High Schoolers Who Started Companies

While most teens spend their days buried under mounds of homework for AP classes, working after-school jobs to make money for college, and playing multiple sports, others are creating their own businesses. In recent years, it has become more common for children and teens to turn an idea into a successful enterprise because of the rise of the internet. People are able to market their companies on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the creation of their own websites. Although managing a successful business can be challenging as a teen with other commitments such as school and athletics, there are many success stories that could inspire future high schoolers to turn their ideas into profitable ventures. Below are some examples of these high schoolers who are committed to creating and managing a successful company.

  • Noa Mintz, founder of Nannies by Noa

What started as a challenge from her mother to find a better babysitter for their family has turned into a full service child care service business in New York City and surrounding areas. This platform has allowed many families to find the perfect nanny or babysitter for their children that they might not have been able to otherwise. It consolidates all of the possible options into one location where families can be matched with a nanny. Currently, Noa receives help with her company from other mentors since she does not have time to answer hundreds of emails herself, but the idea and company’s success all leads back to her. She was able to turn a simple question from her mother into a business that is on its way to making millions and helping many families in New York.


  • Aubrey Wooddy, founder of Para Outfitters

Although his business just recently launched, Aubrey is a local high school senior who has gone through this process and designed a surf, skate, and adventure clothing company. The idea for Para came to him around three years ago, but only in the past few months did he explore the creation of this company and lifestyle brand seriously. Inspired by other brands such as Billabong, Hurley, and Quicksilver, the Para Outfitters website currently sells short and long sleeve T-shirts. In the future, the company plans to sell other apparel and accessories such as board shorts, flannels, hoodies, socks, sunglasses, and backpacks. Aubrey said that it is difficult to balance his senior year work and the company, but he “loves working on this brand so much” and is committed to marketing it a success. Para Outfitters proves that that is possible and serves as inspiration to other Charlestonians who have ideas for clothing brands or businesses.


  • Rachel Zietz, founder of Gladiator Lacrosse

This company started when Rachel was disappointed with the quality and price of products available for her to develop her lacrosse skills. She became determined to fix this problem and create a better market for lacrosse equipment and backyard goals for the players who come after her. She has been involved in every step of the creation of her company to ensure that all of their products are top quality and can withstand the outside weather. Currently, Rachel is a sophomore and still the CEO of her brand. She has partnered with Casey Powell, an American professional lacrosse player, to market and promote her company. Rachel found a problem in her daily life and created a successful company to help other lacrosse players who were in a similar predicament.


  • Ben Pasternak, founder of Flogg

The idea for this incredibly successful app stemmed from the lack of a platform to buy and sell items with known sources rather than strangers. It works by connecting you with friends or people in your community through Facebook and similar platforms. On the app, people can buy or sell merchandise and feel comfortable knowing where their products are coming from. Funded by Silicon Valley investors such as John Maloney, Josh Elman, and Paul Bricault, Ben’s company was estimated to be worth two million dollars at the end of 2016. The app is currently not available on the App Store in the United States, but hopefully it is launched in the states soon so we can use the popular app too that takes a more personal and trusted spin on companies like eBay and Craigslist.

Learn more about Ben and all of the apps he has created here:


Recently, there have been more stories about teens managing their school lives and successfully running companies. Their success all stems from an idea and the desire to execute it so others do not experience the same problems. So the next time you have a idea, pursue it, because you could become the next high schooler with a million-dollar business!