Service Week

 Service Week is a great opportunity for different grades to give back to an organization that they are passionate about and spread awareness about real world issues.


Our beloved Ms. Peterson left AMHS with the inspiring words, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” In order to honor her dedication and service to our school,  student council is excited to announce that we will be continuing AMHS Service Week.

Service week was started by last year’s Service Coordinator, Janelle Greene who claimed, “Service Week is a chance for Magnet to experience and participate in community service in the same way that we do school spirit: Enthusiastically and Creatively.” Her inspiration came from several conversations with teachers like Ms. Hurt and Ms. Bortz who saw a need for a more impactful and genuine community service experience for the student body.

The annual AHMS Service Week will be held on March 19-23. The week will kick off with a blood drive, include donut sales and class service projects, and end with the Hoops for Heart Basketball tournament. The Krispy Kreme donut sale will be the morning of Monday March 9. Each class will have the opportunity to support a charity of their choice throughout the week. The Freshman class project is still to be determined. However, the Sophomore class will be holding a book drive for local elementary school Liberty Hill, as they do not have a school library. In addition, the Junior class will bake delicious treats to sell at lunch in order to fight hunger in Charleston with proceeds going to Low-country Food Bank. Lastly, the Senior class will be supporting Pet Helpers by bringing in adorable puppies during Focus for students to play with. Finally, the money raised for the Hoops for Heart tournament will be donated to the American Heart Association. Tickets for the tournament will be $5 and sold throughout the week at lunch in the breezeway.

Gracie Bollinger, donut and reptile enthusiast, is looking forward to buying Krispy Kreme donuts. Hampton Gehlken, Sophomore class president and classic book worm, already has been seen collecting books. When asked if she was excited for the upcoming puppy invasion, Elise Blackburn gleefully exclaimed that she has been waiting for the moment all year long. Thomas McNerney, Senior and Varsity Basket Ball player, claims that “Basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way they dribble up and down the court”, and he is definitely planning on participating in the Hoops for Heart tournament.

Special thanks to our current Service Coordinator Sophie Crosby who has dedicated herself to making the world a more beautiful place. If you have any questions about service week or specific class projects make sure to contact Sophie or class presidents.