for their mind and body. These dogs are also eager to please their owners so it would not be as much of a hassle to train them as other dogs.


A beagle standing.

6. Beagle

Beagles are extremely friendly with everyone, other dogs included. They are typically described as “merry” but because they are hounds, they are also stubborn. To train these dogs, one must be patient and also have many creative activities as they can get bored of being trained in a similar manner as other days. Beagles love to smell scents that are interesting to them which is why many hunters use beagles. These dogs are also calm though they tend to howl or bark constantly. They also tolerate hot weather compared to cold weather. Their tolerance for cold weather is very low. So you’d want to keep these dogs warm when winter and fall comes.


An English bulldog sitting.

5. English Bulldog

The English Bulldog originated in 13-century England for bull-baiting, which is where a bull fights a pack of dogs while the spectators bet on the outcome. These dogs almost faced extinction when people kept crossbreeding them with other Bulldogs but admirers of this dog decided to save this dog. The English Bulldog is, to this day, a national symbol for England. In America, many universities use this dog as their mascot because of its ferociousness and courage. Although these dogs are courageous, they have low energy levels. However, they do require their exercise, just like any other dog. Especially because they have a large appetite and can easily become overweight. These dogs have short noses, which means they have breathing problems. Their general health, though, is average compared to other dogs. They do not shed much but they do drool often. If you’re not a germaphobic and you do not mind having dogs inside, then these dogs are pretty good for you.


A French bulldog staring up.

4. French Bulldog

During the mid-1800s, this dog used to be known as the “toy-size” bulldog in England as they are smaller than English Bulldogs. These dogs were the face of Nottingham’s lace makers. Nottingham was the center for lace making back then. However, as the Industrial Revolution came, lace making was being threatened so they moved to Northern France, where they eventually got their name French Bulldog. If you’ve ever seen Walter the French Bulldog on social media, you’d think that these dogs have the tendency to howl or bark. However, they do not howl or bark as often as beagles. It is an average amount of barking and howling. These dogs are affectionate towards their families and much easier to train compared to the English bulldog.


A Golden Retriever in a forest.

3. Golden Retriever

It’s not a huge surprise that the Golden Retriever is a 3rd favorite for Americans. Most people that I know, at least, own one. These dogs are exceptionally easy to train and they are super outgoing. Plus, they are playful, a factor some parents take in because of children. Their energy level is high which is probably why they’re playful and friendly. They can tolerate hot and cold weather but they don’t really tolerate being alone for a long time. These dogs also don’t adapt well in apartments because of the amount of energy they have and their size.


A German Shepherd laying in grass.

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are pretty popular, particularly because they are mainly used as police dogs. However, these dogs being apart of the K-9 is not the only reason why people adopt them. German Shepherds are apart of German herding descendants. Back in the day, they were used to herd sheep and became popular in the United States in the early 1900s because of canine movie stars such as Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart. German Shepherds are easy to train because they also are eager to please their owners. However, their energy levels are exceedingly high. They also are extremely demanding when it comes to exercise. A simple walk in the park probably wouldn’t be sufficient these dogs.


A Labrador Retriever puppy sleeping.

1. Labrador Retiever

Labrador Retriever’s are the most popular among American dog owners (not a surprise, honestly). These dogs are the traditional “water dogs” of Newfoundland. Their popularity increased when English men spotted these dogs in Canada. Labrador Retrievers helped fishermen, especially in Canada, hunt for fish because when the Labradors ascend from the water, their coats do not turn into icicles compared to the Golden Retriever’s long-coated hair. These dogs are affectionate towards people and other dogs. Plus, these dogs are pretty simple to train. Their exercise needs are also very demanding and their playfulness is perfect for children.


All these dogs are popular among Americans from 2017. Most people typically see either one of these dogs walking with their owners or when they visit their friends. The list may change for 2018. My personal favorite dog out of these dogs is the Rottweiler. They’re adorable as puppies like any other puppy but when their adults, they’re tall and have thick skin.