Holidays in October

Celebrate every day of October


Students are excited to celebrate October!

October, arguably one of the best months of the year, is full of fall festivities and of course Halloween. However, there is so much more than just this creepy holiday to celebrate. Everyday in October should be a reason to party!

October 1 

  • International Coffee Day – Drink as much coffee as you possibly can!
  • Shmini Atzeret – 7th day of Jewish holiday Sukkot where they sit in a hut and read in the Torah
  • World Vegetarian Day – Congratulate your meatless friends for surviving another year of vegetables and tofu.

October 2

  • International Day of Non-Violence – Don’t hurt people on this day.
  • Simchat Torah – The end of Sukkot and the beginning of the new cycle of reading the Torah

October 3

  • National Boyfriend Day – The beginning of cuffing season.
  • World Cerebral Palsy Day – Raising awareness for cerebral palsy.

October 4

  • World Animal Day – Celebrate animals.
  • National Vodka Day – Please do not celebrate this.
  • Feast of St Francis of Assisi – Commemorating St. Francis, the Catholic church’s patron saint of animals and environment.

October 5

  • World Teachers Day – Show your teachers how much you appreciate them.
  • National Do Something Nice Day – Do something nice for someone…

October 6

  • National Noodle Day – Eat your favorite kind of pasta.

October 7

  • World Smile Day – Try to smile.

October 8

  • National Pierogi Day – Have you tried these Polish dumplings?
  • Columbus Day – Recognizing the controversial explorer Christopher Columbus.

October 9

  • Navaratri – ten day long Hindu festival worshipping the Goddess Durga
  • Leif Erickson Day – Commemorating the Norse explorer Leif Erikson who is the first known European to set foot in North America

October 10

  • World Mental Health Day – Raising awareness for mental health issues
  • National Hug a Drummer Day – do it.

October 11

  • National Coming Out Day – A day of support for LGBTQ+ coming out
  • World Sight Day – Raising awareness for visually impaired people
  • International Day of the Girl Child – Awareness for increasing gender equality and opportunity
  • National Pet Obesity Day – …is your dog fat?
  • National Sausage Pizza Day – If you like this kind of pizza then eat it.

October 12 

  • National Farmers Day – Appreciate your local farmers!

October 13

  • National Fossil Day – Go dig.
  • National M&M Day – Celebrating this classic candy coated chocolate.
  • National No Bra Day – Don’t wear a bra.

October 14

  • National Dessert Day – my favorite holiday.

October 15

  • National Mushroom Day – What’s your favorite kind…?
  • Global Washing Your Hands Day – Stay clean.

October 16

  • National Feral Cat Day – HELP them crazy cats.
  • World Food Day – Raising awareness for world hunger. Donate to your local food bank and support local farmers!

October 17

  • National Pasta Day – Tortellini, spaghetti, linguini, fettuccini, penne, rigatoni, ravioli, bowtie, capellini, elbow macaroni

October 18

  • National Chocolate Cupcake Day – Make and eat some.
  • Alaska Day – Happy birthday to Seward’s Ice Box.
  • Dussehra – Hindu holiday

October 19

  • National New Friends Day – Make a new friend and celebrate with them!

October 20

  • World Osteoporosis Day – Spread the word about bone health — wear white to honor the occasion!

October 21

  • National Apple Day – An apple a day keeps the doctor.
  • National Reptile Day – Celebrate your slithery, scaly friends.
  • National Check Your Meds Day – Bring your drugs to your local pharmacist and make sure they’re safe.

October 22

  • National Nut Day – Almonds, cashews, tree nuts… the possibilities are endless.

October 23

  • National Boston Creme Pie Day – Eat this classic American dessert.
  • National Mole Day – Not the fun animal… the stupid chemistry number. Have fun NERDS.

October 24

  • National Bologna Day – Bologna sandwich time.
  • United Nations Day- Celebrating to UN Charter in 1945.

October 25

  • National Art Day – Appreciate your favorite artists and make some art of your own.
  • Punk for a Day Day – Play punk for a day!

October 26

  • National Pumpkin Day – Get in the Halloween spirit and carve a pumpkin.
  • Frankenstein Friday – Celebrating the birth of Mary Shelley’s monster.

October 27

  • Make a Difference Day – Do something to help your community.
  • National Black Cat Day – Black cats are bad luck so please be careful.

October 28

  • National Chocolate Day – Eat your favorites chocolate.
  • National Pit Bull Awareness Day – They aren’t always as scary as they seem!
  • Mother-In-Law Day – Celebrate them if you can stand to be around them…

October 29

  • National Cat Day – Celebrate your furry friends.
  • National Internet Day – Thank the lord for this glorious creation.
  • Hermit Day – Stay in your house.

October 30

  • Nation Checklist Day – Get your stuff done.
  • National Candy Corn Day – Celebrate this seasonal candy before October ends.
  • Mischief Night –

October 31 

  • Happy Halloween! PLEASE dress up.


October Poem 

I am the October pumpkin man

I will eat your guts

I only like CANDY!!

I do not like cold cuts


I am the October pumpkin man

I have a scary carved face

And if you try to attack me

Please do not use mace

(I am allergic)


People think I’m evil

They are definitely right

When the evening comes

Their heads I will bite


I used to date a werewolf

Then she turned crazy

That female dog BITE

And she awfully lazy


I am the October Pumpkin man

And although it’s pretty nice

My life isn’t perfect

But nobody’s is, right?


Sometimes I get lonely

When the other seasons come

People always use me —

They only want me in autumn.